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Why Are There So Many Bots in Fortnite?

Why Are There So Many Bots in Fortnite?

Fighting tooth and nail against multiple players for a Victory Royale has always been a strong point of Fortnite. However, it couldn’t age well despite Epic Games’ constant efforts. Rather, it might even be accurate to say that Epic Games has caused Fortnite to go on a path of slow decline.

Despite having such a high player base, skill-based matchmaking can take some time. It is aggravating to wait multiple minutes just to join a game. If the issue is the lack of available players for a game then why not fill the rest of the lobby with bots?

The main reason for having so many bots in Fortnite is due to Epic Games’ approach to speedy matchmaking. You can decrease their numbers by winning a lot of Fortnite games. Doing so will increase your MMR, allowing you to be matched with skilled players. 

Needless to say, spending so much effort just to get quality matches back feels like a daunting chore. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your MMR in a short period.

How Do Bots Behave in Fortnite? 

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The Bots in Fortnite are intended to work in conjunction with the skill-based matchmaking system. This means that lower-skilled players will be facing more bots as compared to players with higher skill levels. 

However, the bots are not present in the Competitive Playlists. Therefore, your ranked matches should stay the same through and through. 

Can You Turn Off Bots in Fortnite?

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Unfortunately, there are no active settings that could disable bots from matchmaking lobbies. However, the number of bots scales accordingly with the player wins. Therefore, winning a lot of games will eventually lower the number of bots you face in your daily games. Fortnite considers the following before putting you in a match lobby:

  • K/D Ratio
  • Win Rate 

Therefore, getting good is a legitimate way of getting rid of bots from your matchmade games. Consequently, losing a lot can help you get matched against more bots. 

How to Get Better At Fortnite

Getting better at your beloved game can be a real struggle. Increasing your win rate and KD might look easy on paper. However, it takes time and effort to improve oneself. 

While there is no magic potion to turn you into a Fortnite mechanical god overnight, it is still possible to get the basics sorted. With that said, here is how you can improve in Fortnite:

Get Into As Many Fights As Possible

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You cannot improve at something you don’t experience. Therefore, it is time for you to get out of your hiding place and fight on the front lines. There are many popular loot spots on the map, so consider dropping at one of those areas. 

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You might die a lot and it might even ruin your KD and winrate. However, it is a vital part of the learning process that’s why you shouldn’t feel ashamed at dying in the first 15 seconds of the game.

Pay Close Attention To Sounds


Your eyes can only see so much and there’s not a lot you can do if an enemy is not in your field of vision right? Unfortunately, that kind of thinking will get you killed 9 out of 10 times.

Therefore, focus more on listening for enemy fires, footsteps, and items. It might confuse you at first, but it is an extremely important mechanic to remember especially in the late game where every tiny factor counts.

Learn From Your Mistakes

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Dying is quite common in Fortnite that helps you improve in a lot of ways. Every death is a learning experience, therefore, try to make the most out of it by looking back at the following factors:

  • What did you do wrong?
  • What else could be done at that moment?
  • Could you have played the situation any better?

Build, Build and Build

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Try to engage in building battles with players. You need to practice building and editing until it’s second nature to you. In hindsight, you should be able to construct a 5 star hotel with wifi within a fraction of a second after hearing a gunshot. 

However, if getting into building feels hard then you can also try the brand new no-building modes. Needless to say, the building part is essential for getting good in Fortnite. Therefore, don’t neglect amongst everything else. 

How Does MMR / SBMM System Work in Fortnite?

The Matchmaking Rating or Skill Based Matchmaking is a newly implemented system that essentially allows you to be match players with the same amount of win ratio as you. For example, if your MMR indicates a total of 30 wins with 57 losses then you’ll be matched with players near that mark. 

Consequently, an extremely low MMR can cause a lot of bots to be spawned in your games. Similarly, being a new player will also account for a multitude of bots in your first few matches. Needless to say, MMR can be increased based on skill level. However, it can also be abused by players for what is commonly known as “Smurfing”.

Skill Based Matchmaking in Crossplay

The skill-based matchmaking system is intended to pool players of similar skill levels in game lobbies. However, this system can’t get more flawed than this. 

As a console player, your aiming and building can only get so good. Previously, you were only able to play against similar console players therefore, you were able to play according to the strength and weaknesses of your platform. 

An average player using a keyboard and mouse is never equal to an average player playing on a touch screen mobile device. Therefore, the playing field is never truly even. 

All in all, having more bots in your matchmade games is not a cause of concern. As soon as you begin winning, your MMR will automatically go up. Therefore, focus on getting better instead. 

While the new changes might not be the best, they are certainly not bad enough to quit playing Fortnite. Once the initial reactions settle in, you will find it much easier to accept everything.