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Best 5 Intelligence Build Weapons In Elden Ring

Best 5 Intelligence Build Weapons In Elden Ring

From Software games never ceases to amaze with their wide array of weapons and the freedom to create a build of your specific taste. This is most evident in their latest outing Elden Ring as the choice has gone through the roof to the point of feeling cumbersome when deciding which type of build to go for.

This time, Magic and Sorcery, i.e., Intelligence is a viable choice from previous From Software games when making a build. Apart from the trusty Staff in your left hand to cast spells, there are a bunch of weapons that use a mix of Physical and Magical damage and scale with the Intelligence stat.


Some have magic-based Ash of War skills that synergize with the overall build, while others scale off the stat much more potently.


When going for an Intelligence-based build in Elden Ring, one should be aware of the following things:

  • Intelligence stat in Elden Ring bore the most fruit, i.e., scaling when it is leveled up to its soft cap thresholds from level 20 to 50 with some marginal gains to level 80. In the case of this article, Intelligence weapons for builds, we advise that you level up INT to 50 and upgrade other stats down the line like Vigor or Mind, etc.
  • At level 99 Intelligence, you are hard-capped and can’t go any further; dumping points to reach this level is never recommended, as the return on investment is so futile and useless after level 80.
  • Three of the weapons mentioned here will be acquired through Ranni’s questline, which you can follow along with the below-mentioned video guide:

Royal Greatsword

Royal Greatsword Stats

If you happen to run into Blaidd, you might have seen this Colossal Sword on his back, and if you are like me, you might have considered killing this GOOD BOY just to get our grubby little hands on this exquisite weapon, but don’t do it.

Blaidd does not end up dropping this sword; you’ll just make a very powerful NPC into your enemy. This weapon is for builds aiming for a stronger strength and Intelligence hybrid playstyle. The base stats required to wield this weapon, along with the scaling, is mentioned in the table below:

Royal Greatsword StatsBase RequirementsBase ScalingBest Scaling after Upgrades (+10)

As you can see, the base Stats to carry this weapon are spread out in STR, DEX, and INT. For STR, you can two-hand wield it to lower the requirements, and as mentioned above, you can upgrade your INT to level 50 for the best result.

The weapon can achieve a great Attack Power number with a mixture of Physical and Magic owing to stat distribution in STR and INT from your side. It can only be upgraded with the Somber Smithing Stones.

This weapon has a Colossal Weapon move set with a hard-hitting and slow combo collection that most people enjoy pulling off.


And the most satisfying part of this weapon is the Wolf’s Assault Ash of War it has on as default; this skill lets the player somersault towards the enemy, plunging their sword to the ground and infusing it with Frost and a second attack that leads to an explosion around the player.

This Ash of War does suffer from a long animation while somersaulting, though you do get hyper armor while executing it, meaning you receive lesser damage; if you time it right, you can inflict insane damage, especially if you land both hits. The explosion’s reach is deceptively great that unsuspecting duelers can be baited easily.



This weapon is obtainable at the end of Ranni’s questline, where Blaidd will be at Ranni’s Rise, the location marked below. He will become hostile when you are near him, so get ready to fight, and once defeated, he will reward you with Royal Greatsword and Blaidd’s Armor set.

You can follow the quest with the video posted above.

Ranni's Rise Location

Wing Of Astel

Wing of Astel Stat

A magical weapon shaped like an insect wing named and themed after the hideous Astel, Naturalborn of the Void boss. This curved sword is perfect for Dexterity and Intelligence builds. The base stats required to wield this weapon, along with the scaling, is mentioned in the table below:

Wing Of Astel StatsBase RequirementsBase ScalingBest Scaling after Upgrades (+10)

The focal stats to upgrade here are DEX and INT, with the scaling reaching a solid rating of “B” for Intelligence at upgrade level +10, giving great output for leveling up your INT stat. An equal distribution in DEX and INT around level 50 will result in the most beneficial Attack Power. The weapon also features some distinct aspects. It can only be upgraded with the Somber Smithing Stones.

The damage number potential and uniqueness are most evident in its Heavy Attack (R2/RT). The heavy attack sends out magic projectiles at a short distance, and if you charge it, you can fire off two, and the best part is it doesn’t cost any FP, so you can keep punishing your PVP or PVE opponents from a distance.

The cherry on top is that Nebula Ash of War it comes with. This skill will perform a slash that spreads stardust in a horizontal area in front of you, detonating afterward.

The actual slash does not damage, but the explosion will hurt a lot, especially considering it has the potential to hit twice in a single spread, perfect for dealing with large enemies. You can easily dupe PVP players to panic with the Nebula explosion and follow it up with the Heavy ranged attack.


The second weapon related to Ranni’s quest, once you have made it to the upper section of Ainsel River and at the Nokstella, Eternal City grace site, turn back and move along the side cliffs to make your way to the area marked on the map below.


