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The Ultimate Guide to Winning Solo Matches in PUBG

The Ultimate Guide to Winning Solo Matches in PUBG

I have spent hundreds of hours in Playerunknowns Battlegrounds, and I understand how everything works. There are four types of matches that anyone who owns the game can play, and those are playing solos, duos, 3-man squads, and squads.

Solos allow for a single player to drop in and fight other solo players, but you only get one chance. There are no revives in a solo match. Duos allow for either you and a friend, or you and a random person to drop into a map and fight other duo teams. Three-man squads allow for a team of three people, either friends or random to fight against squads. Squads allow four people to fight against other squads of three or four people.

Probably one of the hardest matches to play is solo matches just because of the time to kill. All it takes is one shot to the head, and you are done for. As I said before, there are no revives in a solo so you have to be really careful how you play.

There is one thing you must understand, and that is people in solo matches a lot of times play very aggressively. You can use that to your advantage and use their mistakes against them. All you have to do is outwit your enemy and you can make it to the top every time.

Here are the best tips on how to dominate in a PUBG solo match:

  • Loot quickly
  • Heal only when necessary
  • Find the best weapons
  • Pick your battles wisely
  • Pick the best position
  • Have good audio
  • Land in low-populated areas
  • Know how to use anything you find

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Loot quickly

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The best skill that you can probably have is the skill of looting. Once you drop in, you have to know exactly what to pick up if you want to survive out in the world with other players. Sometimes you have to substitute one item for another like if you either take 15 bandages opposed to 2 Med Kits.

When you first land, grab everything you see right away because you never know what could happen at the beginning of the match. You can always drop or switch things later once you get yourself situated with the basic items that you need. Don’t be afraid of picking up something you are not used to using because that gives more experience for that specific thing.

When you eliminate someone from the match, they will drop a box for you to look through and take anything specific that player had. This is probably the best way to find loot because the player most likely looted an entire area, and it makes your life easier to take advantage of the time they used to find everything.

Looting quickly also gives you enough time to get to the safe zone. The longer you loot, the more opportunity for you to die by the blue zone or from other players trying to get an easy kill on you. Also, if you see someone looting a body on the ground, make sure you try to get them while they are standing still.

Heal only when necessary

Healing is a very important aspect of the game that you must understand to survive. Every healing item you find can benefit you in some way whether it is healing you or making you run faster. There are a total of 3 healing items in the game that automatically bring your health bar back up when used. Make sure you use these items while in cover or else you are a sitting duck.

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Bandages – These are the most basic healing item found in the game. When used, it only heals you about 10HP per bandage that you use. When picked up, they will always come in clumps of 5 bandages and take about 4 seconds to use when trying to heal. If you see bandages laying on the ground, then don’t hesitate to pick them up unless you find something better.

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First Aid Kits – These are what you will be wanting to find because of the impact that it gives your health. These are what you will be using most of the time when it comes to healing items because they are not rare or hard to find. They heal you for a total of 75HP per First Aid Kit and take about 5 seconds to use.

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Med Kits – These are the rarest type of healing item in the game just because of all it does for you. They are usually hard to find, but there is always one inside of a care package, but that is very risky to go for. Med Kits heal 100HP when used and fill your entire health bar all the way up again, but they do take around 7 seconds to use, so it is a risk.

There is another type of item that helps you, and those are boosting items. Boosting items allow for your health to be brought back to 100HP because bandages and first aid kits only heal up to 75HP. In total there are 3 boosting items in the game and they give more of a boost as the rarity goes down. They also give you more energy and make you run faster.

There are different tiers to how much the boosts give you. Tier 1 gives you the ability to heal over time and takes 30 boost points to activate. Tier 2 gives you a faster sprint speed and takes 60 boost points to activate. Tier 3 gives you a reduced weapon spread, making your guns more accurate, and takes 90 boost points to activate.

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Energy Drink – These items are the easiest to find in a match. These items take about 3 seconds to use and they give 40 boost points to the player’s boost bar. it takes about 3 of these to bring your bar to 100 boost points. If you can, stock up on these because they can quickly and easily be used if need be.

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Painkiller – These are also very good to stock up on because they give you about 60 boost points to the player’s boost bar. It takes a total of 2 Painkillers to get your boost bar to 100 boost points. These are also good to stock up on if you have the inventory space.

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Adrenaline Syringe – These are the rarest booster item found in the game, but if you find one, it could help you very much in the long-run. Adrenaline Syringes give you 100 boost points to the player’s boost bar and fill it up entirely with just one of them. If you get one, hold off using it until you need it most.

Healing is very important in firefights or getting stuck in the blue zone. The only thing that is hard is knowing the exact time to heal because, in certain situations, it could be fatal to heal. Make sure you are behind cover before you start the timer on your item.

Find the best weapons

There are many different types of weapons in the game that you as an individual have to try each one to figure out what you like the best for certain situations. Each gun benefits you in some way whether it is easily mowing down a close enemy or sniping someone from afar. Here are the different weapon types in PUBG.

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Assault Rifles – There are a total of 5 Assault Rifles currently in-game. They are very good all-around when used either in close-quarters or long-range. Assault Rifles are the most reliable weapon to use.

