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Why Does Lost Ark Take So Long to Unpack?

Why Does Lost Ark Take So Long to Unpack?

Lost Ark is not a small game when it comes to its install size, but for some reason, it takes an absurd amount of time to unpack the game once you are finished installing it. A lot of people have said it took over an hour to unpack the game for them and that is not something you want to do after waiting a while for the game to install.

Lost Ark takes a while to unpack because of the game’s size and complexity. It is a game that has over 200,000 files in it which all have to be unzipped in order for the game to work properly on your computer. It could take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour because of how big the install file is.

Because of all the content in it, the unpacking has taken certain people around 2 hours to finish, so you just need to be patient when it comes to unpacking large games.

Can you unpack games faster?

There isn’t an easy way to unpack Lost Ark any faster, so you just need to wait it out and know that it will take a while after downloading Lost Ark. The only workaround would be for your ISP to update their speeds because Lost Ark needs at least 2 MB/S in order for the unpacking speed to go any faster than usual.

It also needs a lot of free space on your computer in order to unpack properly, so that is another reason why Lost Ark takes a long time to decompress. Lost Ark requires you have at least 1 GB available since it will be used as the temporary working folder for Lost Ark during the unpacking process.

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Will restarting Steam unpack the game faster?

You can restart Steam as many times as you want, but Lost Ark will still take a long time to unpack. Lost Ark needs at least 2 MB/S in order for the unpacking process to go any faster and your ISP cannot provide this speed unless Lost Ark is already fully downloaded.

If you are having trouble with unpacking, then a restart of Steam is a good idea, but if it is going at a steady rate, then don’t restart the unpacking process.

The game needs time because it is unpacking over 200,000 files and that takes up a lot of space on your computer. It will still take around 30 minutes to an hour even if you restart Steam over and over again.

Should you install Lost Ark on an SSD?

There are huge speed differences from Hard Drives to Solid State Drives that will make your experience in gaming much faster and better. SSDs are obviously the better choice to put Lost Ark on because it will increase loading times in everything the game has to offer. Lost

It might even make the unpacking process just a little bit faster so you can get right into the action. It should ideally be installed on an SSD if you want to get into Lost Ark sooner rather than later. Lost Ark is a game worth playing even if you need to wait a couple of hours to download it beforehand.