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Ultimate Guide To The Nemesis in Dead by Daylight

Ultimate Guide To The Nemesis in Dead by Daylight

The Nemesis overpowers all that stand in his way. A boss that you remember from the Resident Evil series creating a mess for Leon and Gill is finally here in DBD. Find out everything you need to know about this Killer right here!

The Nemesis is a ruthless Tyrant originating from the Realm of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3. This killer first appears in Dead By Daylight in Chapter 20: Resident Evil. It possesses a variety of perks that you can use to hunt down your targets, It does have a learning curve but once mastered can be a nightmare to the survivors.


Here is a detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about The Nemesis in Dead by Daylight to make it easier for you to decide whether to pick him or not.

Is The Nemesis (T-Type) good for beginners?

Dead by Daylight Nemesis

“An unstoppable force relentless in his pursuit, nothing can stop The Nemesis from achieving his goal.”

The Nemesis is a ruthless monster that can overpower any Survivor with mid-range strikes from his tentacles. That’s not all, this beast also obtains help from Zombies roaming nearby.

The Nemesis is generally considered to be a Hard Killer to learn. He will give you difficulty if you select him as a beginner. To completely master him, you will need to put in the effort.

The Nemesis can be a great option for seasoned veterans who love an aggressive and chaotic playstyle and are curious about playing Killers with a degree of technical expertise in Dead By Daylight.

Difficulty: Hard.

Are The Nemesis Perks worth upgrading?

The Nemesis has very powerful Perks that are really fun to play with. Destroying Survivors with help from Perks such as Lethal Pursuer and Eruption is perfect for players who love chaos.

The Nemesis is a mid-ranged melee attacker and his Perks are meant to make use of these characteristics. Certain Perks, such as Hysteria, help him in getting to Survivors faster. Meanwhile, other Perks complement his chaotic playstyle greatly.

All these reasons point to the incentive of upgrading his Perks further.

What Perks Does The Nemesis Have?

The Nemesis provides 3 unique Perks that you can obtain:

Lethal Pursuer

You are created to track and take down targets.
At the start of the match, the Auras of every Survivor in the game will be shown to you for 7/8/9 seconds.
This Perk can extend the duration of the Aura visibility by up to +2 seconds.


You fully comprehend how to brutally torture a lone Survivor and cause havoc.
When The Nemesis puts a Survivor into the Injured State, this Perk will trigger.

While active, all Survivors that are injured will get afflicted with the Oblivious Status Effect for 20/25/30 seconds.
This Perk has a cooldown of 30 seconds.


The Ne-α Parasyte gets to you the intelligence and awareness required for setting up traps. Whenever you perform the Damage Generator Action, this Perk activates.

When active, Every affected Generator will have its Aura visible to you in yellow. Along with that, any time a Survivor goes into the Dying State, every affected Generator explodes and instantly begins regressing. Although, this does remove the yellow Aura.

When this Perk activates, it immediately regresses the Generator by -10% of its max possible progress.
Perhaps the best feature of this perk is that any Survivor repairing an afflicted Generator will scream and show his/her Aura for about 8/10/12 seconds. This Perk has a cooldown of 30 seconds as well.

What Weapon does The Nemesis have?

Dead by Daylight Nemesis Raw Fists

Weapon: Raw Fists

This Primary Weapon for The Nemesis is his bare knuckles themselves. The Nemesis is a colossal beast with monstrous strength in his arms and he uses them to overpower every foe in his way.

What Power does The Nemesis have?

Powers t Virus MutationRate3
Powers t Virus MutationRate1
Powers t Virus MutationRate2

Power: T-Virus

“A virus that causes extreme mutations and can be transferred to others. Its effects heighten aggression and strength within The Nemesis.”

Your power will grow whenever your Mutation Rate increases. Whenever you fully fill the Power Gauge with Contamination Points by striking Survivors (or even roaming Zombies) with your power, your Mutation Rate increases further.

Mutation Rate 1:
This is the first stage of Mutation Rate growth and has little change on your Stats as The Nemesis.

Mutation Rate 2:
Now, your Tentacle Strike may easily crumble down all Pallets and Breakable Walls.

Mutation Rate 3:

At this stage, your Tentacle Strike expands its reach from 5 meters to 6 meters. Along with that, you also experience a boost in your Movement Speed from 3.8 meters per second to 4.0 meters per second whenever you charge a Tentacle Strike.

Special Attack: Tentacle Strike

You can press and hold down the Power button to charge up your Tentacle Strike attack. Once charged, you can then tap the Attack button to release the charge and land a Tentacle attack on anyone in your way.

If a Survivor does get struck by this attack, they will become afflicted with Contamination. You will also obtain +3 Contamination Points to your Power Gauge.

If a Survivor is already Contaminated and gets struck again, you will damage them and only obtain +1 Contamination Points to your Gauge.

Any Survivor that gets struck with this attack, regardless of their Contamination Status, will experience the Hindered Status Effect for a small duration.

Is The Nemesis fun to play?

The Nemesis can be really fun to play in Dead by Daylight as long as you put in the effort to understand this Killer fully. The Nemesis is indeed a difficult Killer to master.

So, if in case you are new to Dead By Daylight, you will have a hard time with him. But with enough patience, experience, and time, you will surely end up loving playing as The Executioner.

What are some tips and tricks to get better with The Nemesis?

  • A very important thing to note about The Nemesis’ playstyle is that his meta-strategies are very peculiar. You can be, and should be, very aggressive in your playstyle with him.
    But your main objective is to make the clock run out before they completely repair all Generators in the match. Waste their time by chasing them around.
  • You can really put pressure on the Survivors by forcing them into the two AI Zombies that come with him in the match.
  • Try your best to conserve the Tentacles for only ranged strikes as this is The Nemesis’ signature move with the most damage but a high degree of inaccuracy in close-range combat.
  • Always keep in mind, that at Contamination Rate 2, you can now break Pallets with a much shorter animation time than typical.
  • Utilize the Eruption Perk whenever you can to send Survivors into a frenzy and cause a Generator Havoc.
  • Try your best to fully fill the Mutation Rate by obtaining Contamination Points faster as this makes you a bigger threat to every Survivor.

That’s everything for now on Nemesis in Dead by Daylight. We hope you find this guide helpful and stay tuned for more on DBD in the days to come.