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Which Model of The Steam Deck Should You Get?

Which Model of The Steam Deck Should You Get?

The Steam Deck has captured our hearts and revolutionized our gaming experience. It has made the question of which Steam Deck model to choose all the more important. Should you choose the 64GB option, the 256GB option, or splurge on the mighty 512GB? Let’s break it down.

We recommend that you get the 256GB model of the Steam Deck. It provides ample space, NVMe SSD technology, and can increase its storage with a microSD card. You miss out on the 512GB model’s anti-glare technology, but that’s a small price to pay.


It is important to make any decision regarding a purchase based on your needs and budget. With that said, some factors can make one model seem far more desirable than another. If you wish to learn more about the various options provided by either Steam Deck model, keep reading on!

Which Steam Deck Should You Buy?

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All Steam Deck models offer the same core features except for the screen and storage capacity. However, it’s worth noting that replacing the SSD is remarkably easy. This means you can purchase the 64GB variant at a 10% discount and upgrade it later if desired.

However, if you prefer not to tinker with your Steam Deck and install an SSD yourself, the 256GB model is a solid choice. It offers ample storage space for your games, Proton files, and cache. Also, you will not have to constantly worry about running out of room.


While you’ll miss out on the anti-glare screen of the 512GB model, it’s a small sacrifice for peace of mind. The major advantage of the 512GB model will be felt by those who travel a lot with their Steam Deck. If you’re not out and about, you probably won’t notice glare on your screen much anyway, making the upgrade useless.

So unless you feel very safe prying open a Steam Deck and switching out its SSD, which I know many people aren’t, the safest bet would be to go with the 256GB model. \

Not only does it come with everything that you would want in your Steam Deck, but it’s also cheaper than the 512GB version, which makes it vastly more affordable.

Differences Between Each Steam Deck Model

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  • The 64GB model features EMMC storage, which is slower compared to NVMe drives.
  • The 256GB and 512GB models come equipped with NVMe drives, offering faster performance.
  • The 512GB version boasts an anti-glare screen and includes an exclusive colored carry case, unlike the non-colored options for the 256GB and 64GB versions.
  • In the United States, $400.00 for the 64GB variant, $530.00 for the 256GB variant, and $650.00 for the 512GB variant.

The Embedded MultiMediaCard, also referred to as the eMMC, is the storage system you will find in the 64GB version of the Steam Deck. This storage system is significantly slower than an NVMe drive. It only reaches a maximum of 330MB/s read speed. This means game load times will be higher for all titles you play on a 64GB Steam Deck.


In comparison, the 256GB and 512GB versions of the Steam Deck have NVMe drives that can reach 10 times the data reading and writing speed of an eMMC drive.

So it’s far more worthwhile to purchase a 256GB Steam Deck or the 512GB Steam Deck in comparison to a 64GB, simply for better storage and loading.

The anti-glare screen simply does not equate to the price difference between the 256GB and 512GB versions of the Steam Deck.

Although useful, this feature will find limited use for most of you guys. If you have the extra money, go for it. Otherwise, you don’t lose anything in this trade.

The choice of which Steam Deck model to buy ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. The Steam Deck is a remarkable handheld gaming device that has changed the way we play. Embrace the freedom it offers and embark on your gaming adventures wherever you go.