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12 Best Pyromancer Weapons in Dark Souls 3

12 Best Pyromancer Weapons in Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is full of all types of weapons. From Staffs to Maces, there is soo much room for experimentation when it comes to builds. One major build that most people haven’t tried as much as others are the Pyromancer. Not only do you get access to Pyromancy weapons, but it also allows you to mix and match all types of weapons with the build.

We have made a list of 12 weapons great for Pyromancer builds. These include Pyromancer Catalysts, Melee weapons, and even some Mage weapons for even more customization.


Every weapon on this list can be good if you build it correctly. You will need the correct Infusion on the weapon to get the most out of it, but you don’t necessarily have to Infuse it to use it.

You need to experiment with Infusions but remember that you don’t have unlimited Infusions. Look at the stats and what it does for each weapon.

1. Pyromancer’s Parting Flame

Pyromancer s Parting Flame

Location: Past the Snowy Mountain Pass bonfire in the Painted World of Ariandel, on the bottom floor of the crypt with the giant flies. A fly is facing an illusory wall on the top floor which will lead to the bottom floor. From here, proceed to the right side of the room to a walled-up doorway. This is another illusory wall. Proceed through here until you reach the outside area with giant roots where a body has the item.

This is the first weapon on the list, and people consider it the best Catalyst in the game. This is your best option if you solely want to use it for Pyromancies. It is a DLC weapon, so if you don’t have the DLC, you can’t get it. The base game’s Catalysts aren’t the best options, but those are your only option if you don’t have access to this one.

The scaling and damage output on this thing is some of the game’s best. You will need to make many upgrades on it, but otherwise, it is one of the best Catalysts in the game for what you need it for. By the time you get it, you will probably have enough materials to upgrade it.

2. Demon’s Scar

demons scar

Location: Obtained through Transposing the Soul of the Demon Prince with Ludleth.

This is another DLC Catalyst, which is on par with the previous one. Not only does it act as a Catalyst, but you can also use it as a melee weapon. It is by far one of the coolest weapons in the game because of its multiple uses. It has a skill where you spin with the actual weapon and deal much damage to any enemy you are fighting.

It even leaves a lava pool on the ground for a short time after, and that will just deal extra damage to any enemy inside it. It has great scaling and works very well by itself. If you want to, you can just use this weapon alone, and you won’t have much trouble with most enemies since it has multiple uses.

3. Falchion


Location: Dropped by Falchion skeletons in the Catacombs of Carthus.

If you are a Souls game fan, you probably know this weapon. It has been in every single Dark Souls game and has also been in other games like it, but with a different name. It is not a unique weapon, but it is very noticeable for its damage and speed. It is a great weapon to have in your main hand while having either of the previous Catalysts on your left.


It does well with most Infusions, but you can make it work however you create your build. It is one of our favorite weapons to use, and most other Dark Souls players also have this opinion. If you have the Falchion, give it a try. You don’t have to use it if you don’t like it. Not every weapon is made for everyone.

4. Thrall Axe


Location: Drops from Hollow Slaves in Undead Settlement, Cathedral of the Deep, or Grand Archives.

This Axe is relatively easy to get. It is not found on a dead body, but you must farm for it. It is not the rarest weapon, but it is unique. It has a skill that allows for a quicker backstep if you use backstepping often. You will need to get away from your enemy quickly if you are using a Pyromancer build.

There are plenty of other Axes, but this one, in particular, has some insanely good scaling. If you want to know what works best with this weapon, look at the wikis to see exactly the best scaling for your build. It isn’t that confusing, but for a new player, it can be.

5. Flamberge

Flamberge 28DSIII29

Location: Rare drop from Flamberge-wielding Hollow Slaves in Undead Settlement, Cathedral of the Deep, and Grand Archives

This is another weapon that isn’t found on the ground. You need to farm the Hollow Slaves in a few places to get this. It is a very good sword. It is a Greatsword, so you know what you do when using it. Two-handing is always better with weapons, so you know how to swap back and forth.


If you want to two-hand this weapon with a Catalyst, you must deal with it being one-handed or get used to swapping back and forth between the one or two-hand stances. If you don’t like swapping, Greatswords probably isn’t a good choice for you as a Pyromancer.

6. Zweihander

Zweihander 28DSIII29

Location: Sold by Greirat of the Undead Settlement or by Shrine Handmaid after giving her Greirat’s ashes for 6000 souls after he is sent to scavenge the Undead Settlement.

