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10 Differences Between PUBG and Super People

10 Differences Between PUBG and Super People

It is undeniable that PUBG has been instrumental in developing the Battle Royal genre to where it is right now in the gaming landscape. However, this pivotal spot has been constantly challenged by a wave of new Battle Royal Games coming to the market.

One of the most popular and exciting games released recently has been the Wonder People developed battle royal called SUPER PEOPLE. But you might be wondering what’s the difference between these two games. Well, that’s what we will be answering in this article.

The 10 differences between PUBG and SUPER PEOPLE include the following:

  • Characters That You Play
  • Crafting System
  • Stylization And Graphics
  • Pace of The Combat
  • Ultimate Abilities
  • Resurrection Mechanic
  • Consumables
  • Audio Fidelity
  • Player Count Per Match
  • Available Platforms

Many of these differences will not be entirely obvious to people engaging with these two games until they get into the depth of both. For this reason, we’ll be giving further explanations on each point, so you may ultimately decide how you see the two games in comparison to one another.

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The Difference Between PUBG and SUPER PEOPLE

It’s no surprise that PUBG has had incredible success over the past few years since its inception. And many other Battle Royal games have come out since that have challenged their original formula. But many people still craved a new experience that would be able to give them a sense of originality.

This is the point we are at now, especially with the Beta for SUPER PEOPLE being available for everyone to test out and play right now. Both PUBG and SUPER PEOPLE have many similarities, but there are some key differences that we’ll discuss that places them far apart from each other in terms of gameplay.

1. Characters That You Play

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Anyone who’s played PUBG for a very long time will tell you that in the game you’re not some special chosen one, or even really an elite operative of some kind. Instead, the game essentially highlights you as a no-name soldier with the task of being the sole survivor of the match.

What this means is that the aesthetic design of your character is arbitrary and has nothing to do with their strengths or weaknesses. The characters that you play using are merely avatars that the players can self-insert themselves into to operate within the game world itself.

With this idea in mind, PUBG spawns players into the world, not with the expectation that you’re going to be competing as a certain class or character, but solely by themselves competing using their skills, knowledge, and tactics.

In SUPER PEOPLE, however, the character that you play holds significance and you are no longer merely operating as a no-name self-insert character. SUPER PEOPLE is most definitely a class-based shooter, which means that there are certain classes that you can pick before the match to use and play.

This might not be functionally any different from PUBG if there weren’t specific actions and powers that were associated with each of those classes that made them wholly unique from one another. As of writing this article, 13 different classes can be used by you in SUPER PEOPLE for a given match.

In SUPER PEOPLE you play as a super soldier. An elite operative is provided a special task by your superiors, and there is some order to the madness. This is perhaps one of the starkest differences between the two games that truly opens up a realm of different possibilities for the future of the Battle Royal Genre.

2. Crafting System

image 25

There is a definite difference between how SUPER PEOPLE handles its crafting mechanic in comparison to other Battle Royal games on the market right now, especially PUBG. Many veteran players in PUBG have for a very long time now asked for mechanics that allowed them to fuse materials.

However, this mechanic has yet to be implemented in PUBG, but it is one of the fundamental new additions to the new Battle Royal Super People. The way it works in PUBG has always been that after you’ve spawned into the world itself you must find all your loot.

This locating process includes you obtaining your first proper weapon, and obtaining other materials, such as a medicine kit, that you will require during your battle. All of these items can only be found in the open world and are not crafted, but rather randomly found and used.

SUPER PEOPLE has on the other hand completely shifted this style of play. Now not only do you loot items and materials in the open world, but you can utilize those items to increase the level of your existing items as well.

An example of this would be if you begin playing SUPER PEOPLE and you find yourself a level 2 helmet. You can use that helmet and an amalgamation of other materials to turn the helmet into a level 3. this will improve your defenses and your stats.

This mechanic is incredibly different from what we’ve seen previously from games like PUBG and adds another layer of customization and strategy when it comes to the usage of the materials that are presented to you.

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3. Stylization And Graphics

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Although both games have excellent graphical quality and stylization, we believe that they do have a different outlook when it comes to rendering their game worlds. Whereas PUBG’s world and characters feel more bleak and realistic, SUPER PEOPLE attempts to go the other route but minimally.

PUBG’s graphics do not have a sheen o them, and often look like they were built to simulate real battlefields that can get gritty and demanding from those that participate within them. Although cosmetics add a lot of flavors the game itself takes itself very seriously.

However, this is not entirely the case with SUPER PEOPLE which takes a half-and-half approach to its presentation of its game world and characters. The game is realized realistically, but its character models have a lot of flair and personality to them, making them unique.

It certainly detracts from looking completely like a clone of PUBG by adding several of their own tonal and aesthetic flair that are distinct and eye-catching.

4. Pace Of The Combat

image 23

An area where both of the games differ drastically is the pace of the combat. Many people had started to become bored of the slow, grindy, combat system of PUBG that incentivized you to be as minimal as possible.

