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Can You Be Invaded Solo in Elden Ring?

Can You Be Invaded Solo in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring did invasions a lot differently from the other Dark Souls games. They made it, so you don’t have to do online invasions if you don’t want to. Invasions are very hit-or-miss in this game because you could go up against 2-3 people, which can be completely unfair. One question new players might ask is if you can get invaded solo.

Yes, you can get invaded solo. You can only get invaded by NPCs if you don’t place down the object that allows people to join you and fight you.


If you are playing co-op, you will get invaded, so keep that in mind when you play with a friend. If you are playing solo, then you will get invaded by NPCs.

If you invade other people, you might have trouble defeating them because multiple people often want to defeat you. When you invade, you probably want to bring a friend so that you aren’t outmanned when it comes to people overpowering you.

Why do NPCs invade you?

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Nobody knows why the NPCs invade you, but some only invade if you follow specific questlines. You even have choices to determine which NPCs invade. You want to defeat them because everyone gives you some insanely good loot like new weapons, equipment, Spells, and even Incantations. They also give you a ton of Runes as well.

Moving around the NPC invasion area is possible, but the next time you get close, they will invade you. Most people invade you because you are pretty much going into their territory.

If an invader is too difficult for you, just try to run by and place down a marker where it is so you don’t forget. Most of the time, the NPCs will be easily defeatable.


There are a bunch of difficult NPCs in the Mountaintop of the Giants, and they won’t go easy on you. If you can defeat them, they will give you some insane gear. Many difficult ones are optional, so you don’t necessarily have to fight them. Remember that they will always invade the same spot, so don’t worry about them moving around.

Almost every NPC in the game can be killed, either by you doing it prematurely or them invading you. If you defeat an NPC before you complete their questline, you will lock yourself out of stuff. Ensure you only defeat the NPCs that invade you unless you know what you are doing.