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This is Why Your Character is Blue in Fortnite

This is Why Your Character is Blue in Fortnite

Fortnite has a long history of glitches and bugs dating back to its release back in 2017. While the popularity of the game has been rather bouncy over the past few years, it is still one of the top battle royale games to date.

When Fortnite starts behaving like a drunkard, it is a common indicator that there might be some bug on the loose that has yet to be hunted by the developers. Most of such bugs are carefully disposed of with every update, but there are some that never really go away. 

This glitch only happens in the lobby where your characters become blue all of a sudden. The Fortnite Dev team has been tracking down this issue for some time now and has finally come up with a permanent resolution. 

With that said, it is not a game-breaking bug. Therefore, the resolution for it wasn’t as rapid as many would’ve hoped. However, the community devised a few ways that could counter this issue. 

What is the Blue Character Bug?

The Blue Character was a pretty common bug in Fortnite. It only used to happen when you would return to the lobby. To put it in simple terms, your character became a blueish variant of itself while sometimes glowing with Blue FX. Players had reached Epic Games regarding the issue. However, the exact date of the fix was unknown for the longest time. 

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Common Workaround for Blue Character Bug

Some people enjoyed the new look that came with a completely blue character. However, not everyone was that welcoming towards it. Thankfully, you could try the following workarounds to see if they do the trick or not:

  • Change Your Skin: Changing the skins causes the game engine to reload the character. Once changed, you can go back to your old skin without any additional steps.
  • Use Skin-Specific Emotes: If you have a skin with a specific set of emotes then triggering them will also cause your character to reload its assets.

How Did the Blue Hologram Bug Get Fixed?

Luckily, the issue was finally resolved in the official Trello Board of Epic games. Needless to say, a successful resolution had put a smile on a lot of faces. 

It is refreshing to see Epic Games still taking good care of their game. While the bug didn’t provide any kind of unfair advantages to players, it still feels good to finally see it go.

All in all, being unable to flaunt your favorite skin amongst your friends felt pretty bad. There were times when the game would work fine on your device while bugging out on the other.

However, the issue no longer persists in the game. If you are still encountering such an issue then you should consider filing a support ticket to Epic Games. A re-emergence of an old bug might not be welcomed amongst the community but it will surely make one hell of a good narrative.