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Are Quests Time-Sensitive in Hogwarts Legacy?

Are Quests Time-Sensitive in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you’re like me and prefer blazing through the main story of a game and like to finish side quests last, then you come around to find out that some side quests turn out to be time-sensitive which can pretty much take the fun away after a story playthrough. But are quests time-sensitive in Hogwarts Legacy? Let me walk you through it.

No, Quests are not time-sensitive in Hogwarts Legacy. You can play through the whole game and access all quests(even seasonal ones) after the main story is completed. You can abandon any side quests through the side quests tab in the game settings.

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Like any normal human being, you’d like a little more juice out of a game if you finish it. But there is the occasional fear of missing out on the fun, especially if some objectives or quests turn out to be time sensitive. Like you, I also wondered if side missions had time as a part of the equation. 

Are Quests Time-Sensitive in Hogwarts Legacy?

Quests Time Sensitive Hogwarts Legacy

Let’s get to it. The long and short of it is no. Quests aren’t time-sensitive in Hogwarts Legacy. This means you can go through a solid playthrough of the game without the need to replay through a huge chunk just to get a taste of what you missed out on.

There are a few seasonal quests that you unlock as the main story progresses. But if you missed out on them, there’s nothing to worry about, as you can play through the once you complete the main story missions for Hogwarts Legacy.

As for side quests that get automatically assigned as the game progresses, you can abandon them and go back whenever you want. Side quests are depicted as grey shield icons on the Map. 

Side Quest Hogwarts Legacy
Side Quest Icon

To abandon a quest, just head on to the Settings>Quests Tab>Side Quests.

There is a caveat here if you’re an Xbox or PC player. You won’t get to access or play the Mind Your Own Business quest. The Mind Your Own Business Side Quest features a boarded door in Hogsmeade Village that can’t be interacted with.

The House Elf will be absent on Xbox and PC. That’s because it’s a PlayStation Exclusive quest which is a pretty weird move.


It all comes down to you however you want to tackle Hogwarts Legacy. Play the sidequests along to prolong the story or simply check them out once you finish the main game.