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How to Easily Change Your Pirate in Sea of Thieves

How to Easily Change Your Pirate in Sea of Thieves

The pirate you selected in Sea of Thieves is the extension of your adventuring side. If for some reason you hated how you looked and no matter how many peg legs or eyes patches you put on, you still wished that you would have gone with another pirate look then lucky for you, we have just the right guide for you on how to easily change your pirate in Sea of Thieves.

You can change your Pirate’s look by buying a Pirate Appearance Potion for 149 Ancient Coins from a Pirate Emporium. The next time you log in to the game, it will ask you if you want to consume the potion and change your pirate’s appearance.

Can You Change Your Character in Sea of Thieves?

infinite Pirate generator

Initially when the game launched, if you didn’t like your choice of a pirate from the Infinite Pirate Generator then you would have had to delete your profile to select another look. This would have also deleted all your progress so for many players this option was never feasible.

Lucky for us, the February 2020 update/patch came with the addition of the Pirate Appearance Potion. This potion essentially allows you to make your older character “walk the plank” and select a new look without having to risk any progression.

Do not expect total customization of your new character as you will have to choose it from the randomly generated presets from the Infinite Pirate Generator. Sea of Thieves still hasn’t introduced a full character creator so you are stuck with this character maker.

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Pirate Appearance Potion

pirate appearance potion

The Pirate Appearance Potion is a Potion purchasable from the Pirate Emporium for Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves. It costs 149 Ancient Coins, although the price can be sometimes discounted for a limited-time deal. It is found under the Pirate tab in the Pirate Emporium shop.

Ancient Coins is a premium currency purchased in bulk through microtransactions, by killing rare Ancient Skeletons, or as rewards during a Season.

The Potion allows players to choose a new appearance for their Player Pirate in the Infinite Pirate Generator without losing any in-game progression such as Reputation, Currencies, Commendations, Titles, or Cosmetics.

Using The Pirate Appearance Potion

using the potion

Once bought, the player will get a message on the screen asking if they want to select a new appearance. Players can select “No” to postpone using the Potion, and this message will reappear upon logging into the game until the Potion is finally used.

Choosing “Yes” to this message will open the Infinite Pirate Generator where the player can begin to choose a new pirate.

The Potion is not considered used until a new appearance has been chosen. It is safe to exit the Infinite Pirate Generator and continue to use your current pirate. The Pirate Appearance Potion reminder message will then appear again at the next login.

You will have to re-equip certain items like emotes after you have changed your pirate. Do not worry, these items won’t be lost with your older pirate, you can go ahead in your inventory and find them again.

With the pirate now changed to your preference, it will finally put the “hearties” in “me hearties”. You can now roam the wild waves in Sea of Thieves and nobody can shiver your timber. Good luck finding those Xs maties!