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How To Sell Cars In GTA V (Story And Online)

How To Sell Cars In GTA V (Story And Online)

Starting in GTA V and Online, there’s not a lot of money you can make. You’ll have to wait it out when you unlock heists in Story Missions or GTA Online before you can make some big bucks. But while you wait it out and progress in the game, there’s always a way you can make a quick buck.

You cannot sell cars in GTA V’s Story Mode. But on the bright side, you can always make a quick buck from stealing and selling cars in GTA Online. Head over to the nearest Mod Shop with your stolen car. Hit sell and you’ve made a few thousand dollars. Keep in mind, this only works every other hour or so.

So, if you’re low on cash and desperately need some money without interacting with any online players or keeping the feds off your back, this guide is just what you’re looking for. So let’s get down to how to sell cars in GTA V Online and Story Mode.

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How to Sell Cars in GTA V Story Mode

Unfortunately, there’s no way of selling cars in GTA V’s Story Mode. You can purchase cars and load them up in your multiple garages but to be fair, you can’t sell them. Neither can you steal any car off the road and sell it for a quick buck.

How to Sell Cars in GTA Online

GTA V Stealing Car

On the other hand, selling cars in GTA Online is pretty straightforward but it needs to be reminded to you that you can only do this every other hour or so. GTA Online is pretty much a cash grab considering the best method to make some good money is to either buy shark cards with real money or grind out some heists. 

But if you’re just starting and need some quick cash, then you can opt to sell some cars you’ve picked off the streets of Los Santos.

Selling Stolen Cars

  • First of all, find or steal a suitable car you want to sell.
  • It all comes down to the make and model of the car and how much of a profit you can make off of a vehicle. You can pretty much steal and sell some cars but others will be regarded as HOT indicating they can’t be sold.
  • The next thing you need to do is navigate to the nearest Los Santos Customs Auto Shop or Mod Shop.
GTA V LS Customs
  • Pull up the interaction menu in GTA Online by either pressing M on PC or the touch bar on the PlayStation 4 and 5. You can pull up the Interaction Menu on the Xbox by pressing the view button.
  • The first option you’ll be introduced to is Quick GPS. Flip through the different destination points until you come across Mod Shop. Select the option and you’ll be guided to the nearest Mod Shop which will be a mile away depending upon your position in Los Santos.
  • Drive into the nearest Mod Shop. You’ll mostly end up at the backlot of Los Santos Customs. Drive into LS Customs and you’ll be given the option to either Repair or Sell the Vehicle.
  • This is pretty straightforward now. Hit enter to sell the vehicle and you’ll be given a few thousand dollars depending upon the vehicle you’ve picked up from the streets.
  • You’ll have to wait out a solid 45 minutes to an hour before you can sell another vehicle. If you bring in another vehicle too soon, you’ll be prompted with “Sorry. We don’t need any vehicles right now.”
GTA V Car Sold

Stolen Car Prices

There’s a range of prices vehicles can sell for in GTA Online. It all comes down to the make and model of the car. You’ll also need to take in any modifications made to the vehicle and the overall damage level too, but they can be repaired for a few hundred dollars.

Weeny – Issi$1800Compact
Western – Bagger$1600Motorcycle
Western – Daemon$2000Motorcycle
Zirconium – Stratum$1000Sedan
Albany – Buccaneer$2800Muscle
Albany – Manana$800Sport Classic
Albany – Emperor$800Sedan
Albany – Primo$900Sedan
Albany – Cavalcade$7000SUV
Albany – Washington$1500Sedan
Canis – Seminole$3000SUV
Canis – Mesa$3000SUV
Chariot – Romero Hearse$4500Sedan
Cheval – Fugitive$2400Sedan
Cheval – Picador$900Muscle
Cheval – Surge$3800Sedan
Vapid – Stanier$1000Sedan
Vapid – Peyote$1200Sport Classic
Vapid – Speedo$1500Van
Vapid – Dominator$3500Muscle
Vapid – Minivan$3000Van
Vapid – Bobcat XL$2300Van
Vulcar – Ingot$900Sedan
Ubermacht – Zion Cabrio$6500Coupes
Ubermacht – Sentinel$9500Coupes
Vapid – Sandking SWB$4500Off-Road
Vapid – Sandking XL$4500Off-Road
Vapid – Radius$3200SUV
Vapid – Sadler$3500Utility
Pegassi – Ruffian$1000Motorcycle
Pegassi – Faggio$500Motorcycle
Principe – Nemesis$1200Motorcycle
Schyster – Fusilade$3600Sport
Shitzu – PCJ-600$900Motorcycle


And that’s pretty much all you need to know to get started selling cars in GTA Online. While you can’t sell any in Story Mode, you can always make a quick buck every hour in GTA Online by selling some decent cars and making anywhere from a few thousand to ten thousand dollars.