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Ultimate Guide To Pyromancer In Dark Souls Remastered

Ultimate Guide To Pyromancer In Dark Souls Remastered

Pyromancer is amongst the main classes of Dark Souls Remastered, but it does require a premium grip on the mechanics and knowledge of the game. Players who are new to the game will essentially struggle if they opt for Pyromancer as their first class.


However, this guide will serve as your one-stop comprehensive guide if you are a beginner Pyromancer. So let’s get into it!

What Are Pyromancies?


Pyromancies are one of the three magic forms in the dark soul’s game described as the simplest magic. They are standard practices by poorly viewed people and heretics, and they are different from Miracles and Witchcraft because they are independent of their character statistics.

The only catalyst that can cast them is the Flame of Pyromancy.

Essential Concepts

You should be informed on some prime concepts for using Pyromancies before diving into the game metrics.

  • You need to equip the Flame of Pyromancy from the beginning of the game to use any Pyromancy.
  • The power of all Pyromancies is entirely independent of Faith and Intelligence as it only depends on Flame, their only Catalyst. The parameter of Intelligence can only increase the damage caused by the Pyromancy Flame.
  • Pyromancers can only be upgraded by Pyromancers. The maximum value of Pyromancy Flame is +15, which can only be achieved when improving the Flame of Evolved Pyromancy becomes possible.
  • Like all spells, the dexterity parameter’s value works to determine the execution speed of Pyromancies essentially. Both are inversely proportional, indicating that a higher dexterity parameter would mean less time to cast the spells.
  • The charges available for a particular spell will be doubled if you equip two same Pyromancies in two different slots.

Why Is Pyromancer The Best Class?

Pyromancer Class

The most remarkable of classes in Dark Souls Remastered is the Pyromancer. They come with the Pyromancy Flame, which equips the Fireball spell in your Spell Slot as you begin the game. 

You can hurl ranged fireballs that do a great amount of damage Fireball’s excellent benefit is that you can feasibly stop an ambush and lure enemies out of their spots.

Although some other classes like Hunter and Sorcerer, also offer ranged options, their efficiency cannot be compared with the Pyromancy Flame in any way whatsoever.

To do extensive damage, you can upgrade your Pyromancy Flame with the help of a Pyromancer. Only souls are required to upgrade your Flame to a decent level, no other materials.

The Hand Axe that comes with this class is an excellent weapon that offers versatility in sticky situations and works effectively for close-range enemies. All thanks to its two-handed and one-handed movesets. 

Also, the decrepit-looking starting armor has notable resistance to both Poison and Fire.

The Best Pyromancer Build

Best Pyromancer Build

To build the best Pyromancer in Dark Souls Remastered, you should keenly consider and stick to the points enlisted below:

Pyromancer UpgradesPoints

Many other skill points don’t impact the essential skill of Pyromancy. As the table above shows, Faith and Intelligence do not affect this skill. You must not waste any of your hard-earned skill points on it. The top upgrades that make Pyromancy shine are Endurance and Vitality.

To create a healthy balance, you should efficiently distribute your Attunement, Strength, and Dexterity skill points.

Pyromancy Merchants

A total of 4 Pyromancy merchants can be found in the game. Each one of these dealers will be the only one to sell specific Pyromancies. You need to be extremely cautious not to kill them until you buy what they sell-especially if you intend to attain the entire collection.

Laurentius Of The Great Swamp

Laurentius Of The Great Swamp

One of the many Pyromancers from Great Swamp, Laurentius, will probably be the first merchant you encounter. In the initial levels, you can easily use him to get your hands on Pyromancy which is more effective than the starting Fireball spell.

Laurentius holds the power to raise the Flame to +15 for the souls’ payment.

Location: You need to defeat all the enemies as you break into the room with butchers. Next to this step, you need to get straight to the flooded area, where you will find a hole in the wall. You will need to get into this and walk left to find a handful of large vases.

One of these will have Laurentius imprisoned in them. You can only free him by breaking the vase, but you can’t hurt him as that will make him hostile. You should send him to the Firelink Shrine.



Eingyi is thought to turn into a significant seller of Pyromancy as soon as he gains his trust. He can also increase the Flame of Pyromancy to +15.

Location: Eingyi is stationed in the Domain of Queelag’s secret bonfire.

This is where a bell is positioned, which you need to ring, followed by hitting the illusionary wall located at the right of the room, which leads directly to the Ruins of the Demon. The first thing you see after the wall breaks is him: be cautious not to kill him even by mistake and instead interact calmly with him.

You will have to earn his trust once he lets you pass. Then you need to take off whatever you are wearing on your head, like a cap or something, followed by heading right towards the Ruins of the Demon. After reaching up to the egg bearers, stay calm and still as you are likely to get hit a few times.

After getting infected, get back to Eingyi and interact with him.

Quelaana, Daughter Of Chaos:

Quelaana, Daughter Of Chaos:

Many useful Pyromancies can be bought from her- Flame of Pyromancy can essentially be leveled up to +15, which transforms it into a flame of Advanced Pyromancy. The later Flame can also be developed to around +5 through her Hand. An additional powerful Pyromancy will be unlocked once the Cradle of Chaos is dead.

Location: Chaos’s daughter will be in the same room where you are likely to meet Eingyi. You have the option only to enter her Covenant, upgrade your Estus Flasks, or talk to her.

If you end up making a pact with her, you can exchange your humanity for two Pyromancies, which will also equip you with a shortcut to reach Izalith.

The Pyromancer is one of, if not, the best class in Dark Souls Remastered. However, the class doesn’t function as all the other classes in the game. In order to make a viable build out of this class, you need to follow the guide above.