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Can You Help the Trapped Worker in the Callisto Protocol?

Can You Help the Trapped Worker in the Callisto Protocol?

The folks in Callisto Protocol have gotten the short end of the stick when they chose to work at the Black Iron Prison. Every which way you turn, you could see the remains of a poor worker who was either mauled to death by the Biophages or the facility’s collapsing structure put an end to their shift. However, the moment you spot a living soul you desperately want to save them.

This feeling is more palpable when the game asks you to save a worker trapped in a room in Chapter 5. But can you help the trapped worker from his cruel fate in Callisto Protocol?

No, you cannot help the trapped worker in Callisto Protocol. Although the game gives you the objective to help him, there is no way you could save him from the Biophage that makes his way to the room before you could rescue the dude. This is a scripted event and even thinking about saving him is futile.

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The Trapped Worker in Callisto Protocol

try to help the trapped worker

Progress through the game until you reach Chapter 5: Lost. As soon as you are thrown out of the airlock and are in the frozen outdoor section of the game, you will soon come across an area with multiple explosives on the ground and sides will be dotted with locked rooms/prisons.

In one of them, a guy named Wayne will be screaming and asking for you to help him get out. He will tell you that he has the key to a locked door and he is willing to share that with you if you can rescue him. Right at that point, the game even prompts you as an objective to help him.

If you already know what happens then you must be wondering whether you can help him.

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Can You Help The Trapped Worker?

trapped worker callisto protocol

The moment you get the objective, you will be ambushed by a bunch of Biophages. Use the explosives on the ground, your firearms, and perfectly timed dodges to make quick work of these freaks. Meanwhile, Wayne will be screaming his lungs out to help him.

As soon as all the enemies are dealt with, Wayne’s room will be unlocked by a Biophage inside that has already killed the poor guy. Kill the enemy and you can see Wayne’s body on the ground.

Don’t feel bad that you couldn’t make it in time or missed out on some step, he has to die as it is a scripted event in the game. There is no way you could save him from his demise.

Examining his body will give you a CORE Implant which you can use to gain access to a nearby door that was previously locked. There are no side quests in the game that could allow you to save Wayne so you just have to live with the guilt.

The flashing objective “try to help the trapped worker” makes it look like that you could save him. However, this is not possible as the developers wanted to play with your heartstrings. Oh well, Wayne should have taken the other job at the mall selling glasses rather than go for this freezing jail gig.