The game valued drawn-out gun fights or trying to stay hidden and allowing enemies to showcase their position first, before engagement. However, this caused players to feel a sense of boredom, and many people complained about campers winning without doing anything in a match.

To offset this criticism, SUPER PEOPLE ensures that you have to take a more proactive approach, otherwise you might not win the game. The main aspect that increases this style of play is the active abilities that give far more combat options to the individual who is playing aggressively.

The abilities also add a sense of tension to the combat itself. Gunfights are no longer boring shootouts from afar, but rather there are several more layers of tactics that now interplay to decide who wins in any particular 1v1 situation.

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5. Ultimate Abilities

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We’ve discussed in an earlier section that characters in SUPER PEOPLE are different from those that you can play as in PUBG, and one of the major reasons for that was their super abilities and especially their Ultimate Abilities.

Ultimate Abilities is a mechanic within SUPER PEOPLE that allows your character to perform an unprecedented action that can give you a significant bonus in some shape or form. This bonus can be a special action or it can be an enhancement of your stats.

An example of Ultimate Abilities in the game is the Seeker classes ultimate called Quick Slide. This ability lets you make three quick slides in a direction of your choosing for eight seconds. This technique can be a game changer in shoot-outs and is a great tool for enhancing your mobility.

So Ultimate Abilities is a genuinely cool mechanic that truly changes how you thought you could experience a Battle Royal.

6. Resurrection Mechanic

Another fun mechanic that SUPER PEOPLE added is their unique Resurrection mechanic. People have been asking for a similar mechanic in PUBG, however, the developers have been hesitant to add such a mechanic as they’re afraid it might upset the balance of the game.

There are other Battle Royals that have a similar functionality within their games, such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone, but none of them do as fantastic of a job as SUPER PEOPLE in its execution.

No longer are you stuck spectating a game for hours and being stopped from loading into the next match. With this feature, you get back right into the action again. Because there is no downtime, you can feel engaged an immersed in the gameplay. Feeling like a medic just patched you up before sending you into the next fight.

7. Consumables

Although consumables have been a part of PUBG for a very long time, even old mechanics can be changed up. This is precisely the approach SUPER PEOPLE took with this mechanic in their game, and implemented new items that directly affected gameplay.

In PUBG the consumables that you usually get are things such as a First Aid Kit, Painkillers, Energy Drinks, and other similar items. They influence the game by functioning as pseudo-healing items for you to regain some precious health points before your next engagement.

However, this mechanic has been done to death, and it truly is bare bones when it comes to actual contribution to the gameplay itself. It is perhaps precisely for this reason that SUPER PEOPLE adds new and more innovative items that can completely change the flow of a fight.

They add not only things like Energy Bars and Special pills that directly influence your stats, but these items can be farmed to the degree that you have a sizeable chunk to keep yourself topped off before any encounter.

Your Super Soldier will be needing these items because they’ll directly influence the effectiveness of their perks and provide various bonuses to speed damage and defense. With the addition of looting and gaining such items from dead players, the game becomes a far more intense match as you aim for more kills and more items.

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8. Audio Fidelity

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Although both games sound incredible and have fun, exciting soundtracks, we have to comment about the lack of certain audio features that currently exist within SUPER PEOPLE. something that you’ll largely not see in games like PUBG, or any other evolved Battle Royal.

Be mindful that SUPER PEOPLE is still in early access, and the developers might add these audio features later. However, as it stands the game lacks many necessary sounds and movement audio which is a basic feature in PUBG.

This is particularly problematic when you try to listen to walking or running animations in SUPER PEOPLE. It’s difficult to hear it within this game, and that can be the difference between life and death in most Battle Royals. And it is exceptionally irritating in a game that is as fast-paced as SUPER PEOPLE.

9. Player Count Per Match

image 28

Another smaller difference that exists between both games is the total number of players that you often end up competing in these matches. It’s no denying that one of the best aspects of Battle Royals is that you get to face off against 100 other players.

And 100 players have been largely the industry standard, at least when it comes to Battle Royals. However, in SUPER PEOPLE the matches are of 64 players. A number that was impressive a few years back, but doesn’t entirely meet expectations nowadays.

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10. Available Platforms

PUBG is currently available on almost all consoles and platforms. Whether you’re using a PlayStation, an Xbox, a PC, or even an Android cellphone, you can play PUBG with any of these devices.

However, SUPER PEOPLE is only available on PC right now and is mostly accessible through Early Access on Steam. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a PC then you won’t be able to experience the game right now. However, we can hold out hope that other platforms might get SUPER PEOPLE as it gets more sales.

And that’s it folks, 10 differences between PUBG and the newly released SUPER PEOPLE. We hope this gives you guys a better understanding of what to expect from this game, and how it stacks up to old classics like PUBG now.

Till next time! Ciao.