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Ultimate Guide To Pyromancer In Dark Souls Remastered

Ultimate Guide To Pyromancer In Dark Souls Remastered

Pyromancer is amongst the main classes of dark souls, but it does require a premium grip on the mechanics and knowledge of the game. Players who are new to the game will essentially struggle if they opt for Pyromancer as their first class.

However, this guide will serve as your one-stop comprehensive guide if you are a beginner Pyromancer and wish to get started pretty well with Pyromancy.

What Are Pyromancies?

Pyromancies are one of the three magic forms in the dark soul’s game described as the simplest magic. They are standard practices by poorly viewed people and heretics, and they occupy a difference from Miracles and Witchcraft because they are independent of their character statistics.

The only catalyst which holds the capability to cast them is the Flame of Pyromancy.

Essential Concepts

You should be informed on some prime concepts for the use of Pyromancies before you dive into the game metrics.

  • You need to occupy the Flame of Pyromancy from the beginning of the game to use any Pyromancy. It is essential to wait to meet Eingyi or to free Laurentius for all the others.
  • The power of all Pyromancies is entirely independent of Faith and Intelligence as it only depends on Flame, which is their only catalyst. The damage caused by the Pyromancy Flame can only be increased by the parameter of Intelligence. You need to consider that increasing any of these two statistics does not affect the Pyromancer unless you wish to use it with Miracles, Witchcraft, or in addition to Pyromancies.
  • The Pyromancies of “Chaos” display an exception to the above point as their level of Flame and power essentially depends on how many humanities the player brings along with the Pyromancies that occupy status modification or defensive effects, including toxic mist defensive transpiration. These maintain the same impact independent of the Pyromancy flame level.
  • While blacksmiths can feasibly upgrade other objects, Pyromancers can only be upgraded by Pyromancers. The maximum value of Pyromancy flame is +15, which can only be achieved when improving the Flame of Evolved Pyromancy becomes possible.
  • Like all spells, the dexterity parameter’s value works to determine the execution speed of Pyromancies essentially. Both of these are inversely proportional, indicating that a higher dexterity parameter would mean less time to cast the spells. However, you must never forget that any further increase in this parameter after you touch 45 points will not impact the speed of spells.
  • The charges available for a particular spell will be doubled if you equip two same Pyromancies in two different slots.
  • Pyromancies use a single type of catalyst and do not rely on statistics to produce damage that works to provide substantial help to the player both in the offensive and defensive phases. All because they are not one of the few weak fire enemies offered throughout the game.
  • Twenty diverse types of Pyromancies will be there throughout the game. One of these can only be made available through the DLC. If you succeed in equipping all the Pyromancies except the DLC one, you will unlock the “Pyromancers bond” achievement.

Who Is The Pyromancer?

Pyromancer is merely one of the classes in the game of dark souls. They combine a good amount of physical damage with early Pyromancy. Pyromancers can feasibly be invaded into another person’s character when they begin at the first level, which makes them unique.

The advantage that Pyromancers claim during the initial phase is to keep their level at the lowest. All of these factors combine to make Pyromancer an ideal choice for the PvP builds in dark souls. A significant impact on your survival if you have a great dark soul’s Pyromancer build.

Why Is Pyromancer The Best Class?

As you begin to create the character, a big chart of classes in the game will be displayed right in front of you. This chart will ask you to choose one class to begin with. With the diverse range of classes available in the chart, it can be daunting for many players to choose one.

The class you opt for at the starting does not dictate or influence your abilities or skills throughout the game, as it merely serves as a starter build to help you get started. It is highly recommended that you kick start your journey with the game by opting for the Pyromancers class because it exposes you to a wide range of skills and options.

Out of these, the most remarkable one is the Pyromancy Flame, as it equips you with Fireball right in your Spell Slot as you begin the game. You will be able to hurl ranged fireballs that do a great range of damage if you equip the Pyromancy Flame in your offhand right after you end your tutorial. The excellent benefit that Fireball allows is that you can feasibly stop an ambush and lure enemies out of their spots.

