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Ultimate Guide To The Military Tunnels in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Military Tunnels in Rust

The Military Tunnels in Rust may contain very desirable loot, but they also are filled with Scientists all around. If you want to know exactly how to navigate this Monument, this guide is for you!

The Military Tunnels are a step up in the Monuments for players of Rust. This intricate Monument brings a lot of potentially rare loot but not without a challenge. Along with powerful Scientists to take down, players can also opt to solve complicated puzzles for valuable resources.


Let’s learn everything about The Military Tunnels in Rust to see what kind of dangers and loot they hold.

How Difficult are The Military Tunnels?

Military Tunnels

The Military Tunnels provide players with some incredible Loot in the game. They are really popular as a Monument in Experimental Rust.

But despite their popularity, they remain also one of the hardest Monuments to conquer. These Tunnels are extremely Radioactive. Along with the possibility of dying from radioactive poisoning, you will also be faced with the challenge of NPC Scientists that will be many times harder to take down than the usual ones you encounter on other Monuments.

Scientists will spawn inside and outside the Tunnels, so their abundance will also be a huge hindrance. These powerful NPCs will usually be equipped with high-end artillery such as the LR-300. And they will not be afraid to use it on sight whether you are in close proximity or far away.

There will also be a Puzzle in this Monument that you must solve in order to reach some of the main loot.

What Do You Need to Enter The Military Tunnels?

You will first need a Hazmat Suit. Even with one equipped, you are likely to get some degree of Radioactive poisoning effect with prolonged exposure inside the Tunnels.

You will also need a Green Card to be able to access the main loot of the puzzle in this Monument. A good list of items you should keep on yourself in order to prepare for The Military Tunnels adequately includes items such as : 

  • Around a dozen syringes.
  • About 100 pieces of Cloth.
  • 20 Pumpkins.
  • A Green.
  • A Blue.
  • A Red Card.
  • A Weapon Flash Light.
  • 2-3 Fuses.

How to Enter The Military Tunnels?

Provided that The Military Tunnels are an expansive Monument map, you will need to navigate through this Monument carefully.

There will be around two entrances into these Tunnels. Whether you choose one or the other, you will be greeted by around 3 Scientists ready to guard the Fuse Room ahead. You can ignore the Fuse Room unless you want to finish the Red Card Puzzle.

To your left, you will also find a hobo Barrel and a ramp that will take you down to the rest of the Monument.

Once you go down the ramp and get to the first corner, you will find the Rocket along with another entrance to the second side of this tunnel on your left.

To your right, you will also find a pathway towards the Elite Crates and the Red Card Room. If you choose to go to the Rocket, you can run past the Scientists with good weaponry loadout and armor set equipped.

If you do choose to do the puzzle in this Monument, you can head towards the right and beat all the Scientists to gain access.

What Enemies Do You Encounter at The Military Tunnels?

Military Tunnels Enemies

You will mostly encounter Military Tunnel Scientists wielding either LR-300, MP5A4, or SPAS-12 shotguns. These Scientists will mostly be near or around puzzle rooms.

Although previously they used to be able to throw grenades, recent updates have changed that. You should aim to defeat as many of them as you can so that you can explore their spawn regions freely for some potential Elite Crates.

Is It Worth Exploring The Military Tunnels?

The Military Tunnels offer a wide variety of activities and areas to explore for players with their intricate setup. There are multiple pathways for players to take that end up in different rooms carrying various types of challenges ranging from interesting puzzles to survival bouts with hordes of Scientists.

Military Tunnels Loot

But throughout all this, one thing is certain: the loot is amazing here. So, missing out on this Monument will be certainly a huge mistake!

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Military Tunnels Monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.