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9 Best Companions In Starfield And How to Recruit Them

9 Best Companions In Starfield And How to Recruit Them

The expanse of space is a lonely place. Good thing you can take along mates to fill in those lonesome moments. Starfield is chock full of colorful companions with fascinating personalities and skills to aid you in all manner of things. Which companions are the best in Starfield? How to find the right partner to accompany you on your expeditions?

Companions in Starfield comes in three distinct variety. The 4 main Constellation companions come with their respective storylines and missions and can even be romanced. Then there are unique mission companions who have a bit more personality and usually need you to finish a side quest to recruit.


Go through the article to get your answers and recruit the best companions in Starfield to enjoy good company throughout your intergalactic adventures.

9. Simeon Bankowski

Simeon Bankowski
  • Skills:
    • Sharpshooting: Rank 1
    • Sniper Certification: Rank 2
    • Marksmanship: Rank 1

A recruitable companion for some Credits, Simeon is not the guy you bring along for his nature but for his firepower. He can not be romanced. Don’t expect him to be dialogue-heavy or have any meaningful background.

If you are a long-range player then this companion is the right choice. With both of you on a high perch with snipers in hand, the enemy won’t know what hit them. His sniping abilities will fill the hole of his flat personality.

Recruitment: Simeon can be found lounging in The Viewport in New Atlantis, planet Jemison, Alpha Centauri system. Talk to him at any point in the game and hire him for a price of 13,500 Credits.

8. Marika Boros

Marika Boros
  • Skills:
    • Shotgun Certification: Rank 1
    • Ballistics: Rank 2
    • Particle Beam Weapon Systems: Rank 1

There is nothing special about this companion. She can be one of the earliest companions on your roster. She doesn’t have the best dialogues or storyline and she can’t be romanced. What she is good for is her combat skills. With shotguns and ballistics weapons in hand, she can stand shoulder to shoulder with you and bring down any who dare go up against you.

Recruitment: She can be hired very early on in the game. She hangs around in The Viewport in New Atlantis, planet Jemison, Alpha Centauri system. Go up and talk to her any time you want, she’ll always be there. You have to pay 18,000 Credits to employ her, although with successful persuasion the number can go down to 9,000 Credits.

7. Vasco

  • Skills:
    • Aneutronic Fusion: Rank 1
    • Shield Systems: Rank 2
    • EM Weapon Systems: Rank 1

Vasco is technically the first companion you’ll be assigned. Sadly, he can’t be romanced so forget about getting tangled in his wiring. Although he is a utility-based machine, he has quite a notable personality. He is also the only robot companion in the entire game so the uniqueness element is in his favor.

He has tons of dialogue that are true to his character and brings a different perspective to the conversations compared to all the meat bag companions. For a bucket of bolts, this robot has more charm than most companions you can recruit in Starfield.

Vasco doesn’t boast the most remarkable stats. His skills are best left on the ship as a crew member, not as a primary companion. However, bringing him out to missions does open up some nice moments of back and forth.

Recruiting: Barret will automatically assign you Vasco in the One Small Step main mission. Continue the main quest and later in the Lodge on New Atlantis you can add him to your permanent roster of companions.

6. Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart
  • Skills:
    • Piloting: Rank 2
    • Rifle Certification: Rank 2

You saw that right, it is her, well technically. How she got here is for you to find out but rest assured you are in for a delightful conversation partner. Amelia is a secret companion whom you have to seek out.

Her piloting prowess is extremely handy. You can use her as your co-pilot, giving her the reigns to your ship without a worry. She is also great at handling a gun. Equip her with a nice rifle and watch as she pops some heads. Sadly, you can’t romance her to make some pilot babies!

Recruiting: She will be available to recruit after the Operation Starseed mission. After reaching Charybdis III in the Charybdis star system, you’ll receive a distress call. Follow it and you’ll be given this mission. By the end of the mission, she will be eager to board your ship. No recruitment fee is required.

5. Lin

Lin - Starfield Best Companions
  • Skills:
    • Demolitions: Rank 1
    • Outpost Management: Rank 3

You meet Lin at the very start of the game as she is your supervisor. She can later be recruited to your crew. You don’t have to pay her a dime to join your ragtag bunch. She can’t be romanced though. You already have a bit of a background with her so there is trust already established. She has a charming personality as well.

