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Ultimate Guide To The Junkyard in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Junkyard in Rust

Junkyard got a rework, after which it became a great monument for all the players who are just getting started with the game or are looking for quick loot. This monument does have minor PVP every now and then, but apart from that, there are no radiations or NPCs in the area, so you can roam around easily.

Junkyard in Rust has multiple entrances guarded by barbed wires, so be careful while crossing them, the monument offers around 10 loot crates as well as a Green Keycard, so if you are just getting started with the game, this location should be on your list for exploration.


Let’s dive right into what the Junkyard Monument in Rust has to offer and how you can get into it without getting into trouble.

Rust Monument - The Junkyard

How Difficult Is The Junkyard?

The Junkyard Monument is not too difficult as there is no radiation so roaming without clothes won’t put you in trouble. Being a radiation-free zone makes it more demanding among the players so keep in mind there can be a rush of other players that may appear as a difficulty for you.

But one problematic factor here is that there is barbed wire all over the area and you will lose your health badly by coming in contact with it.

What You Need To Enter The Junkyard?

You don’t need something major to enter the Junkyard like radioactive protection suit. You can simply enter the monument with some nice weapons and medical equipment.

How To Enter The Junkyard?

There are few entrances at the Junkyard through which you can get in while avoiding the barbed wires, as these can drain your health to a serious level, and having no healing items available can put you in a lot of trouble if other players show up.

What Enemies You Find At The Junkyard?

You’ll get to fight against other players at the Junkyard Monument. They may get here in large amounts as this monument has no radiation and everyone prefers to be in such kind of safe monument where they can loot stuff without worrying about threatening environmental factors.

What Loot You Can Find At The Junkyard?

In terms of loot the Junkyard majorly has regular crates with Scrap, low-tier components, and you can rarely get the tier-weapon of one or two. There are around 10 of these crates, which you can find in the Junkyard. Besides this, there are also barrels and food crates that can fulfill your hunger needs.

You also get to see the Chinook crate around, but this happens rarely. Although this monument has no puzzle you can still find the green keycard here.

Is It Worth Exploring The Junkyard?

The Junkyard doesn’t have many services except the Recycler, and you can do recycling with lower risk as the chances of PVP won’t be too high.

Moreover, if you have no clothes and want to have quick loot, then you can consider exploring this monument. So, keeping in view these aspects, Junkyard is worth exploring, especially for new players.

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Junkyard Monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.