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Will Diablo Return in Diablo 4

Will Diablo Return in Diablo 4

Diablo being the titular character and the big bad in all of the previous entries, seems to be missing from the latest Diablo 4. He had always been in the shadows making his moves and showing his ugly mug in time to reveal his master plan. But will Diablo return in Diablo 4? That is the question!

Diablo is not part of the Diablo 4’s main story this time around. It centers around Lilith and other Prime Evils. However, the developers may add Diablo later down the line in the inevitable updates. Will he be a main antagonist as the story progress or relegated to the backseat is yet to be seen?


This quick guide is going to tell you whether Diablo will return in Diablo 4 or not and what it means for the series.

Who is Diablo?

Diablo in Diablo

Al’Diabolos, the Lord of Terror aka Diablo is one of the three Prime Evils in the Diablo universe. Diablo is the ultimate villain of the series. The titular primary antagonist of them all, and the undisputed Prime Evil of Hell, Heaven, and Sanctuary.


If he is not seemingly the main baddy in an entry like Diablo 3, rest assured he has been working from within the shadows to make his unholy comeback. He devises elaborate plans to trick many characters in this series to bring him back after being killed and/or banished. He is a relentless satanic menace.

Is Diablo Returning in Diablo 4?

Is Diablo returning in Diablo 4

The latter part of this article is all about spoilers and speculations so you have been warned!

If you have finished the campaign of Diablo 4 then you must be aware of Diablo’s absence in the events of this game. The story revolved around Lilith and Diablo’s elder Prime Evil brother Mephisto. There is no explicit existence of Diablo himself in this story.

But it is unlikely that Mephisto gets to have some screen time yet the eviler brother gets none. Something is fishy! Lilith’s entire quest is motivated by the desire to prevent Diablo and his brothers from conquering Sanctuary. Positioning her as the primary antagonist even in Diablo’s absence.

At the end of the game, Lilith meets her demise but Mephisto has made it out into the human world and Diablo wouldn’t let his brother have all the corrupting fun.


Also, at the end of Diablo 3’s Reaper of Souls expansion, Malthael consumed the Soulstone, and killing him apparently freed Diablo, lore-wise. So there is always the looming terror of Diablo’s return. It is just a matter of who will be his next vessel!

We can expect Diablo to make his debut in the upcoming expansions and updates. Will he play a major role or a side note is all up in the air? Suffice it to say, Diablo’s addition in Diablo 4 is all but speculation right now but looking at previous entries, we can expect him to show his demonic face.

As of right now, Diablo is not making a return in Diablo 4. The community is coming up with all manners of theories about his unavoidable comeback. We just have to wait and see what Blizzard has in store for us.