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7 Best Off-Hand Weapons in Dark Souls III

7 Best Off-Hand Weapons in Dark Souls III

Being one of FromSoftware’s most beloved titles, Dark Souls III gives you a vast choice when it comes to customizability. This can also sometimes confuse players as there is no easy way to identify the best weapons and equipment. With that said, off-hand weapons can boost your damage significantly if used correctly. 

This is because some weapons gain unique properties when used in the left hand of your character. We went ahead to test identify the best off-hand weapons in Dark Souls III and so far, our findings have been great.

Here is our list for the best off-hand weapons in Dark Souls III:

  • Daggers
  • Whips
  • Great Scythe
  • Rapier
  • Claws
  • Heysel Pick
  • Scholar’s Candlestick

This guide also takes a deep dive into some other offhand parry and magic items that can give you a significant edge according to the class you are playing so make sure to read through! While almost every offhand weapon has some sort of use for you, it can still be better to choose the one most suited for your class. With that said, let’s take a look at the best off-hand weapons in Dark Souls III.

What are Off Hand Weapons in Dark Souls III?

As the name suggests, off-hand weapons are weapons that are held in your left hand and are used to weave in bonus attacks in-between your primary attacks. Doing so can significantly boost your damage. There are many off-hand weapons in Dark Souls III. However, finding the one best suited for your current build can be a tall order.

Therefore, we will mention the best off-hand weapons for all classes so you can free yourself from the hassle. Dual-wielding really didn’t work in Dark Souls 1 and 2, but weapons like daggers, whips, curved swords and rapiers tend to make really good offhand weapons in Dark Souls III for various reasons. 

Best Off Hand Weapons in Dark Souls III

For your convenience, we will be dividing these weapons into three major categories. So, you’ll have a better idea of figuring your build out. For example, a dagger can be better on a high dex build while a rapier can do wonders if you are aiming to only parry. So without further ado, let’s jump right in. 

Note: Some of these weapons can be hard to find, therefore consider looking for them through a merchant or a boss soul.

Regular Off-Hand Weapons

These are the weapons that lack any special effects when placed in the left hand. Normally a left hand weapon might block by pressing the L1 key and use the right-handed basic attack. Do note that 2 handed weapons will be confusing and tricky if you got a weapon equipped in both hands. The weapons in your left hand don’t seem to have any bonus damage reduction bonuses apart from some of their innate ones.

The following off-hand weapons are good in the regular category:


A Dagger is a good weapon to riposte after a parry. You can deliver fast strikes with it which can greatly in a bleed or poison build. The dagger can work in tandem with your right-hand weapon giving it the necessary oomph needed to do wonders.

Great Scythe

Despite having a big range radius, the Great scythe provides decent attack speed. This weapon is generally even better in the right hand unless you are pairing it with a katana or a straight sword.

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The Whips are yet another great off-hand weapon due to their passive; They cannot be parried. You can take advantage of this and deal damage when your opponent is trying to bait you in a parry. They can also be used as a way to apply poison or bleed damage on your opponents. The range on a whip is decent enough to make it a nuisance to your enemies.

Parry Based Offhand Weapons

Unlike regular weapons, these ones gain the ability to parry if placed in the left hand. You can use L1 to use your normal attack while parrying with an L2.

The following off-hand weapons are good in the parry category:


The rapier can be a very good offhand weapon due to the length of the blade. It gives you a wider chance to parry your opponent’s attacks while also letting you apply quick L1 jabs. You can also 2 hand the weapon in order to deliver a strong attack while your opponent is in the staggered state. 


Claws are also an excellent offhand choice. They can inflict bleed damage and enable you to deal tons of damage with Leaping Slash. This art is similar to Onikiri and can be good at punishing your foes.

Offhand Casting Based Weapons

The weapons work great for casters and battlemages. You can cast spells with your offhand with L2 while performing basic attacks with L1.

Heysel Pick

A Heysel Pick is a weapon that can cast sorceries in Dark Souls III. The scaling for this item is based on intelligence which makes it an ideal weapon for mages. The primary difference between a Heysel Pick and other weapons is its ability to deal physical damage along with magic damage.

Scholar’s Candlestick

Just like the Heysel Pick, the Scholar’s Candlestick grants increased sorcery damage. There is no particular bonus of using it in your offhand but it still works great. Pair this weapon with the Golden Ritual Spear in the right hand and you have a decent weapon choice to play around with.

That concludes our top picks for the best off-hand weapons in Dark Souls III. These weapons have seen a lot of success on the off-hand and are a generally good weapon choice in the current meta for both PvE and PvP.