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Ultimate Guide To The Launch Site in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Launch Site in Rust

The Launch Site is basically the heart of PVP battles in Rust with some of the best resources and hardest NPC enemies the game has to offer. If you want to know exactly how to navigate your way through this Monument, this guide is for you!

The Launch Site provides players with one of the best loot spawns in the game. The large area that the Monument covers is filled with various challenges players must overcome. Ranging from enemy spawns to puzzles, this Monument offers an enriched experience of the Rust gameplay.


Let’s learn everything about The Launch Site Monument in Rust to see what kind of dangers and loot it holds.

How Difficult is The Launch Site?

Launch Site

The Launch Site is perhaps the biggest Monument in Rust. It is found on procedurally generated large maps in Experimental Rust. Launch Site has a relatively higher amount of Radiation in its main area which then exponentially increases further as you enter the factory building.

This Monument is one of the harder ones to explore with a higher difficulty level than others and stronger NPCs. There is even a puzzle you must solve in order to progress and obtain loot from the Launch Site which adds further difficulty.

What Do You Need to Enter The Launch Site?

Right off the bat, you must wear a Hazmat Suit so that you can enter The Launch Site safely. Even with a Hazmat Suit on, you will experience gradually increasing levels of Radiation Poisoning from being present near or inside the factory building.

Along with a Hazmat Suit, you will also need two Electric Fuses, a Green Keycard, and a Red Keycard. You should also stock up on some Food and Bandages. For a decent Loadout option, consider equipping a Crossbow and Nail Gun.

How to Enter The Launch Site?

The Launch Site is a pretty expansive and open place and is easily approachable once found on procedurally generated maps. You can practically enter it from any direction you want. Just look for stone fences with gaps in between them around the Site’s industrial area and enter.

The industrial area contains entrances, a storage area with watchtowers and stacked worker houses, offices, and a factory. The factory will be the biggest building in the entire complex and is mostly referred to as the ‘main building’.

There will be around 3 different locations where elite crates spawn in the Launch Site.
One of them will be on the roof of the factory. You will find a helipad there with a destroyed helicopter. Around the helicopter, you will find around 2 elite crates and 3 crates of different types.

Another location is the hole just under the rocket near the center. You can fall through it on a catwalk and solve a jump puzzle to find an elite crate.

Lastly, the Cobalt Space Center’s roof will carry some elite loot. This area is the easiest to access out of the others.

What Enemies Do You Encounter at The Launch Site?

You will encounter the Bradley APC patrolling around the Launch Site once you approach it. This NPC-controlled Infantry Fighting Vehicle Hazard will be deadly unless you prepare adequately for it. NPC Scientists operate this dangerous tank.

Taking down this behemoth will be a difficult challenge for many. If you choose to use rockets, launch them from root tops as that can also provide you with some protection against the APC. You might need around 8-10 rockets to take it down.

Alternately, 3 timed explosive charges can also prove really helpful. If the APC is left undamaged for over 5 minutes, it starts regenerating HP.

Along with the APC patrolling the Launch Site, you will also encounter several Scientists inside the Site that you must take down in order to progress. Keep in mind that they respawn after a certain period of time.

Is It Worth Exploring The Launch Site?

Being one of the largest Monuments in the game, the Launch Site contains perhaps the most loot as well. It is extremely generous with its loot spawns, and they are scattered throughout the entire area. You can expect Barrels and Crates of different types all around the map.

Launch Site Loot

The Monument may be slightly more difficult to navigate through than others, but the effort pays off with all the resources you obtain. It also is extremely fun to explore because of how expansive it is. All in all, The Launch Site is definitely worth the investment.

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Launch Site Monument in Rust and what it offers if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.