Her mastery lies in outpost management. You need someone to keep an eye on and manage your outpost operations in your absence thus making her the ideal candidate for this role. Your outposts are in good hands with her at the helm.

Recruitment: She can be recruited in the Back to Vectera main mission. She is an optional companion so make sure to hire her when looking for Barret.

4. Andreja

Andreja - Starfield Best Companions
  • Skills:
    • Energy Weapon Systems: Rank 2
    • Particle Beams: Rank 3
    • Stealth: Rank 4
    • Theft: Rank 1

Andreja is one of the members of the Constellation. She is an enigmatic character with a mysterious past. She is certainly an interesting character to bring along on your journey and slowly build a relationship with. You can romance her and even marry her down the line. She has her own set of companion missions. Additionally, she has the most and some unique interactions with the Starfarer.

Although her major strength is stealth, the general AI bugginess and Bethesda jank don’t allow this skill to shine through. Most often, companions including her will totally ruin stealthy approaches. It is best to leave her on the ship if you plan to sneak around.

She is the best partner for her storyline and romance but not on the gameplay side so keep that in mind.

Recruiting: To recruit her you must continue the main questline until you receive the Into the Unknown mission. Complete the mission, and she will be available to join your crew.

3. Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan -Starfield Best Companions
  • Skills:
    • Astrodynamics: Rank 4
    • Lasers: Rank 3
    • Leadership: Rank 2
    • Botany: Rank 1

The cover girl of Starfield, Sarah is the leader of the Constellation and the first member of your crew. She can be romanced and married if things go smoothly between you two. Since she is the one giving all the orders for the organization you work for, she as a companion has the most stuff to say and deep characterization when it comes to the main quests.

She is a goody-two-shoes so avoid any nefarious actions, at least not in front of her, to save yourself from her belligerence. She has a strong presence and might not gel emotionally with some players.

As for her skills, she is proficient at combat with a laser weapon in her grip. Her existence on the ship allows you to travel farther using Grav jumps. Her natural charisma is great at creating deeper bonds with the rest of your crew.

Recruiting: She will be ready to join you in the early mission of The Old Neighborhood. She’ll stay by your side to the very end.

2. Barret

Barret - Starfield Best Companions
  • Skills:
    • Starship Engineering: Rank 4
    • Particle Beam Weapon Systems: Rank 3
    • Robotics: Rank 2
    • Gastronomy: Rank 1

Barret is part of the Constellation. He is romanceable and can be married to. Not only does he play a vital role in the main questline with tons of interactions but he has his own companion missions to boot.

On top of that, he is the right person to have on your ship not just for the exchanges but also for the spaceship-repairing skills he brings to the table. He will save your metallic boat from sinking on countless occasions. Furthermore, he is a die-hard explorer and an adequate combatant making him the perfect companion when exploring different systems and planets. He even cooks!

His combat skills are pretty lacking but he more than makes up for it with his other traits.

Recruiting: Progress the main storyline and you can recruit him after the Back to Vectera main mission.

1. Sam Coe

Sam Coe
  • Skills:
    • Piloting: Rank 4
    • Rifle Certification: Rank 3
    • Payloads: Rank 2
    • Geology: Rank 1

Sam Coe is another member of the Constellation and joins your crew very early on. He is knee-deep in the whole artifact-finding business, has his own companion missions, and has tons of interactivity throughout your journey. He is romanceable and you can even marry him making you the stepfather/mother of Cora.

For an old-school cowboy, Sam isn’t that hard-shelled. He brings a lot of emotions and personality into your life. His background is interesting since he is a former member of the Freestar Rangers only to leave it to find his true calling.

With Sam Coe comes his extremely loveable daughter Cora as well. She will accompany you on your ship all the time and provide lighthearted moments. She has her own personality and even sends you on missions of her own. Cute little bugger!

Furthermore, he is a great pilot whom you can rely on for your ship-flying needs. Your ship gets additional carrying capacity with him on it. Not to mention, he is great at handling a rifle, deleting any enemy with the right weapon equipped. He is the complete package and one of the best companions to assign to your primary position.

Recruiting: After going on The Empty Nest main mission, Sam will remain in your party throughout the game.

These are the best companions worth looking into in Starfield. Others are viable options, especially for stats but these ones have the most personality. You need someone expressive for those long lonesome treks through the universe.