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10 Best Base Locations on Aberration in Ark: Survival Evolved

10 Best Base Locations on Aberration in Ark: Survival Evolved

These are the best base locations on the Ark: Survival Evolved Aberration map. We have chosen these locations after testing their viability in survival, PvE, and PvP-heavy situations.

Aberration offers a variety of unique locations where you can build bases for PVP and PVE. The resources are ample for your base, tameable creatures, and plenty of water for your dinos.


These are some of the best locations on the Ark: Survival Evolved Aberration map where you can build a sustainable base. These locations have the best materials around them, are secure, and some even offer a killer view. Let’s take a look at the locations without wasting much time!

1. Portal Ridge (43-20)

Portal Ridge

Our first best base location is Portal Ridge, and it is a perfect place to begin base building here. It is more of a basic location but provides a secure and satisfying environment to reside in.

The top side of the portal is built nicely, and you can consider constructing your bases here. Besides this, the bottom is also spacious to fulfill your requirements. There is also a tunnel, and you can use it.

Watch out for the handy items around that can be helpful while building a base.

2. Waterfall Cliff (42.0-5.3)

Waterfall Cliff

This waterfall Cliff is another best base location, and it gives us a fascinating view and a great area to start base building. This waterfall is basically in the blue zone, and you get to see the whole zone down there from this location.

Here you get a nice flat surface which is one of the most important aspects when looking for a suitable base location.


You can also go down to get some stuff if required, and the recharge station is also available in this area, which makes it a more demanding location. Overall, it seems like the perfect spot with a view of mesmerizing nature.

3. Waterfall Cave (34.3-61.4)

Waterfall Cave

Here is another best base location that includes a waterfall once again. The alluring waterfall runs down through the cave. This is also on the blue zone’s upper side, and a cave leading to the flat surface area.

This place has a river between the dry surfaces, so you can imagine building the base on them. There is enough room for you to keep your stuff here nicely. Take a tour of the place to get a better idea.

So you can efficiently use this most recommended place. It appears to be safe and has a great environment.

4. Blue Zone Overlook (45.7-38.2)

Blue Zone Overlook

This is the third-best base location we have in the blue zone. There are a variety of surfaces that can be really useful in building your strong base. Upon entering, you get to witness the flat area, and other than this, there are also steps.

That can be utilized if you plan to build a base on a higher surface. Moreover, you also get a ledge here, and it has a good base, so remember to have a look at it as well. The trees here are a great source of resources, and basically,

You get a lot of amazing things here, along with multiple surfaces.

5. Rock Spine (26.2-48.8)

Rock Spine

Here is another pleasant-looking best base location. This one is over a river, and this doubles the beauty of the place. The general view is that it is quite large in space, and you can build a massive base on it.

In case you run out of space in this area, then you can also use the other ones around it. There is also a spine rock at the main location which is fascinating and enhances the perfection.


So, there can be many ways and ideas that you can use here to build an awesome PVE base here.

6. Mech Ridge Overlook (14.4-41.4)

Mech Ridge Overlook

We have this wonderful best base location on the ridge, and it also has the river at the bottom. This one is highly recommended, too, because here, you can try out a lot of stuff while building a base.

This is a smooth surface, and you can work here effectively and conveniently. It is a mechanical ridge and allows you to do the rebuilding here, which can be a pretty nice thing to do as rebuilding always brings you something distinct.

Besides this, you can also try to construct some other kind of building, and this place also offers you a Serene view.

7. Rock Steps (14.4 – 51.2)

Rock Steps

As the name says, at this best base location, you get the Rock steps to build your base. There are also several surfaces that you can consider using. The base can be built on the lower flat surface, over the steps, and on the edge.

This location gives off some magical vibes because of the way it looks and is kind of unique compared to others. If you got some cool ideas regarding base building, then you must check out this one.

It’s excellent from the inside and outside. Also, it is suggested for those who want to build the best PVE base.

8. Crystal Top (39.7-45)

Crystal Top

Moving on to the next best base location, which is in the Crystal Top area. You get to build a base on the top of two bridges that are connected with each other and offer you a unique outlook.

You can walk around all these platforms and pick the best one for base construction. It’s an isolated place covering a large area which means you don’t have to worry about running out of space.


Having a base on the top platforms has its own benefits, so if you also prefer to build a base on the areas above, then this one is made for you.

9. Rock Cliff Circle (30.0-32.0)

Rock Cliff Circle

This one with various platforms for you to explore. There is an awesome rock circle that can be an excellent pick for the base building.

Apart from this, you can use the ledges, and also, there are pillars, so it is possible for you to make a suspended base here. You get so many options here, and that’s why this location is considered the best.

The ridges around can also be used in numerous ways. It’s all about getting the maximum benefit from a place with the right strategy, as this location has so much to offer.

10. Mech Rebuild (21.5-30)

Mech Rebuild

The last base location on the Aberration map is the Mech Rebuild which is also an extraordinary one, and a lake is here, too, on the other side. A huge mech structure is waiting for you to lay your hands on it and rebuild it into something marvelous.

The top has ledges, and the overall view is beautiful; you can make the build accordingly, and it appears to be the best-hidden base location. The surface here is also flat, so smoothing it won’t be your main concern.

This is also included in the high recommendations, so ensure you get it.

Are These Areas Dangerous?

Not really, as most of these areas are meant for PVE and have high altitudes, so you won’t be having much trouble here.

Should You Always Build Toward the Center of the Map?

Yes, building towards the central part of the map means access to valuable and rare resources without much hassle. It will also help you save time and cut the distances short for you when getting back to your base after all the grind.


So always make sure to find base locations that are towards the center, as they are the ones that provide the most value if used properly.

These were some of the best base locations we could find for the Aberration map of ARK: Survival Evolved. We hope this makes things easier for you and helps you decide on a decent base location.