Although some other classes like Hunter and Sorcerer also offer ranged options, their efficiency cannot be compared with the Pyromancy Flame in any way whatsoever. To do extensive damage, you can upgrade your Pyromancy Flame by letting a Pyromancer free in the Undead Burg. Only souls are required to upgrade your Flame up to a pretty decent level, allowing you to claim or equip various other spells.

The Hand Axe equipped by the Pyromancer works to significantly ease your journey as a beginner in Dark Souls due to the fact this weapon has an excellent range that offers versatility in sticky situations and works effectively for close-range enemies-all thanks to its two-handed and one-handed movesets. 

The Starting Phase

Pyromancer enjoys some significant advantages in the starting phase of this game. They can use the Pyromancy ability of Strong Fireball and Hand Axe to combine relatively strong melee attacks. The decrepit-looking starting armor occupies notable resistance in both Poison and Fire.

These are merely ordinary and standard difficulties for the initial phase of the game. One can feasibly manage them until they are given an option to select an upgraded one.

The Best Pyromancer Build In Dark Souls

To build the best Pyromancer, you should keenly consider and stick to the points enlisted below:

Pyromancer UpgradesPoints

Many other skill points don’t impact the essential skill Pyromancy. As evident from the table above, Faith and Intelligence do not affect this skill in any way. You must not waste any of your hard-earned skill points on it. The top upgrades that make Pyromancy shine are Endurance and Vitality.

To create a healthy balance, you should efficiently distribute your Attunement, Strength, and Dexterity skill points. The Dark Souls Pyromancer Build quoted above significantly boosts your weapon’s balance by covering all the significant deficiencies.

The Pyromancer Class

The Dark Souls Remastered game allows you to choose between four outrider classes. Out of all these classes, Pyromancer is the only one that occupies a fire-focused character. Pyromancer is suggested to be a great character selection for those who wish to engage in the medium engagement range.

The designing section exposes the Pyromancer classes to plenty of damage. Players can feasibly work to amplify the injury which is rightly created in the game.

Tips And Tricks For Your Build

In the other game section and trainers, the build flame weapon of dark souls Pyromancer builds in subjected to automatic up-gradation. Your level of survivability can significantly be improved if you spend on upgrading your stats in the remaining period. Vitality should never be neglected or ignored.

You need to keep an efficient aim fit within yourself, which will help you effectively cap Endurance at forty points. Another point to consider is that after the Endurance reaches around forty points, any additional points will not contribute to the Endurance, which is demonstrated by the green-colored bar displayed on the game’s screen.

You can obtain the lowest possible weapon requirements to yield them by assigning points on dexterity and strength. Moreover, you are free to neglect some factors, including Intelligence and Faith.

Dark Souls And Pyromancy

It is equally essential for you to know what makes dark souls less strong than Pyromancy. You must consider that a more vital status than Miracles/Faith and Sorcery will never be assigned to the Pyromancer Build in Dark Souls.

Pyro Catalyst should be improved for the time being until it rises to a scaling stat since such stats make them essentially stronger. To a specific NPC, the catalyst is quite similar to improving an alternative weapon in the game upgrading.

All About Pyromant Monsters

The ultimate guide to Pyromancer in Dark Souls Remastered cannot be completed until you get a firm grip on the Pyromant Monsters. A total of 4 monsters can be found in the game.

Each one of these will be the only one available to be able to sell specific Pyromancies. You need to be extremely cautious not to kill them until you buy what they sell-especially if you intend to attain the entire collection.

Laurentius Of The Great Swamp:

One of the many Pyromancers from Great Swamp, Laurentius, will probably be the first monster you encounter. In the initial levels, you can easily use this to get your hands on Pyromancy that is more effective than the Fireball, which is typically provided to the Pyromancer by default. If you select any other class initially, the person will give the Flame of Pyromancy to the player. Laurentius holds power to raise the Flame to +15 for the souls’ payment.

