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How To Beat Magma Wyrm Makar in Elden Ring (Ultimate Guide)

How To Beat Magma Wyrm Makar in Elden Ring (Ultimate Guide)

Magma Wyrm Makar is a ground-based dragon boss and has multiple versions in Elden Ring. It has many fire/lava attacks that can quickly annihilate the player. How to defeat the boss? What is the boss weak to? What strategies can you use to beat it? Are there ways to cheese the boss? All will be answered in this ultimate boss guide to beating Magma Wyrm Makar in Elden Ring.

Magma Wyrm Makar is the named variant of the boss found on top Ruin-Strewn Precipice. It is a difficult boss, and many of his attacks can make quick work of you so you have to be patient. His lava breath tends to linger on the ground and can eat away your health if you are not careful. Stay on his side and learn its highly telegraphed moves and act accordingly.


Let’s take a look at the best strategies and builds in this boss guide that can help us easily defeat Magma Wyrm Makar in Elden Ring.

Is Magma Wyrm Makar Optional?

Magma Wyrm Makar Optional

Mafma Wyrm Makar is an optional boss.

Strategies for Defeating Magma Wyrm Makar

Below are some strategies for defeating Magma Wyrm Makar boss in Elden Ring. The build you selected will determine the approach you should go for. We will cover the basic melee/magic caster strategies here:

Melee Strategy

This is a difficult boss even for melee builds since staying close to him opens up the possibility of getting burned. His attacks are brutal and understanding his pattern is the only way to get through him.

If you see him raise up and he has fire in his mouth, he will charge forward, and he may even turn around and do this a couple of times in a row.

Additionally, he’s going to spit magma in his tracks, and all you do is wait for this attack to stop and stay clear of the magma. Wait for the magma to clear and forget dealing damage to the boss during this time.

Sometimes he’ll raise up higher with fire in his throat ready to throw a fireball at you. Get ready to dodge it in time, you will see it coming from a mile away.


To get near him, you usually have to roll through a big wind-up attack so make sure you’re ready to do that. The wind up is quite long so take this time to get near his back legs and start attacking.

Staying here you need to look out for any time he does any animation and get ready to dodge. Usually, he’ll do a slam which you can dodge or a tail whip. The tail whip has a really long wind up so you should be able to tell it’s coming.

Melee Strategy

You’ll only get time to attack the boss about two to four times at most before you have to dodge and then he’ll start his long series of attacks. Be patient at this time and look for the opening to move in and attack. Do not be aggressive otherwise, it will lead to your demise. Keep your health topped up too.

Look for when he’ll lift up and breathe lava on his side like back behind him. He can do this on either side of him so it doesn’t matter which side you stand on but if he breathes fire on the side that you’re on you need to get the hell out of there real quick.


However, if he breathes fire on the other side, this is a fantastic opportunity to get in some shots while he’s stuck in that animation.

His head is his weak spot. Any opening you see where you can land a few hits on his head should be taken advantage of. His tail doesn’t take that much damage, but it is relatively a safe zone to be.

Magic/Faith Strategy

Magic and Faith build will find it much easier to target the boss’s head. Use quick-firing spells at your disposal for consistent damage. Unfortunately, he is quite resistant to magic and holy damage and fire-based spells should be avoided altogether.

Use spells with physical damage properties like the trusty Rock Sling and Bestial incantations. Use these spells on his head to stagger him and move in for a critical strike. Staying at a long distance, his lava charge attack is the only thing you need to be worried about.


Strafing around the boss will force him to keep rotating, and he sucks at it. Maintain a safe distance from the boss and move in a circle. Fire your spells every chance you’ll get.

Equip the Flamedrake Talisman to reduce fire damage from the boss’s attacks.

What is Magma Wyrm Makar Weak To?

Magma Wyrm Makar Weakness

Magma Wyrm Makar is weak to the following damage types:

  • Weak Spot – Head
  • Standard Damage
  • Strike Damage
  • Pierce Damage
  • Sleep

What is Magma Wyrm Makar Strong Against?

Magma Wyrm Makar is strong or resistant to the following damage types:

  • Strong
    • Fire
    • Frostbite
  • Immune
    • Madness

Can You Parry Magma Wyrm Makar?

Magma Wyrm Makar is not parriable. You perform a critical strike once it is stance broken.

Can You Cheese Magma Wyrm Makar?

Pillar cheese Magma Wyrm Makar

The large ruined pillar in the center of the arena is the perfect place to get the boss stuck. As soon as you enter the arena and the boss begins to chase you, run and place yourself in a way where he is stuck behind the pillar.

If you stand at the perfect distance, the boss will continuously try to move towards you while the pillar will stop him from doing so.


He will be a fish in a barrel at this point. Take this time to bring up a bow and arrow or any spell that can travel through walls and fire at whatever part of the boss is visible to you. This process is lengthy, but he won’t be able to close the distance, and you will slowly chip away at his health.

You can employ the Black Knife Tiche or Mimic Tear Ashes to work for you too. In this case, since the boss moves when trying to fight the summon, you will have to keep adjusting your place behind the pillar.

Magma Wyrm Makar and all his variants are hard bosses, especially for beginners. Their attacks will destroy your health bars in a few hits and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Luckily, his attacks are easily readable if you are vigilant so take your time learning his moves. This boss can make you rage quit so be calm and open your mind.