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Light Load Vs Medium Load in Elden Ring Compared

Light Load Vs Medium Load in Elden Ring Compared

When it comes to stats and numbers in Elden Ring, it can get pretty confusing at times. There is a lot to keep track of, but one of the most important things to keep an eye on is your Equip Load. This not only affects your rolling and speed but also determines how much Poise you get. Depending on what you have currently equipped, it could kill you if you aren’t careful.

The main difference between light and medium Equip Loads is the Stamina use, Speed of your rolls, and the distance that your rolls take you. Obviously, if you have a light Equip Load, it will make you more agile, but will also not allow as much armor to defend you against attacks.

You really need to look at what each armor set gives you so that you can determine if you want a light build or a medium build. If you have a heavy build, good luck trying to dodge oncoming attacks. Light and Medium Equip Loads are your best bet when it comes to most builds.

Which Equip Load should you go for?

Most people won’t really know the differences between light and medium builds because there really isn’t that much of a difference. Yes, there is a difference, but you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the two types of Equip Loads. Medium Loads are probably what most people have because there are a ton of Medium armor sets in the game.

Here is the difference between Light Equip Loads and Medium Equip Loads:

Light Equip Load – 30% or lower

Fast Rolls, Light State: There is no way to have a faster roll than this. You also get the best iframes out of all the Equip Loads in the game. It uses the least amount of Stamina and has a bit more travel distance.

This is a great option if you are confident enough to not get hit by most attacks. It also gives you the most iframes in the game. If you don’t know what iframes are, it is basically the amount of time during your roll that you are invincible to almost every attack. If you want an extremely fast build, then go for a Light Equip Load build.

Medium Equip Load – 30% to 70%

Normal Rolls, Regular State: Your roll is a bit slower than the standard roll. You get decent iframes out of every dodge, but it definitely is not as good as the fast roll. It uses a bit more Stamina and your travel distance has been decreased slightly.

This is a great option for most players. You will need to try and keep your Equip Load as low as possible, but most of the time, the percentage will always be in the Medium category. The biggest difference is the iframes in a Medium Equip Load Build. They are shorter so if you aren’t worried about that, then Medium builds are your best option.

What does Equip Load affect?

As we said before, your Equip Load category will determine your Speed, Stamina, and iframes. It all depends on how comfortable with taking damage. It can be quite annoying to finally get an armor set and not have enough Endurance to be able to use it properly. To increase your total Equip Load, all you need to do is increase your Endurance.

If you do get into Heavy Equip Loads, hopefully, you understand that you can’t really roll and you will need some way to tank the hits. There are a bunch of shields in the game that go great with these types of builds so if you want a Heavy build, make sure to look up the best armor and weapons for them. As for Light and Medium Builds, these are basically what most people will be using.