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Should I Make A New Character In New World?

Should I Make A New Character In New World?

New World is Amazon Games Studio’s most ambitious survival MMORPG to date. It casts players into worlds full of hundreds upon thousands of players with a 2000-player cap per server. New World had a pretty rough start with loads of server issues and bugs but is it still worth it if try it with a new character?

The answer isn’t a simple Yes or No. If you plan on starting New World from zero in older or legacy servers chock-full of players, it isn’t worth it. You’ll certainly have a bad time. If you’re planning on creating a new character in the Fresh Start Worlds, you’ll get to relearn an entirely different game compared to last year.

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New World in Year One

Should I Make a New Character in New World

In the initial days of New World, starting a character from the ground up and joining a server would’ve been a death sentence to new players, that is if you could even create a new character.

Server Issues

Due to the initial server issues, which were attributed to the high demand-to-supply ratio of servers, new character creation, and player transfers were pretty much disabled by Amazon Studios. This meant that players couldn’t create new characters or even transfer them to other servers.

The high player count meant extremely long loading times and queues. Players had to wait several hours as the limited 200 server count could not hold half a million players trying to get into New World servers.

Losing Hours of Experience

If you’ve ground hours upon hours in a particular server and want to create a new character in it, if you’re allowed to do so, then it wouldn’t be worth it considering it would take a hell of a lot more time to access endgame features and content.

You’d lose your old character in most cases as some or most servers don’t allow more than one character per server. So that would be a waste in most cases.

New World in 2022

Fresh Start Update

Fresh Start World Rollout Plan New World

But returning players can gain a new start, better yet a “Fresh” one with the upcoming New World Fresh Start Servers.

Nearly two weeks after the Brimstone Sands Update, the New World Fresh Start servers went online. You’ll get a chance to start everything from scratch. Loads of old players are taking bets with New World once again with these servers.

Equal Opportunity

If you’re looking to create a new character, you’re better off starting in one of the Fresh Start servers. You’ll gain access to an in-game economy and community that is open to loads of changes and modifications. 

All players will start from zero in the Fresh Start Worlds preventing any early-on monopolization of the economy, World, and in-game currency.

Due to the weird player-controlled economy and no NPCs, finding even basic coin was pretty problematic in New World but that just might not be the case in these Fresh Start Servers.

No Legacy Server Merger or Player Transfers

These servers will be perfectly free from the influence of other servers. High or even low-level players from other servers can’t join via a paid transfer token to gain the upper hand. They’ll have to start with a new character too.

But players are concerned that the new Fresh Start Worlds might have concerns regarding player overcrowding which was a definite problem in the earlier days of New World.

As for players concerned with Legacy Servers mergers, Amazon Studios has clarified they have no intention to do so, even in the event of a player-count drop.

One other thing that wasn’t clarified was whether Fresh Start players would be allowed to migrate to other Fresh Start servers later down the line. It might become a thing but for now, Amazon Studios hasn’t addressed this issue.

A New Experience

Returning players might have a completely different experience with New World and an enjoyable one at that with the Fresh Start Worlds. The leveling update allows players to grind out levels with all the more ease.

Players will get to enjoy a new leveling system, loads of fresh in-game content, and a chance to relearn the game from an entirely different perspective and experience. So, creating a new character in New World could be all worth it in the end.


So, the answer isn’t a mere yes or no. If you plan on joining Legacy servers that are already ruled by end-game players and a single faction controlling the economy and territory, then you’re better off using an old account or transferring to one with a lower player count and a better chance at coming out on top.

So creating a new character in New World would be pointless. If you plan to take part in the Fresh Start Worlds in New World, then you’ll get to enjoy a smooth and fun experience relearning an entirely different game thanks to all the new updates.

It’ll be one heck of a ride especially if you call in your friends. Go on adventures. Have a blast. Create a new character in New World’s Fresh Start servers.