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Ultimate Guide To Sentinel in Last Epoch

Ultimate Guide To Sentinel in Last Epoch

The Sentinel is your sword and shield knight in Last Epoch, valiantly ready to face anything that might stand in its path to achieving its goal. If you are looking for mastery over weapons and your typical melee playstyle then this class is for you. But wait, there is more to it than just picking the class. There are those masteries in Last Epoch that completely change the way this knight works.


In this ultimate guide, we will cover all that there is to the Sentinel class in Last Epoch and see how this class truly shines.

Sentinel – Base Class

Sentinel - Base Class Last Epoch

The Sentinel is your classic Knight in Last Epoch fulfilling the mythical knight in shining armor fantasy. Although the class has a Paladin mastery down the line, the base class itself is heavily inspired by a Paladin class you might have witnessed in other ARPGs.

This class is usually a strength scaling class, but some builds can scale off Attnument, especially the Paladins, which can stack Attnuement for more healing effectiveness or more magic damage. Some skills also scale from Dexterity such as the Hammer Throw, Lunge, and Shield Throw.

Later on, you can also unlock the ability to dual-wield and become a berserker.

Sentinel Skills

image 23


A melee attack that also prepares you to Riposte incoming Hits.

image 17

Hammer Throw

Throws a hammer that returns to you after a short delay.

image 18


Dash to a nearby enemy and strike it with your weapon. Costs more mana the further away the target is.

image 19


Spin towards the mouse while you hold down the ability key, striking nearby enemies as you move. Classic spin-to-win ability.

image 20


Smites a target enemy with a bolt of holy fire that descends from the sky, healing allies around the target.

image 21

Shield Throw

Throws a shield at a target enemy. The shield ricochets to up to 2 additional targets before returning to you.

image 22

Shield Rush

Charge through enemies in the target direction. You hit enemies in your path and a wider area at the end of the movement. (Requires Shield)

image 24

Shield Bash

Swings his sword towards the selected direction and Stuns enemies for 1 second.

Void Knight – Mastery

Void Knight - Mastery  - Last Epoch Sentinel

The Void Knight is all about Echoes (Shadows/clones) and Void damage for the most part. Its Passive Bonuses include:

  • 75% increased melee Void damage.
  • Your melee attacks, throwing attacks, and Void spells have a 10% chance of being repeated by an echo 0.5 seconds later. You can increase the Echo spawning chance to 40% by investing in the passive skill tree and certain skills will also increase the chance by default.

Most, if not all, of Void Knight’s skills, especially Void spells, scale with Vitality. Some void melee skills like Rive can have nodes that give you more void damage per Vitality point.

The Void Knight can also use the Epoch to its full effect, being able to travel back in time with the Volatile Reversal skill, resetting your HP and Mana to where it was two seconds. On the flip side, Anomaly will do the same with enemies albeit sending them forward in time by 5 Seconds.

This mastery can also be specced as a void caster with Devouring Orbs, Abyssal Echoes, Anomaly, and Void-infused Smite.

Void Knight Skills

image 25

Erasing Strike

A powerful melee attack that strikes all enemies in a wide area in front of you. Any foes defeated by the strike are erased from existence and replaced with void rifts.

image 26

Volatile Reversal

Returns you to your position 2 seconds ago, undoing any health or mana changes since then.

image 27

Abyssal Echoes

A nova that echos from enemies it hits and applies Abyssal Decay. Enemies with Abyssal Decay take Void Damage over time for 6 seconds.

image 30

Devouring Orb

Creates a devouring orb at the target location that casts a void rift whenever something dies nearby, dealing void damage to enemies nearby the orb.

Anomaly Last Epoch Sentinel


Use a combo skill to send enemies forward in time by 5 seconds, then reactivate the skill to bring them back to your timeline early.

Forge Guard – Mastery

Forge Guard - Mastery - Last Epoch Sentinel

This class is all about puppeteering weapons and armor to aid you in combat. It is a hybrid of a summoner and a knight class. The Passive Bonuses are:

  • +35% Physical and Fire Resistance.
  • 3% increased armor for each hit you have taken in the last 10 seconds. This makes this class one of the best tanks in Last Epoch.

When using the Forge Strike ability, the skill can summon a sword that follows you around and strikes enemies on its own. Other skills can summon these kinds of weapon-based minions too.

Couple that with the ability to send forth a fighting armor and you got yourself an armament army. Not to mention, you can surround yourself with the Ring of Shields to absorb any incoming damage.

This might be the weakest of all the Sentinel’s masteries. It only excels at tanking damage but as a DPS or summoner, it just can not stand its ground compared to other summoners in Last Epoch.

Forge Guard Skills

Forge Strike Last Epoch Sentinel

Forge Strike

A melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you. 20% chance on hit to manifest a minion sword. You can transform the hammer into either a giant sword or an anvil.

image 36

Ring of Shields

This ability creates a ring of shields around you. The shields draw enemy aggression and block incoming projectiles.

image 37

Manifest Armor

Summons an animated set of heavy armor, which targets and attacks slowly.

image 38

Smelter’s Wrath

Channel to charge a powerful frontal cone attack, dealing Fire Damage and Physical Damage to all enemies hit.

Paladin – Mastery

Paladin - Mastery - Last Epoch Sentinel

The Paladin is your holy righteous knight that deals a ton of fire and physical damage along with healing and providing support to your party. There is no Holy damage type in this game so this class only deals in fire, lightning, and physical damage. Passive Bonuses for this mastery include:

  • You deal increased fire, lightning, and physical damage equal to your percent Health remaining.
  • 1% increased healing effectiveness per point of Attunement.

The Paladin class is amongst the best class for multiplayer. It goes really well with a group of other players. You must have a Paladin in your squad to up your game. Even if you don’t want to be relegated to just support, this class is also a great damage mastery.

The Sigils of Hope is the most widely used skill in many Sentinel builds not only just for the Paladin. These sigils will give additional damage, block chance, healing effectiveness, endurance threshold, etc, depending on how you specify them to your build. And of course, they are great at supporting too.

The same support characteristics can be said about the class’s other skills like Holy Aura buffs for more damage and increased resistance. Healing Hand is pretty straightforward. Judgment on the other hand is not only support but also melts enemies unlucky enough to stand in its affected zone.

The class is very easy to pick up and play. You can never go wrong with the Paladin.

Paladin Skills

image 42

Holy Aura

You and your nearby allies receive a passive 30% increased damage and 15% elemental resistance. When you activate Holy Aura, the stat bonuses are doubled for four seconds.

image 43

Healing Hands

This ability will heal all allies within a designated target area.

Sigils of Hope - Last Epoch Sentinel

Sigils of Hope

Summon a sigil that orbits you, causing you and your allies’ attack and spells to deal 4 additional Fire Damage and increasing Health Regeneration by 25%.

Judgement - Last Epoch Sentinel


A powerful melee attack that leaves an area of Consecrated Ground that lasts 4 seconds.

  • Allies on the Consecrated Ground are healed for 50 Health each second.
  • Enemies on the Consecrated Ground take Fire Damage over time.

The Sentinel is a tried and tested class in Last Epoch that will stay relevant in every situation. Its three masteries cover a wide spectrum of playstyles. From our playtime, the Paladin seems like it could easily be placed on the podium of one of the best classes/mastery in all of Last Epoch.