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Does Elden Ring Need PS Plus or Xbox Live?

Does Elden Ring Need PS Plus or Xbox Live?

When it comes to consoles, the companies that own them have implemented a relatively older monetization system. Back when the Xbox 360 came out, Microsoft added a Subscription called Xbox Live. You basically needed to pay them so that you can play games with other people. It is absolutely a scummy way to make a device, but that is how they did it.

When the PS4 and the Xbox One came out, they both followed this Subscription ideal. You pay a yearly fee and you can play games with your friends or other random people. It is a system that has also been implemented on the newer consoles as well. It is dumb, but still, people will go and purchase these Subscriptions.

One thing people might ask is if you need PS Plus or Xbox Live to play Elden Ring? The answer is actually easy to answer. No, you don’t have to have these Subscriptions to play the game itself. You have to have either PS Plus or Xbox Live to be able to play online in Elden Ring.

It is not that confusing if you know how these Subscriptions work. If you are a subscriber, you have access to everything. If you aren’t, then you only have access to single-player games or multiplayer games that have a single-player aspect to them.

Questions people might be asking

We are going to go over some questions that people might be asking about these online subscriptions. There are a bunch of things that you lose access to, but there are also aspects of the game that you still have access to even though you are in offline mode. It can be annoying, but if you want the full experience, you will have to get one of these subscriptions depending on what console you have.

Here are some questions you might have about how Elden Ring works on consoles:

Do you need PS Plus or Xbox Live to play Elden Ring?

As we said before, you don’t have to have either one of the subscriptions to be able to play Eldin Ring. The only thing you really need to know is that you don’t have access to any online features. It can be annoying, but that is the only downside to having a console. Some people prefer it, but the online subscription service is a part of the consoles.

On PC, you don’t have to worry about any weird subscriptions to play with your friends, but there is an obvious roadblock if you try and get a gaming PC. It is extremely expensive. It actually isn’t as expensive as you think. The most money comes with buying the actual desktop or laptop. Other than that, you won’t be spending much money past that.

Do you need PS Plus or Xbox Live to see Messages?

This is a huge one. Most FromSoft fans love to see random messages everywhere. This is an issue since not having console online subscriptions doesn’t allow you to see these messages. Messages are helpful and funny and missing out on them can be relatively annoying. If you want to see the messages, you will have to play online.

If you are offline and you do see messages, some of them are put down by the developers themselves. There are much rarer, but they are there. They can give you some decent hints at fake walls, or they might even give information on an ambush if you walk into a dark room. They are helpful, but they only show up when you are online.

Do you need PS Plus or Xbox Live to Summon Spirit Ashes?

Spirit Ashes are a huge part of the game and you might have heard that Summoning takes being in Online mode. The best thing about Spirit Summons is the fact that you don’t need Online to use them. You can Summon Spirit Ashes as long as you are close to a Summoning Monument. These are basically before every boss in the game.

You can use them pretty much anywhere as long as you meet the requirements to use them. Some are extremely costly to use and others you can use right away. Both come at a cost though. You will most likely lose some health or FP so be prepared for anything when you Summon.

Do you need PS Plus or Xbox Live to play with a friend?

This is where it gets annoying. If you want to sit down on your couch and play some nice easy co-op with your buddy, then you will have to have an Online subscription to do so. It is very annoying, but that is how they did it. No matter how you want to do it, you can’t summon someone to help you or you can’t play with friends.

You might ask, why can other games allow you to not have a subscription, but Elden Ring makes you have one? We can’t answer that because we aren’t the companies in charge, but what we can say is that it is how they created it. You can’t change it and we can’t change it. You are going to have to talk to them yourself and change thousands of minds to get what you want. It is what it is.

Do you need PS Plus or Xbox Live to invade people?

As we said before, it works the same with every online mode there is. If you don’t have a subscription, then you can’t do any sort of online activity, and that includes invading other people. Invading in these types of games works differently from any Dark Souls game. You actually have to have a certain item activated to be able to invade someone.

To be invaded, you will need to be playing in co-op. If you are playing with a friend, anyone can invade you and try to defeat you and your buddy. Keep in mind that offline mode won’t stop NPCs from invading you. You can also invade NPCs as a part of some side quests as well. You will get invaded, just not by any random player.

Do you need PS Plus or Xbox Live to access certain areas?

You aren’t locked out of any content whatsoever as long as it isn’t pertaining online. There aren’t any online-only areas so you don’t have to worry about getting locked out of anything. The only thing we can think of is the Varre quest. To finish his quest you actually need to invade 3 random people. This is annoying since you can’t invade in offline mode.

You aren’t actually locked out of content though since you can get to the area his questline takes you later on. You aren’t locked out of content, you just can’t access specific content earlier than you should be able to. It is annoying, but you don’t lose out on anything the game has to offer.

Do you need PS Plus or Xbox Live to fight certain bosses?

Bosses are not locked behind the online mode. You can fight every single boss in the game without ever going into online mode. That is what makes this game great. As we said before, there are certain missions that you can only complete if you are connected to online services, but that does not lock you out of any boss fights.

It can be frustrating how the owners of the consoles allow for this type of subscription service. It is old-school and it seems very selfish, but that is how they do it. Until consoles die out, this system won’t go away so in the meantime, just try and look at it as a good thing. It isn’t going away any time soon.