A chest will be on top of some ruins in the picture below. If you have done the lower area of Ainsel River, you might remember the giant ant-type enemy that throws boulders at you in this location.

Moonveil Katana

Moonveil Stats

Channel the inner Magical Samurai Jack in you with this crazy Katana. It is another weapon for the Dexterity and Intelligence builds out there. The base stats required to wield this weapon, along with the scaling, is mentioned in the table below:

Moonveil StatsBase RequirementsBase ScalingBest Scaling after Upgrades (+10)

This weapon achieves a “B” rating in Intelligence quite early on while upgrading hence is best at dishing out crazy damage numbers. Though you will benefit from DEX level allocations in my testing, leveling INT can also show great damage numbers. It can only be upgraded with the Somber Smithing Stones.

If you have played with the Uchigatana in this game, then you will be aware of the Katana move set that is quick and deadly, both one-handed and two. And like the Uchi, this too has Blood loss buildup, and considering Hemorrhage or Bleed is an insane damage dealer, it’s nice to have it as a passive.


A basic Katana combo is enough to deal with many PVP and PVE situations. Good skill and katana hit simultaneously stagger most enemies and open them up for a Critical strike.

Transient Moonlight

The actual shiny feature of this weapon is the Transient Moonlight Ash of War. It is the same as Unsheathe, but instead of basic slashes from the sheathe stance, magic-based projectiles shoot out of these slashes.

From the sheathe stance the light attack, or R1, has a horizontal and short-range projectile, while the strong attack, or R2, is a vertical and long-range one. They both go through targets, so you can instantly line up enemies and take them out.


Make your way to the Gael Tunnel mine on the edge of the Caelid region. Complete the mine and defeat the boss Magma Wyrm to be rewarded with the Moonveil katana. The location is marked on the map below.

Moonveil Location

Dark Moon Greatsword

Dark Moon Greatsword stat

The infamous From Software’s Moonlight Greatsword is also known as Dark Moon Greatsword in Elden Ring, and its Ash of War has the iconic name. Though a greatsword, this has a very minimum requirement for the Strength stat and is considered more of an Intelligence-only weapon. The base stats required to wield this weapon, along with the scaling, is mentioned in the table below:

Dark Moon Greatsword StatsBase RequirementsBase ScalingBest Scaling after Upgrades (+10)

This weapon gets a “B” rating at just a +4 upgrade level, and it is safe to say that INT compliments this greatsword, with the other two stats having a minimal effect on the whole.

It can only be upgraded with the Somber Smithing Stones. As a greatsword, it’s a fine weapon with a Frost buildup, but its true potential comes with its Moonlight Greatsword moniker.

Moonlight Greatsword activated

The Ash of War on this weapon is the legendary Moonlight Greatsword buff; when activated, it consumes 40 FP and gives it a cosmic aesthetic; it infuses the sword with Frost and increases its damage further with the INT stat.

And with PVP, you can keep your foes in check with just a few hits, and they will be panicking trying to save their HP. Talismans like Shard of Alexander can further boost the damage of these projectiles.


The last weapon in this list is related to Ranni’s quest, and it’s a special one, as this weapon is the reward for completing the whole quest. The exact video is posted at the top of this article.


At the very end of the quest, you must make your way to the Cathedral of Manus Celes, and the Dark Moon Greatsword will be rewarded for marrying Ranni. Trying not to spoil anything here.

Death’s Poker

Death's Poker stats

It says it’s a greatsword, but I refuse to accept that, it doesn’t look like a sword. Oh well, we can’t do anything now only unleash its deathly damage. Another relatively accessible weapon stat requirement.

Though this weapon is not revered for its Intelligence scaling there are other ghostly reasons to go for it. The base stats required to wield this weapon along with the scaling, is mentioned in the table below:

Death’s Poker StatsBase RequirementsBase ScalingBest Scaling after Upgrades (+10)

Looking at the stat sheet above, you might wonder why this weapon is even on this Intelligence weapon list. The requirements are low; even after upgrading, the ratings don’t shoot up like others on this list. It can only be upgraded with the Somber Smithing Stones.

So to get the basics out of the way, this has the greatsword move set, one of the best you can use in Elden Ring, and the ease of getting this weapon and stat requirement is just icing.


To get the most out of this weapon, upgrade the Dexterity stat rather than Intelligence, which should be kept at 15. Also, the Frost passive has another layer of frosting.

The real cake of this weapon is in the Ash of War Ghostflame Ignition. Just activating it pokes the enemy and creates an orb of black flame with an explosion; this fire has a frost build-up. Now the pièce de résistance comes with the follow-up attacks you can execute with the black flame orb.


Death Rite Bird

A very easy approach to this weapon, just visit the south of the Sellia Town main entrance in Caelid at night, where a Death Rite Bird will be roaming; the exact location is marked on the map. Depending on your level, this boss can be a menace, so approach cautiously. Kill the bird and get yourself the Death’s Poker.