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Why Do Endermen Hate Being Looked At?

Why Do Endermen Hate Being Looked At?

Minecraft is full of all types of enemies. The game is constantly updated and new enemies are added with every update. One enemy that has been in the game for many years are the Endermen. These are tall, skinny creatures that have purple glowing eyes. They are harmless until you make eye contact with them. You might ask, why do they get mad when you look at them?

Most people believe that Enderman don’t like to be looked at because they consider eye contact as a challenge. In Minecraft lore, Endermen come out of their dimension to collect resources, but when you look them in the eye, it is almost like looking a dog in the eye. When you look a dog in the eye, they also consider that a challenge.

If you are wandering the over-world or even to the End, you might run into some Endermen. If you do, try your best to avoid eye contact with them unless you are willing to fight them. If you are starting out, it is recommended to not fight them with your fists or even a Wooden Sword. You probably want at least an Iron Sword if you are not comfortable with how they fight.

How to easily defeat an Enderman

There are a couple of easy ways to defeat an Enderman. The easiest way to defeat them is by getting on top of a 3 block-high tower. You can use any block and all you need to do is stand on top of it. When the Enderman comes close, you can hit him. He can’t hit you back since you will be safe on the top of the tower.

The second easy way is to build some sort of shelter with a hole. You can then get the attention of the Enderman and lure him over. Once you are inside, just use the hole to hit the creature and they will eventually be defeated with ease. Use these methods if you aren’t comfortable with defeating them the normal way.

If you want to know how to defeat them normally, you need to be very keen on where he is at all times. Always spin around until you see them and wait for them to get closer. Once they are close, use your sword to hit them a couple of times. Do this until they are defeated. It is not too difficult, but by far the best way is with the 3 block tower.

If you do go to the End to defeat the Ender Dragon, you will be greeted by a ton of Endermen. This is by far the best area to farm Ender Pearls. These are great for getting over large cliffs or even getting to places faster in the over-world.

Endermen are probably one of the most unique enemies in all of Minecraft and will be a staple for the entire game for years to come. When someone thinks of Minecraft, the Enderman is by far the most famous enemy besides the Creeper. If you haven’t defeated an Enderman yet, go out and find one. It will be very fun to take one down for the first time.