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How to Unlock Level 100 Armor in Grand Theft Auto Online

How to Unlock Level 100 Armor in Grand Theft Auto Online

Rank 100 isn’t the end in GTA Online. The game grants you the ability to reach level 999 which can be done by completing different single-player and multiplayer missions. Some of these can be exceptionally hard while some might feel like a walk in the park. An armor can go a long way in helping you clear harder missions. 

In GTA Online, there is a way to get 100% armor. It is worth understanding that 100% armor does not translate into invulnerability. Rather, you will get much tankier than before. In GTA Online, the bullet firing rate for every weapon is well balanced. Therefore, the only way to get a significant advantage over others is through upgrading your character. 

In order to gain 100% Armor in Grand Theft Auto Online, you will have to buy the Super Heavy Armor from the shop. This can be bought as soon as you reach rank 25. The total cost of this armor is $500 in GTA Online. 

The number of armor vests a person can store is relatively low in GTA Online. Thus, the impact of the armor stat is significantly lower than others in the early portions of the game. However, you can hold a maximum of 10 reserve armor vests upon reaching level 135. 

Is Maxing Armor Worth it in GTA Online?

The armor stat is really useful since it grants a boost to the total damage reduction of a player. However, upgrading the strength stat can do the same for you albeit at a 10-15% armor deficit. While this might not look like a good deal, it is also worth understanding that the strength stat modifies two factors instead of one. Therefore, you are technically also getting more vitality in return. 

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The best way to take advantage of this is by upgrading both armor and strength in conjunction. It will not only increase the overall bonus damage reduction but will also help you survive longer than others. You will theoretically be able to take 2-3 more hits from a Carbine Rifle than before. Hence, make sure to invest in it whenever possible.

Types of Armor in GTA Online

Here are all the armors available in GTA Online, make sure to use them sparingly for utmost efficiency. 

Super Light Armor (20% armor)$100 (Rank 5)
Light Armor (40% armor)$200 (Rank 10)
Standard Armor (60% armor)$300 (Rank 15)
Heavy Armor (80% armor)$400 (Rank 20)
Super Heavy Armor (100% armor)$500 (Rank 25)

All in all, the body armor system in GTA Online is much more complex than its predecessors. These armor sets can protect you from weapons and explosions. There is also bonus fall and impact damage protection but you will not be invincible.

The armor stat impacts the total damage reduction than damage negation. This means that it will only reduce the inflicted damage rather than nullify it. The total armor you can get in GTA Online is 100% so make sure to make it count.