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What is Rebirth in Diablo 3?

What is Rebirth in Diablo 3?

Have you ever wanted to start Diablo 3 over but didn’t want to lose all of your hard-earned progress? If so, then the Rebirth feature in Diablo 3 might be perfect for you. Let’s discuss what it is and how you can use it.

Rebirth is a feature in Diable 3 that allows you to reset your non-seasonal character back to level 1. You can do this while keeping Paragon experience and non-quest-related progress.


Learn more about Rebirth in Diablo 3 by reading through the rest of this article and figure out whether it is worth doing or not.

Diablo 3’s Rebirth Feature

Rebirth to Seasonal - Diablo 3

The Rebirth feature in Diablo 3 allows you to start a character that you’ve previously been playing from scratch. Even though this occurs, you do not lose any achievements or progress of that character. If you’re still wondering how this works, then let me explain:

Choice of Character

Choosing a new Class - Diablo 3

The first thing to know is that if you wish to Rebirth a character, then the character has to be non-seasonal. There are special events, with unique restrictions and rewards, in Diablo 3 called Seasons. You can build new characters in these Seasons to participate in them.


However, if you wish to Rebirth a character, then you have to ensure that the chosen character was not previously part of a Season. And this is a regular game character that you’ve done some Paragon experience on. Although your character does not necessarily need Paragon experience to be Reborn.

Selecting a Season

Seasonal Events - Diablo 3

I suppose the reason why you cannot choose a seasonal character for Rebirth is because after Rebirth the character must begin in a new season. After you’ve selected your character, you will be prompted to choose a Season to play in.

As previously discussed, Seasons are special game modes, or events, that exist only for a limited time. Seasons often last only a few months and offer exclusive rewards, unique items, pets, and fashion rewards.

Rebirth the Character

Seasonal Characters - Diablo 3

After you’ve chosen a Season for your character to be reborn within, you can proceed with the Rebirth process. This will mean that your character will now be set back to level 1, and all of your gear and items previously earned will be erased, along with any that existed in the game world itself.


Your character will retain its Paragon level, gold, and other achievements. Essentially, several important facets of progress will carry over from your previous character to your Reborn character.

Enjoying the Benefits

There are quite a few benefits that you can enjoy if you Rebirth your character as we mentioned above. The most important one is that Rebirth helps jump-start your progress in the new season. You will receive a set of level-appropriate gear, crafting materials, and gold.

Most importantly, you receive a set of Haedrig’s Gifts. This is a set of powerful items that can make your progress in the game’s Seasonal content significantly easier. This is why it’s pretty handy to Rebirth your character rather than starting from scratch every time a new Season rolls up.

To conclude, the Rebirth feature in Diablo 3 allows you to start your character afresh in a Seasonal game mode of your choosing.

You retain much of your progress and achievements, so you never feel like you’ve sacrificed something. But rather, will always feel like you’ve embarked on a new journey with a familiar face to help you through the trying time.