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How To Complete Arm’s Dealer Quest In Destiny 2 (Complete Guide)

How To Complete Arm’s Dealer Quest In Destiny 2 (Complete Guide)

Another season of Destiny 2 has come and gone. And with it has come the release of a brand new expansion of Destiny 2 called the “The Witch Queen” a new season has dawned upon us as well, releasing shortly after the launch of the expansion. This mentioned season is called “Season of the Risen”.

Now, this context is important to know because with every new season the strike playlist gets revamped as well at least in terms of the modifiers for the Grandmaster version of the strike this in turn makes it’s so that the strikes feel different enough for existing players along with changing the way the strike play to a certain extent.

Now to provide a little bit more context there are weekly nightfall strikes that are harder than your average playlist of strikes. With it comes “Grand-master Nightfalls” or in short you could just call them GM nightfalls. Compared to other GM nightfalls this one is relatively easier and thus can be used for farming materials like ascendant shards and prismatic rewards. These are those upgrade materials that are needed to make your gear masterwork.

In the weekly rotation, the strike which is presented is called “Arms Dealers” it was a quest that was a part of the base game and one of the few strikes not removed in the content vaulting. In this strike, our end goal is to kill the final boss called “Bracus Zahn”.

Info About The Mission


The Current Poll of modifiers within this week’s Nightfall are as follows:

  1. Scorched Earth: Enemies throw grenades with more frequency (Sticky grenades will One-Shot you)
  2. Champions Foes: Players will face barriers and unstoppable champions respectively.
  3. Grand-Master Mods: Contest mode enabled, join in progress turned off, locked load-out, matched game, and extra shields.
  4. Chaff: Radar is disabled.
  5. Match Game: Enemies’ shields are resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.
  6. Extinguished: If your fireteam falls in a restricted zone then everyone will be returned to orbit.
  7. Champions Mob: Additional champions will spawn.
  8. Shielded Foes: Enemies will spawn with solar and void shields.
  9. Acute Solar Burn: 25%+ solar damage which is dealt and 50%+ solar damage will be received.

How To Complete?

Part: 1

  1. Upon starting the mission you will need to first target the champions that will spawn.
  2. After taking care of that area you will go to an open location in which first you must destroy the ship A unstoppable champion will spawn after taking out the previous enemies.
  3. Have one person in your fireteam carry the charge while the other two kill the two barrier champions. After dunking the charge in the pad another unstoppable champion will spawn.

Part: 2

  1. The next area can be avoided by going through the rocks and from this, you can go behind the barrier champion to avoid all the smaller enemies.
  2. Take out the champion and proceed with the strike.
  3. Next, a tank will spawn, first take out the tank then the small enemies then deal with the champions.
  4. After taking all of the champions a tank will spawn along with three champions.

Part: 3

  1. After dealing with those make sure to jump on the chain of the elevator, doing so will spawn the boss earlier.
  2. After clearing the enemies the elevator will take up use this time in order to defeat the boss as later he will be difficult to handle with many enemies including many champions will spawn. (If you weren’t able to do it then the final boss will start.)
  3. Periodically charges will spawn and you will have to place them in certain areas to draw the boss out to start a DPS phase.


The Reward for doing this current GM nightfall is the exotic Rifle “Duty Bound”.

image 320
Duty Bound

It also comes with a set of mods on each roll these include;

image 321

From here you can see there are some bizarre strong perks on the gun like “Triple Tap” and “Fourth Times The Charm” just to name a few. With the right roll, this weapon can be easily a weapon which can be included in your build easily.

Equipment We Recommend

The armor and weapons that will be provided here are some gear pieces and armor pieces that can be used in order to beat this nightfall. Though the weapons provided can be used by other classes we feel like these would be most optimal for each of its respective classes.


For my Titans brother out there this is quite the optimal build that that be utilized by all of you in order to get better clarity in this particular “night-fall”.

image 322
Striker Subclass

First, we equip the Thundercrash ability in order to get the most damage we can out. Next, we will need the to get the grenade launcher “Pardon Our Dust”

image 323
Pardon Our Dust

With this specific gear piece try to get this specific roll;

  1. Blinding Grenades: Grenades explosions have a brief blinding effect. (Blast radius is reduced)
  2. Auto-Load Holstering: Holstered weapons are automatically reloaded after a certain amount of time.
  3. Demolitionist: Kills with this weapon generate specific energy. Activating the ability grants the weapon to be reloaded from reserves. (This perk can also be switched out with volparist perk as well)
image 324
Bottom Dollar

The next weapon is the “bottom dollar” to acquire this weapon is a bit of a hassle but once you have it they make the GM nightfall a bit manageable. No specific mods are needed.

image 325

Gjallarhorn is truly the best weapon you can use for this specific nightfall due to the 25%+ solar damage. You can acquire this by purchasing the 30th-anniversary pack.

image 326
Cuirass of The Falling Star

This piece is great due to its main perk.

Glorious Charge: Increases the impact damage done by thunder-crash. Also, gain an overhead shield which increases the more you travel before impact.

Also, make sure to have the mod blast radius within your armor piece as it helps with the production of light orbs meant for charging supers.


image 327
Void 3.0

For Hunter we will be recommending the new void 3.0 with it what we will have as our super “Shadowshot: Morbiues Quiver

For our aspects

  • Trappers Ambush
  • Vanishing Step

For our fragments

  • Echo of Undermining
  • Echo of Persistence
  • Echo of Obscurity
image 328

Due to its weapon perk called “Compounding Force” damage is going to be high for shielded enemies along with barrier champion.

image 329
Hezen Vengeance

This is quite the great rocket launcher that can be used to clear the GM.

image 330
Aeon Shift

Also, put the mod called “Sect of Insight” on it. This perk provides additional heavy ammo upon killing champions.

image 331
Twisting Echo Mask

Try to have the Mod perk “Seeking Wells” as well. As It will help will you gain energy for all of your abilities.


Like previously for our hunter here with warlock, we will also be using Void 3.0 for this guide as well.

image 332
Void 3.0

Here we will be using a “Nova Bomb: Cataclysm“.

For the aspects we will use:

  • Feed The Void.
  • Chaos Accelerant.

For the fragments we will be using:

  • Echo of Undermining.
  • Echo of Exchange.
  • Echos of Remnant.
image 333

This weapon is really not needed you can also use the previously mentioned “Pardon Our Dust” as you will be fighting massive amounts of enemies which won’t really warrant the use at all except boss battles.

image 334
Under Your Skin

Try to have these specific mods for it.

Archer’s Tempo: Draw time decreases after every precision hit.

Explosive Head: Arrows explode after a short delay.

You could alternately go for “Pointed Inquiry”

image 335
Pointed Inquiry

Along with these weapons as your power, you equip is “Gjallarhorn

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-325.png

This weapon is truly needed in order to get the clears needed for the GM as the 25% increase in solar damage makes this beast racket launcher even deadlier

image 336
Contraverse Hold

The perk this piece has is called “Chaotic Exchanger” the effects are that you resist incoming damage while charging your void grenades, charged void grenades return grenades energy on hit.

image 337
Anti-Extinction Hood

Having the mod perk “Font of Might”

image 338
Moonfang x7 Robe

With this piece make sure to have “Well of Tenacity”, in order to reduce the damage incoming for a short duration.

The mission which was discussed here was the strike called “Arms Dealer” we were overall discussing the major build strategies that can be used for making this particular GM nightfall relatively easier for the players of Destiny 2 so that they can have a better experience.