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Can Cannibals Swim In The Forest?

Can Cannibals Swim In The Forest?

The Forest is a survival horror game where you have to survive a heavily forested peninsula. You’ll have to craft, look for resources in the forest and fight off cannibals and mutants in an attempt to find your lost son, Timmy.

Yes and No. Cannibals can’t technically swim in The Forest, so you’re safe for the most part. But due to a glitch, some cannibals might cross a body of water by merely walking under it.


Cannibals and Their Behavior in The Forest

As you make your way into the forest, you’ll have to fight off against cannibals and mutants. They have lots of variations in their subtypes.

Patrol Groups

They have three types of varied movements and behaviors and you’ll have to figure it out to come out on top in every combat situation. You’ll see them in groups of 2 to 6 and they will lock on you eventually as you navigate the peninsula. 

Ritual Sites

There are also groups of cannibals performing rituals at supposed ritual sites. After the rituals conclude, they usually set out on patrols in search of prey.


Cannibals inside a cave in the Forest

You’ll also find some cannibals inside caves. They’re either busy with their affairs or sleeping passively, that is until they notice you.

Your Aggression

If you charge at cannibals, aggressively, killing them as fast as you can, it’s quite probable that the remaining cannibals will decide to retreat especially if they’re traveling alone or in a rather small group. There’s also a chance they might become more hostile and aggressive.


Can Cannibals Swim in the Forest

Cannibals are pretty afraid of Effigies. Build one and set it on fire and they’ll pretty much retreat out of fear. But that might not always be the case. Depending upon their patrol group size or aggressiveness, they might act differently.

Time of Day

Cannibals tend to become a lot more aggressive after the sun sets, but this doesn’t mean they’ll be completely passive during the day.

Game Progression

As you progress in the game and survive more and more nights, you’ll end up killing many cannibals. This is bound to make cannibals fortify their defenses and patrol units. They’ll be relatively more aggressive and you’ll encounter even powerful cannibal versions in the process.

Can Cannibals Swim in The Forest?

Cannibals and Mutants cannot swim in the game. So, you can pretty much escape from a group of cannibals by running toward a body of water. In addition, you could build a haven on a remote island. 

Try setting up a zipline to navigate to and from the forest to the peninsula. You could also build a bridge across the body of water but a cannibal might end up making their way to your haven via the bridge.

Cannibals cannot swim in the Forest. But there are some exceptions. You should always aim for deeper bodies of water instead of going for shallower ones in an attempt to escape, because, guess what? 

Some cannibals can apparently Walk underwater. This is apparently a bug, but a Cannibal somehow making it across a body of water does sound terrifying when your gameplay experience suggests otherwise.


And that’s pretty much all you need to know about Cannibato to survive. And the answer to the big question is whether they can swim in the water, is yes and no. 

They can’t swim in water, technically speaking, but some cannibals can cross bodies of water by just walking underwater. So, it all comes down to luck whether the Forest decides to get glitchy on you. We hope that Endnight Games patches this out whenever they can.