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Why Does Everyone Leave at Once in GTA Online?

Why Does Everyone Leave at Once in GTA Online?

The world of GTA Online is ever-evolving with lots of missions and criminal ranks to climb. However, there are times when some activities simply feel nonsensical. While the game itself is amazing to play, the same cannot be said about its servers.

Most of the fun of online gaming is playing with other people specifically when the game presents you with more than enough fun activities to get started. However, there are times when everyone leaves the lobby together leaving you alone to ponder. 

Whenever this weird phenomenon happens, your friends are not at fault. Rather, your device is the one that has lost connection to the server resulting in you getting logged out from the party. While this may happen due to a server-side issue, it can also occur if your internet is not performing as smoothly as it should.

However, this momentary peace can also be a fun activity to enjoy. There is no lack of activities to perform in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. Usually, people will start striking back after an hour or so but if this is happening to you more often than expected then you might want to have a talk with your ISP.

How To Troubleshoot Your Online Connection

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If you are having trouble staying connected to GTA servers then you can try troubleshooting it manually or have an expert from Rockstar Customer Support guide you around. Here is how you can diagnose the issues by yourself. 

  • Check Server Status: You should first confirm if the issue is from your side or not. Sometimes, the GTA servers are offline for scheduled maintenance resulting in you getting logged out. You can check this from the server status page.
  • Check Your Connection Speed: GTA Online has presented itsrecommended internet speeds needed to run the game. Therefore, check if your connection is fast enough to support them. Here are the requirements:
    • Download Speed: 7.5 Mbps
    • Recommended Upload Speed: 1 Mbps
    • Minimum Upload Speed: 0.5 Mbps
  • Restart Your Network Router: You should try restarting your router to confirm if the issue persists. 
  • Check Your Network Ports: Make sure you have the ports needed to run GTA Online to be open. These include:
PortsPort Types
6672 UDP
61455 UDP
61456 UDP
61457 UDP
61458 UDP

If the above-mentioned fixes do not solve your issue then contact your ISP to see if they have any backend issues connecting to the GTA Online servers. Otherwise, consider trying a VPN service to see if that makes it any better.

Ultimately, it all boils down to your internet connection. Therefore, make sure to have a reliable connection whenever you play GTA Online.

Even if you get disconnected, you will still be able to eventually reconnect so take that time to explore around. GTA offers tons of attractions even in solo play but if you want to reconnect as soon as possible then restarting the game might be a good solution.