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Why Does Elden Ring Think You’re on Controller?

Why Does Elden Ring Think You’re on Controller?

Elden Ring is a souls-like game, and with that comes the question if it is worth playing on a controller. The games were basically built to be played on a controller, so it can confuse a lot of people to see controller buttons when they aren’t even using one in the first place. It is true that Elden RIng is not hard to play on keyboard and mouse, but why does it show controller buttons when you aren’t using a controller?

As we said before, the game was built to be played with a controller. Even if you are playing on a keyboard and mouse, it will show controller controls. It is a very odd thing to do, but it definitely incentivizes people to swap to the controller. Your movements are smoother and it is definitely easier to control with sticks.

No one really knows the exact reasons behind FromSoft building the game the way it is, but it does get a little annoying for players who don’t have a controller and still want to play the game. The only thing you can really do is get used to the controller prompts being there or get a controller. You don’t have to get the best controller out there, you just need something that is decent and comfortable to use.

FromSoft didn’t make the game with Keyboard and Mouse in mind so if you do play on it, keep in mind that you will need to configure your controls out to how you like them. Not all buttons are configured, including the skill button, so find a spot that is very easy for you to remember.

What controller should you use to play Elden Ring?

That is entirely up to your opinion. If you are on a console, you obviously have to stick with whatever console controller you have. If you are on a PC, it is probably best to use an Xbox controller. There are no prompts for Playstation controls in the game so if you aren’t used to the Xbox control scheme, then an Xbox controller probably would be your best shot.

You might ask how does that make sense? If you are playing on a Playstation controller and you see Xbox controls, you might get confused an awful lot because the button prompts aren’t entirely the same. If you get an Xbox controller, you will have an easier time determining what each prompt is by looking at the controller. It is very confusing if you mix up prompts on either controller.

It doesn’t really matter what controller to use, because we prefer the Playstation controllers to Xbox. It is more comfortable for us and we also prefer the sticks to be right next to each other. We also know the controls very well since we are used to the prompts being Xbox prompts. If you are like us, then using a Playstation controller is perfect.

If you can’t distinguish between the two, then just use what you are most comfortable with. After all, everything you prefer is your opinion, so don’t let other people tell you what you should and shouldn’t use. Just find what you like and do it that way.