Just like the Falchion before, the Zweihander is by far one of the most used Greatswords in the Dark Souls games. It was in all three and is based on a massive real-life version of the Zweihander weapon. If you have never seen a real one, look up some images, they are massive. It is extremely easy to get.

Keep in mind that it is a Greatsword. As we said before, Greatswords are for specific people who want a complicated build if you will be swapping back and forth. Always be ready because it is a decently slow weapon. Make sure you take advantage of those pyromancies with this weapon.

7. Witch’s Locks

Witch s Locks

Location: Found inside a chest in a secret room behind a bookcase in Grand Archives. There is a lever you must pull in the same room.

This is probably the unique weapon on this list because it is the only whip we included. It is found within the Grand Archives, where many of the weapons on this list are found. It is pretty easy to find as long as you are comfortable exploring that area. It is a whip, so we don’t need to explain what it is.

It has an insanely long reach and is probably a great choice if you don’t want to get too close to your enemy. It also has a skill that turns the whip into a flame whip. This is amazing since you already have a pretty big FP bar since need it for Pyromancies. It is a weapon you should try out.

8. Onyx Blade

Onyx Blade

Location: Dropped by Sir Vilhelm in the Painted World of Ariandel.

This weapon is probably one of the coolest-looking swords in all of Dark Souls 3. Many swords in Elden Ring were spin-offs of this weapon and many others. It deals Dark damage, making it the perfect choice to use with a Pyromancer. As a Pyro, you use Dark Magic anyways. It is not too big and makes for the perfect combo of Pyro and Melee.

It has some insanely good scaling, and if you like swords, this one looks absolutely amazing in-game. It will make your Pyromancer one of the best in the game, especially if you pair it with the Parting Flame from the beginning of this list.

9. Izalith Staff

Izalith Staff

Location: Looted from a corpse found behind 2 illusory walls at Smouldering Lake in the tunnel with the large rat.

If you want a mix of Pyromancy and Mage builds, this is the Staff you want. You will need a ton of attribute points in your FP bar so make sure you are prepared for that. If you aren’t big into Sorceries or Incantations, these last four weapons all deal with those. This has some great scaling for both Sorceries and Pyromancies since it uses the same attributes for damage output.

You can place either your Catalyst in one hand or the other, just put the one weapon you want to prioritize into your right hand. This will make it easier to use your better weapon whenever you need it. Also, remember to reallocate some Ashen Estus Flasks, so you don’t run out of FP too early.

10. Crystal Chime

Crystal Chime

Location: Looted from Grand Archives, in a room behind the spear knight in the same area as the first wax pool.

The Chimes in Dark Souls 3 are multi-use. You can cast both Sorceries and Miracles from them. This one is insanely good because it recovers HP while you are using it.


It isn’t the fastest, but it does help if you don’t want to use that extra Flask when you don’t need to. It has pretty low usage stats, so you don’t have to worry about waiting till the end of your playthrough to use it.

Make sure you have plenty of FP so that you never run out. The only downside to using FP solely as your weapon is that you will eventually run out. Yes, melee weapons will break after a while, but it is not nearly as bad as the Dark Souls 2 durability. Make sure you prioritize the FP bar so that you don’t run into any issues.

11. Caitha’s Chime

Caitha27s Chime 28DSIII29

Location: It is found in Lothric Castle before the Dragonslayer Armor fight. Backtrack and go into the room with a ton of enemies. It is found on a small section of the roof below the balcony in the large room.

Most of the weapons on this list can be found around the Dragonslayer Armor boss fight. This one is a bit tricky to find, though. If you didn’t understand what we meant in the location spot, you must backtrack into the large room with the knights. Drop down off the balcony and make your way backward. You will then see a porch area and the weapon will be on a dead body nearby.

It works very similarly to the previous Chime but a bit differently. The only downside is that you can’t use Sorceries from it, only Miracles. It is up to you which one you want specifically in your build. You might like this one better or vice versa. Just make sure you look at the stats to figure out which one works best for you.

12. Sunless Talisman

Sunless Talisman

Location: Obtained at the end of Sirris’ quest line or after killing her.

This weapon you get after a long and tedious side quest. You must finish Sirris’ questline before you can get this thing. It is difficult to get, but it is an amazing weapon to use near endgame and into NG+. Not only does it do well with casting Miracles, but it also increases your Poise while you are casting.


What this means is that you will not be interrupted when casting. You will take the damage but get the cast out in time to dodge away again. It is an insanely good Talisman and is worth going through the trouble to get it. If you are wondering how to do the side quest, look it up on the wikis. It is very confusing.