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5 Reasons Why You Should Duplicates Ashes of War In Elden Ring

5 Reasons Why You Should Duplicates Ashes of War In Elden Ring

The world of the Lands Between offers you multiple strategic choices and options. You are expected to make certain choices between different portions of the game. Such choices can have their own set of consequences that can either tip the game in your favor or make you astray from it completely. 

Needless to say, making such choices can feel tough especially when there are no clear benefits and drawbacks. Upgrading Ashes of War is insanely useful. They enable you to replace your weapon’s current skills without a hiccup, but is duplicating them just as useful?

In Elden Ring, players can apply Ashes of War to their Weapons to gain new and better skills. Having the same Ashes of War on the same weapons can help you perform nasty and unexpected combos against many enemies. 

While the game features many strong and independent skills, the ones gained from the Ashes of War are usually considered a tier above the rest. 

What are Ashes of War in Elden Ring

These are special items that let you replace your Weapon and Shield Skills with newer ones. While they’re fairly simple to apply, fine-tuning them can be tough. The ultimate goal is to adapt accordingly with your respective builds and playstyles. 

The ability is amazing and can help in customizing your build according to the situation. However, you cannot apply Ashes of war to Unique grade weapons. Therefore, their abilities are rather unchangeable. 

How to Find Ashes of War

Ashes of War are generally obtained as a drop from Enemies or by looting corpses. Furthermore, they can also be purchased from the  NPCs available all over the world of the Lands Between. With that said, the locations of these items are fixed. Therefore, it is fairly easy to obtain them if you have a roadmap to follow. 

How to Duplicate Ashes of War

Unlike certain items, the Ashes of War are completely duplicatable as long as you possess enough of the Lost Ashes of War for each of them. It is a rare resource that can only be found by exploring the world. 

Therefore, make sure to keep it safe. Alternatively, you can also buy it from a Vendor for a hefty price. With that said, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Head to a Blacksmith with your Ashes of War. These Blacksmiths include:
    • Smithing Master Hewg
    • The Blacksmith at Roundtable Hold
  • Take a Lost Ashes of War from your inventory and give it to the Blacksmith along with the original item. 
  • Wait for the duplication process to complete and retrieve the Lost Ashes of Wars to your inventory. 

Benefits of Duplicating Ashes of War

Being able to Duplicate soft skills on your weapons is more useful than you might think. It can enable your weapons to cast similar skills in harmony with each other. Some of such examples include:

  • You can have the same Ash of War on two weapons which can be used as a fast swap combination. One can deal with the heavy strikes while the other can take care of the quick ones.
  • Power Stancing two similar weapons becomes much easier. It also increases the blood buildup and deals a considerable amount of damage in a short span of time.

Best Ashes of Wars in Elden Ring

This list mentions some of the best Ashes of Wars available to purchase in Elden Ring. Their benefits and uses can be immense in the heat of a battle. With that said, here are some powerful Ashes of War that can be obtained early on in the game:

Phantom Slash

This Ash of War is used to gain an apparition of the knights’ former instructor that guides a joint by lunging upwards while swinging the weapon upwards. This Ash of War can be found in the northeast of the Forbidden Lands Grace. You will need to kill the Night’s Cavalry in order to obtain it.

Royal Knight’s Resolve

The skill essentially empowers your next attack to deal massive amounts of damage. This Ash of War is compatible with almost every melee armament. The Royal Knight’s Resolve can be found by doing the following:

  • Head to the Temple of Eiglay Grace and start moving in the left direction until you find a lift going upwards.
  • Take that lift and keep moving forward till you reach the Manor. 
  • From there, move up the staircase and activate the Imp Statue with the Stonesword Key. 
  • Get out of the Statue by jumping to the very bottom and moving to the manor room with the Ash of War.

Giant Hunt

This Ash of War enables you to take down bigger foes by performing an upward thrust at a lower altitude. It can be helpful in fighting against large bosses and can be found through the following methods:

  • Route A: Find the lone wandering Troll Knight and kill him to claim Ash of War: Giant Hunt. 
  • Route B: Defeat the miniboss of Night’s Cavalry. As the name suggests, the boss will only appear at night time. Therefore, prepare a fitting welcome for it. You will also gain some useful items and Runes, so don’t hesitate to have a go at it. 


Stormcaller is a spinning skill that creates storm winds surrounding the player. It can be useful in fighting against large groups of monsters. With that said, the skill can be obtained from Stormveil Castle by defeating a Teardrio Scarab. This creature can be found in the northern section of the castle. 

Simply move past the courtyard to reach the Secluded Cell Site of Grace. The Scarab will be facing you before you reach the Site of Grace so be prepared at all times. 

All in all, the Ashes of War is an extremely useful item that can provide unique skills for your weapons. However, duplicating it amplifies that power to a whole new dimension. 

Spamming a skill to defeat a boss sure sounds fun. While it can’t be called ‘feasible’, it is certainly a way of going at it.