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SMGs – There are a total of 5 SMGs currently in-game, and they are best for close to mid-range battles. Anything farther than that can be a risky shot to make. SMGs have a higher fire rate and easily win battles if you know how to use it.

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Pistols – There are a total of 6 Pistols currently in-game, and they are very hard to master. These weapons are usually the first thing you pick up when you drop in to have something to protect yourself.

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Sniper Rifles – There are a total of 4 Sniper Rifles currently in-game. They are very good for killing an enemy from very far away if you have the right attachments and skills.

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DMRs – There are a total of 4 DMRs currently in-game, and they are best at mid to long-range and can easily take the place of a Sniper Rifle. They are faster and easier to use than a Sniper Rifle, but it takes more hits to the enemy to kill.

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LMGs – There is currently 1 LMG in the game, and it is very good for taking out a whole bunch of enemies without the hassle of reloading since it has a very big ammo magazine.

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Shotguns – There are a total of 3 Shotguns currently in-game. They are very good for rushing into a house or building and easily one-shotting anyone in its path in close-quarters.

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Bows – There is currently 1 Bow in-game, and it is such an underwhelming weapon that it is not even worth talking about.

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Throwables – There are a total of 4 Throwables currently in-game, and they each have their own purposes when it comes to their use. Don’t be afraid of getting better with a Throwable, just throw it and hope it hits its target.

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Melee Weapons – There are a total of 4 Melee Weapons currently in-game, and there is only one that actually helps to have it equipped. That is the Pan. It blocks bullets when sitting on your back.

Weapons are the most important thing you will need in the entire game because that is how you win. The best thing for you to do is play the game and see what gun best fits your style of play. It is best to mix up specific types of guns to have different options for each battle you go into.

Pick your battles wisely

You need to be very careful what battle you go into because you never know how it is going to turn out. Depending on the map you choose, you can tell automatically, if you have played all of the maps, what type of area you will be in. Certain maps will be very hilly and some may have a lot of flat areas.

There are some battles that you can’t avoid, but it is your choice whether or not you are going to play it smart. There is an option to sneak away from the battle with smoke, or you could stay and play it out. It all depends on your chances for survival and your planning of the next move.

If you can, try to watch the other person and see how they react to things. You could use that to your advantage and lure the person right into a trap. Sometimes it is best to run away. If the odds are against you there is nothing wrong with booking it to a far building to recover.

You are the one making the choices so it is up to you whether or not you can survive or not. It is sometimes out of your control with what happens, but most of the time you can control the situation.

Pick the best position

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The position is key when it comes to winning the Chicken. It all depends on where you are in the circle at the end of the match. If you consider your position and try to find the best vantage points, then your match will be a piece of cake.

When you first jump out of the plane, you have to land somewhere in the middle of the map to allow yourself some wiggle room depending on where the white shows up. When the time comes for the blue zone to move, you should already have found a better position within the safe zone so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you have done a good job finding the best positions during the entire match, the end battle will be easy for you because all you have to do is wait for the other person to find a better position and take the win.

Have good audio

Having a good set of headphones is the best way to hear everything you need to hear in-game. The noise around in PUBG is key to understanding where certain people and things are. With good sound, you can hear where footsteps are coming from, car directions, gunshot locations, crate spawn locations, and more.

Even if you don’t have a good headset, grab a pair of earbuds because you definitely want to be sure which direction the noises are coming from because you will die otherwise. You have to know that the other person who you are against probably has some sort of good audio device and can easily find out where you are, so be ready for anything.

Land in low-populated areas

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There are many different areas in all the maps that always have people drop. Those are generally the areas you need to stay away from when playing solos unless you want the challenge and the risk of dying quickly. Low-populated areas don’t always have very good loot, but it still gives you some decent items.

Whenever you land in a populated area, you run the risk of being ambushed very easily or being killed by a 3rd party. When you are fighting an enemy, the 3rd party is the person who waits for you to finish off the person you are fighting and gets an easy kill.

You can land wherever you want, but it is much riskier to go to a place with a lot of people. Don’t rely on the best gear in the most saturated place on the map.

Know how to use anything you find

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The cool thing about PUBG is that it is very tactical in the way you play the game. You can basically find any weapon on the ground and get a kill with it even if it is just a simple melee weapon. The better the backpack, the more inventory space you have. The better the armor, the more bullets you can defend against.

You should ask yourself simple questions like, “If I grab an extra Energy Drink will it help me in the future?” Almost anything you find will come in handy except when it is an attachment or ammo you don’t need. You need to learn to adapt to your surroundings and learn how to use everything you find, or else you won’t last very long in the match.

If you find a gun that you have never used before, shoot a couple of bullets and see how it compares to the ones you have used. Also having a simple Pan on your back can save your life; I know it has saved mine countless times. All you have to do is gain experience, and you can overcome everyone that comes in contact with you.


PUBG is one of my favorite games of all time. Some people might disagree with that, but that is genuinely my opinion. There are also many different ways you can play the game that changes up the gameplay a lot. There is something about playing Solo that just makes you feel invincible if you make it to the end because you can die so easily from anyone. Here is a great guide on how to be a better PUBG player on Amazon.

If you have never played PUBG before, I would give it a try to see if you like it. To some, it might not be their taste, but it is very fun if you like these types of games. When you play Solo in-game, try to follow these tips and it will help you get farther in the match every time you play.