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Hogwarts Legacy is Too Easy (5 Ways To Make It Harder)

Hogwarts Legacy is Too Easy (5 Ways To Make It Harder)

Hogwarts Legacy isn’t all that difficult. Sure it’s an RPG but it’s much more fine-tuned and catered to the average occasional gamer so if you’re a die-hard RPG enthusiast looking for something like Dark Souls levels of difficulty, you’re out of luck. Plain and simple. Hogwarts Legacy is too easy. Here’s how you can make it harder.

Hogwarts Legacy is easy. You can make it harder by cranking up the difficulty to Hard or trying an Iron Mode Challenge and changing your character when you die. Don’t use any potions or craft any recipes. Use Level 1 gear throughout your playthrough. That should make for a decent challenge!

Does Your Character Age in Hogwarts Legacy?

First and foremost, Hogwarts Legacy is pretty easy in terms of AI Difficulty and challenges but if you’re up for a substantial challenge and looking to kick things up a notch, then you could amp up the difficulty. Before we get into how you can make Hogwarts Legacy harder, let’s look at the difficulty options.

Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy

There are currently 4 difficulty settings in Hogwarts Legacy. While most difficulty modes are forgiving, your best bet would be Hard.

  • Story: Focus on the Story with Minimal Gameplay
  • Easy: A Light Gameplay Challenge
  • Normal: A balanced Gameplay Challenge
  • Hard: A demanding Gameplay Challenge

How To Change Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Easy

You can change your difficulty settings on the fly. Simply open up the Menu and navigate to Gameplay Options.

  • Select the fourth option in the Settings Menu titled Gameplay Options.
  • Hover over the difficulty options to reveal a drop-down menu.
  • Set Difficulty to Hard.
  • And you’re done!

Play Hogwarts Legacy on Hard Difficulty

If you truly want to get the best gameplay experience out of Hogwarts Legacy with a substantial challenge, your best bet would be to kick up the difficulty. Here’s what changing the difficulty does.

Time Sensitive Puzzles

In Story Mode, minigames and puzzles don’t have a timer in place. On Hard Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy, your time is limited, so you need to be quick with your hands and noggin to effectively solve puzzles and win minigames.

In Story Mode, you can never fail any spell-learning minigames, but on Hard, these minigames can be failed, so you might have to try again and again.

More Incoming Damage

In Story Mode, you’ll take minimal amounts of incoming damage from enemies but things get a bit difficult on Normal, where enemies deal the exact amount of damage as you do. And on Hard, you could potentially be one-shotted but those moments are far few between.

Faster Combat

Playing on Hard kicks up the combat speed. Enemies react to incoming attacks and cast spells faster and so do you. Story mode normally slows things down and even spell-casting speeds but that’s entirely different on Hard.

You’ll have less time to react, attack, and counterattack.

Iron Mode

Aside from changing up the difficulty, there’s not a lot you can do via in-game settings to make the game a whole lot more difficult in Hogwarts Legacy. But you can make your own RPG rules as done by speed-runners and the RPG community.

Try out Iron Mode where you basically delete your character the moment you die. This way you’ll have to start the game from the beginning. Iron Mode can get pretty overbearing and tedious, but you’re more prone to die on Hard, so it might make your playthrough a whole lot longer and rewarding in the end.

Level 1 Gear

Hogwarts Legacy Easy

Let’s get this straight. Hogwarts Legacy becomes incredibly difficult when you’re only using Level 1 Gear or common items. This is significantly going to handicap you in the long run.

No Loot

Hogwarts Legacy Easy

Just stay away from loot whether it’s coins, items, or ingredients to craft recipes and potions. You’ll be at a significant disadvantage this way.

One Trick Pony

In this portion, you should max out just one skill tree. No points go into any other skill trees, not unless you fill out the first one. Just having one type of skill will make things more and more challenging for you as you progress through the game.


Even after all these changes. You can’t do a lot to make Hogwarts Legacy harder. These fixes might make the game less difficult and more tedious if anything. But hey, it’s your call.