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10 Best Pals To Get Early in Palworld

10 Best Pals To Get Early in Palworld

We all tend to drool over the best of the best legendary monsters in these types of monster-collecting games. However, we forget to give credit to the early Pals we catch that will help in determining our trajectory to catching the cream of the crop Pals on Palpagos Islands.


So here is an article dedicated to the best early-game Pals you can find in Palworld and give credit where credit is due.

10. Lamball


This Pal doesn’t seem to be very useful since they’re the first thing that you see in the game. However, their Work Suitability skills and material drop make them valuable early pals.

Lamballs have Handiwork, Transporting, and Farming skills. They can pick things up and help you build around the base, both of those are very useful. You can also use them to farm Wool.

For this reason, you can farm them to get wool a handy resource in very early game. In order to get some of the actual cloth made for your initial upgrades you need the wool and these Pal’s abundance on the Palpagos Island makes them extremely worthwhile in terms of farming.

9. Chikipi


Chikipi is incredibly important since its Gathering skill will compensate for Lamball’s lacking. These tiny chickens will give you the ability to gather your crops. Not only that, they can be farmed for egg drops.

Eggs in the early game are mighty beneficial. The Chikipis will lay eggs, providing endless free food, and also gather them for you so you can focus on better tasks. This unassuming pal is a godsend in your early stages. Being able to supply you with constant food and share the load of manual labor in harvesting your crops is a practical trait.

8. Lifmunk


This green chipmunk is a hidden early gem of a Pal. Their Work Suitability skills are quite versatile including Planting, Handiwork, Lumbering, Medicine Production, and Gathering. And to top it off, these little critters are scurrying all over the initial areas making them insanely easy to capture.

They bring so much to the table so early on that they are hard to dismiss. They will lift so much of the heavy weight off your shoulders helping you carry out basic tasks and more.

The tedious nature of chopping down trees and planting is a thing of the past with Lifmunks in your base. And their medicine production is incredibly useful when you are in dire need of HP all the time.

7. Foxparks


Even though Foxparks lacks the number of Work Suitability their prowess lies in pure combat. Eventually, you’ll unlock the Huggy Fire ability and this lets you hold the Foxparks in your hands and turn it into a portable yet deadly flamethrower. For this reason, Foxparks stays relevant in the latter stages of the game too.

In his companion mode, he is great, owing to his slew of fire-based attacks. Also as mentioned before, you can transform it into a flamethrower at a moment’s notice. The damage output of the ability is nothing to take lightly. This Pal is borderline broken if you upgrade them right. You’ll be melting bosses like it’s nothing.

Foxparks are also great at firing up your cooking pots and smelting ingots and other materials.

6. Tanzee


Tanzee is similar to Lifmunk with its wide assortment of Work Suitability skills. It only replaces Lifmunk’s Medicine Production for Transporting which is a welcomed trait. We can’t stress Tanzee’s valuable addition to any base.

What makes this monkey unique is Tanzee’s Assault Rifle ability you unlock later on. With this ability, you plop Tanzee on your shoulder and they will passively mow down any hostile foolish enough to engage with you. The sheer passive damage from this automatic ability will save you the trouble of actively fighting enemies.

5. Daedream


Daedream more than makes up for its shortage of Work Suitability skills with its special ability. Before we delve into it, you need to know that these creatures are only out at night time so be sure to hunt for them when you are adventuring under the moonlight.

As soon as you reach level 8 on the Technology tree, you can unlock the Daedream’s Necklace ability. This single ability makes this pal a viable companion throughout your run. With the ability unlocked, you can bring out another pal while Daedream is out. You can essentially have two pals at the same time.

We all know how useful pals are at aiding in combat and an extra set of pal hands just makes things all the more useful. If you happen to have a powerful pal in your party, having both Daedream and the other pal will unleash a level of punishment like no other pal can do on its own.

Daedream can work as an offensive pal too. Their active skills are pretty powerful for an early pal easily to decimate most early opponents.

4. Digtoise

Digtoise - Best Early Pals Palworld

Digtoise is another broken early pal. These giant tortoises are proficient at mining with level 3 mining Work Suitability. These eat a lot so get your food production up to meet their needs and it’s well worth it.

Their ability to harvest a ton of ore for you to craft the best stuff in the game is no laughing matter. For a relatively early pal, Digtoise is crucial to your industrious needs.

Soon you’ll unlock their Drill Crusher ability. This simple ability allows you to throw them directly at any ore node and watch as this pal turns it into dust in mere seconds. The rate at which you can collect stones, metals, and sweet Paldium using this ability is incomparable.

Assigning this pal to your Stone Pits and other nodes at your base will rake in huge amounts of materials without you even lifting a finger.

3. Nitewing

Nitewing - Best Early Pals Palworld

Nitewing is most likely the first flyable mount you can catch in Palworld. The fact that this pal can be found all over the map and you can catch it so early on makes this one of the finest catches in the game. This is not a base-specific pal but one you should have in your party to whip out at any time.

At level 15 Technology Tree, you can unlock the Nitewing Saddle ability, and now, literally, the sky is your limit. You can use Nitewing’s flight to practically uncover the entire map by safely hovering over the many dangers on the land.

You have no idea how much the game changes once you can fly to the far ends of the Palpagos Islands. You’ll be comfortably discovering points of interest, scaling mountains, and bypassing stretches of water without any problem on top of your Nitewing. Get this Pal ASAP, you’ll thank us!

2. Fenglope

Fenglope - Best Early Pals Palworld

The earliest Fenglope can be found northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings. It is a level 25 Alpha Pal so face it only when you are properly equipped. Other Fenglopes are found in later stages of the map, so this is the best chance of scooping one very early on, and it’s worth the risk.

When you get this pal and once you can mount it, you’ll notice how exponentially your land traversal speeds get boosted. The normal sprint on top of this antelope is already quite fast and with the use of the Cloud Tempest skill, you’ll cover miles of distance in mere seconds.

To top it off, this pal can double jump with you on its back, and it’s no ordinary double jump, it is almost like this pal can fly. No obstacle can stand in your way with this pal between your thighs. You’ll breeze through the entire map.

We won’t even bother going over its combat potential. In a nutshell, Fenglope will be turning your enemies into popsicles before they lay a finger on you.

If you can’t find this pal then Eikthyrdeer is a poor man’s version of Fenglope. Use this pal until you can bag a Fenglope.

1. Vixy

Vixy - Best Early Pals Palworld

You must be wondering why we have placed this weak pal at such a high number and that’s where we all fail to recognize the hidden potential of this cute little fox.

It has nothing going for it in terms of stats and abilities. However, Vixy’s Partner Skill – Dig Here! is a godsend. You should make it your job to find this pal first thing and get it to work for you. Why?

With the partner skill, if you assign this pal to a farm, they will periodically start digging up random items from the ground. More often than not these are Palspheres. You heard that right. With a good number of Vixys in your base, you won’t ever need to craft a single basic Palsphere.

I don’t have to stress the importance of Palspheres early on in the game. You’ll be blowing through these balls like crazy attempting to catch all the Pokemons Pals in the game. And that’s it! That’s all they are good for and it’s an understatement just to say this if you know what the game is about.