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Ultimate Guide To The Lighthouse in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Lighthouse in Rust

The Lighthouse is a great Monument to roam around for loot as it is one of the three Monuments with no radiation in Rust (along with the Warehouse and Harbor). If you want to know exactly how to navigate your way through this Monument, this guide is for you!

The Lighthouse is the perfect starting Monument for beginners to explore to get a firm footing in the procedurally generated world of Rust. You will obtain some amazing loot for practically no resistance most of the time here. It is very conspicuous in nature so finding it will not be that hard. You even get a Recycler in this Monument!


Let’s learn everything about The Lighthouse Monument in Rust to see what kind of dangers and loot it holds.

How Difficult is The Lighthouse?

Lighthouse Monument

The Lighthouse offers one of the most peaceful primitive Monument maps in the entire game. This Monument is basically a watchtower that sits calmingly near the coast. This tower-like structure has only one unlocked entrance at the very bottom.

Recycler In Lighthouse

If you ascend all the way up the tower through the available flight of spiral staircase, you will find the lantern room.

The Lighthouse will provide you with access to a Recycler, which is a machine with 6 inputs and outputs that can carry out the breakdown of items and components into their raw materials. In a single instance, only one player can view the contents inside a recycler. 

What Do You Need to Enter The Lighthouse?

Since this Monument has no radiation at all, you will not need a Hazmat Suit for it at all. So you do not have to worry about preparing with one in your inventory. What you might need is, however, a green card.

The Lighthouse is an amazing starting point in Rust for early loot stock-up. Keep in mind that the Lighthouse is essentially a vertical Monument, which means that its height will play a much larger role than you can expect.

One example of its size and shape’s role being important is when you’ve got other players climbing the flight of stairs, and you are left with only one way to enter or exit. To best deal with this problem during low health, you should camp at the very top of the tower after climbing to the very top and wait for the enemies to push.

How to Enter The Lighthouse?

The lighthouse is found on procedurally generated large maps in Experimental Rust. Once you locate it, you should get nearer to the base of the watchtower. There really are really only two doors to enter or leave this tower, but once you enter you will only have one flight of spiral staircase to climb up from.

So, you do not have to rack your brain over complicated puzzles or find gaps between any fences like those in the Launch Site, or make your path through rooms and perform repeated tasks while fending off respawning enemies like in the Giant Excavator Pit.

What you should consider is the idea of assaulting the Lighthouse by utilizing the flank at the parkour route up. To be able to do this, you should jump all the way up the stairs on the inside of the lighthouse and then carefully hop onto the ring just above its lights.

Then, tip-toe your way carefully around and jump back onto the stairs. This will provide you with a flank for the Recycler Jump that can help you get some decent kills and control over the map.

What Enemies Do You Encounter at The Lighthouse?

The Lighthouse is ideal for beginners because of how generous it can be with its loot despite the lack of NPC foes to balance it out.

You will not really likely encounter any NPC enemies when you approach and enter the lighthouse, but you may have other players that will share the same procedurally generated map location for the lighthouse. This could lead to some levels of PVP action at most.

Is It Worth Exploring The Lighthouse?

Being one of the smallest but tallest Monuments in the game, the Lighthouse contains a shocking loot-to-enemies ratio. It offers some amazing loot for beginners that are scattered throughout the Monument as you ascend its spiral stairways.

Lighthouse Loot

The Monument is extremely easy to navigate through, completely radiation-free, and with minimum resistance. Whatever effort you put in to find and explore it definitely pays off with all the resources you obtain. To summarize, The Lighthouse is certainly worth the investment.

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Lighthouse Monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.