Location: You need to defeat all the enemies as you break into the room with butchers. Next to this step, you need to get straight to the flooded area, where you will find a hole right in the wall. You will need to get into this and walk left to find a handful of large vases.

One of these will have Laurentius imprisoned in them. You can only free him by breaking the vase, but you efficiently need to not hurt him as that will make him hostile. Next, you need to convey to him that he needs to walk in the direction of Sanctuary of Fire.


Eingyi is thought to turn into a significant seller of Pyromancy as soon as he gains his trust. He is the son of the most devoted servant of Chaos. Eingyi will also make it possible to increase the Flame of Pyromancy to a factor of +15. He will also provide you with a +0 Flame of Pyromancy if you occupy the Intelligence parameter greater than or equal to 11.

Eingyi will unlock new dialogue options for you only if you are the owner of the Ring of Witch and have it equipped. Killing this monster will not have any impact on the future admission to it, nor will it break the Covenant of Sons of Chaos. You will make Eingyi attack you and become hostile if, you end up killing the chaos’ daughter in front of him.

Location: Eingyi will be perpetually stationed and trackable right in the Domain of Queelag’s secret bonfire. This is the same room where the daughter of Chaos is located. Next to this, you need to walk down until you reach up to the lower level of the room.

This is where a bell is positioned, which you need to ring, followed by hitting the illusionary wall that is located at the right of the room, and it leads directly to the Ruins of the Demon. The first thing that you see after the wall breaks will be this, be cautious not to kill him even by mistake and instead interact calmly with him.

You will have to earn his trust once he lets you pass. Then you need to take off whatever you are wearing on your head, like a cap or something, followed by heading right towards the Ruins of the Demon. After you reach up to the egg bearers, ensure to stay calm and still as you are likely to get hit a few times.

After you are subjected to infection by them, stay still for a while or return back to the ego carriers. After you get infected by it, get back to Eingyi and interact with him.

Daughter Of Chaos:

The daughter of Chaos is amongst the daughters of the Witch of Izalith. Her siblings include two sisters namely Queelana and Queelag while their little brother is named Infinite Discharge. The head position of the Covenant of servants of Chaos is occupied by her which puts her at a benefit to claim two powerful Pyromancies.

Using these circumstances, the daughter of Chaos can feasibly etch a shortcut for her lost brother-which is crucial to complete the Solaire quest that is another NPC in the dark souls remastered game. The Ring of the Witch can be obtained by performing an exchange of the larva of the sun for the Snuggly cow or as an initial gift in the game.

This essential ring makes it possible for you to comprehend and understand his speeches. On the contrary, the presence of this ring with you will not impact your entry to the Covenant in any way.

If you end up killing the daughter of Chaos somehow, you will be considered as a betrayer to the main pact. You will also end up putting out the room’s bonfire; however, you still can teleport on it. This action of yours will also make Eingyi hostile.

Location: The daughter of Chaos will be located in the exact same room where you are likely to meet Eingyi. You have the option to only enter her Covenant, upgrade your Estus Flasks or talk to her.

If you end up making a pact with her, you can feasibly exchange your humanity for two Pyromancies by her, which will also equip you with a shortcut to reach Izalith, which has been long-lost.

Queensland Of Izalith:

The only daughter of Witch of Izalith is Queelana, and she is the only one who escaped before she was transformed into a monster. She is known as the teacher of the great human Pyromancer as well as the pioneer of Pyromancy. Whenever you remind her of the former, she will aid you with her invaluable help.

Many useful Pyromancies can be bought by her- Flame of Pyromancy can essentially be evolved up to +15, which can effectively transform it into a flame of Advanced Pyromancy. The later Flame can also be developed to around +5 through her Hand. An additional powerful Pyromancy will be provided to us once the Cradle of Chaos is subjected to death.