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These are the Best Upgrades in Batman: Arkham Knight

These are the Best Upgrades in Batman: Arkham Knight

The Batman Arkham series is an incredible masterpiece that will be around for a long time. The series came to culmination with the final entry being Arkham Knight.

With each new entry, the game grew in scale in the area you traverse, the villains you take on, and the gadgets you can use, Arkham Knight went from taking baby steps to giant leaps. One of the heavily touted features was use of the Batmobile-something that was really needed as the game allowed you to traverse essentially all of Gotham.

Although the upgrade system of Arkham Knight may appear simple, it gives you a plethora of options to choose from as you spend your WayneTech points. There are six trees to choose from: Combat, Batsuit, Gadget Tech, Gadget Skill, Batmobile, and Batmobile Weapons. Some of these upgrades are more personalized depending on your play style, but there are several that you should invest in right off the bat. 

Batsuit Upgrades

Melee Armor

Melee armor is one of the first upgrades to focus on. Anyone who has played any of the Arkham games will realize that hand-to-hand combat is an extremely important aspect of the game. Even if you choose to play as stealthily as possible, you will run into times where you are taking on a horde of enemies intent on pummeling you into submission. 

Ballistic Armor

Along with melee armor is ballistic armor. One of the things about Arkham Knight is that as the game progresses, you will find yourself taking on more and more enemies that are shooting at you. Although melee armor would be my first priority, ballistic armor wouldn’t be far behind. 

Grapple Boost

One more upgrade that I would recommend depending on your play style is the grapple boost. The grapple boost is essential to getting around Gotham quickly outside of the Batmobile. The grapple boost allows you to be propelled into the air when grappling. This allows you to repeat a process of gliding down, and then using the grapple boost to get back high in the air. 

Batmobile and Batmobile Weapons Upgrades

Armor Upgrade

As previously mentioned, you will be relying heavily on the Batmobile to traverse Gotham. Along with that, you will constantly be fighting squadrons of unmanned drones. Although the mechanics of the Batmobile allow you to dodge many of the incoming projectiles, you will inevitably be hit many times. To make sure that you aren’t constantly being blown to bits, invest in the armor upgrades for the Batmobile. 

Reload Speed Upgrade

Since the armor upgrades boost your defensive capabilities, you will also need to upgrade your offensive capabilities. Although there are several good upgrades, the most important one is to quickly upgrade your reload speed of the 60mm cannon. There is nothing worse than having an enemy drone on their last tread, but you end up getting destroyed because you were in the process of reloading your cannon.

Be sure to quickly prioritize these fantastic upgrades to have an advantage over the enemy from the beginning. 

Best of the Rest

There are plenty more upgrades to choose from in the final categories of gadget skills, gadget tech, and combat, most of these you will want to choose after you have gotten used to the game and figured out your play-style.

However, from the combat section, I would recommend investing in the blade dodge takedown to quickly take down those annoying knife-wielding assailants.

Along with that, make sure to focus on the various disruptor upgrades from the gadget tech tree as they will help with various types of specialized enemies throughout the game.