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Ultimate Guide To The Bandit Camp in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Bandit Camp in Rust

Bandit camp is the only monument where you can gamble in Rust. The location is 100% radiation-free, so you don’t have to worry about wearing any protective gear, and you can find pretty decent loot in this area.

The Bandit Camp Monument in Rust is guarded by NPCs, which means any hostile activity will engage them towards shooting you. You can use it to your advantage as well to keep yourself safe from other players.


You can expect a variety of valuable loot at this monument, there aren’t many keycards to get, but you can get access to a good amount of loot crates that offer loot for your character progression.

How Difficult Is The Bandit Camp?

The Bandit Camp

The Bandit camp is an excellent place if you are fond of gambling and flying. Speaking of difficulty, the camp is not too difficult, but you have to play strategically for survival.

The Bandit Camp offers you protection from getting attacked by other players due to Safe zones and NPCs, but it can go against you as well if you start shooting in the area.

As mentioned, the monument is guarded by NPCs, so you have to be very careful because if they notice hostile behavior, they will start shooting at you without any hesitation. Although there are no restrictions when it comes to walking around with weapons but using them can get you in trouble.

Bandit Camp's Casino

This monument also offers safe zones, one at the Casino and others around the outposts, that you can use to keep yourself protected from enemies.

What You Need To Enter The Bandit Camp?

The Bandit Camp is a place free from radioactivity, so you don’t need to have any kind of protective clothes or gear to enter the camp.

Also, before entering the camp, you need to get rid of weapons as you are not allowed to bring them, but in case you find any weapons in the camp make sure to keep them low, or the NPCs will not hesitate to attack you.

The monument has multiple entrances, but most of them are outposts that are well-guarded, so keep a low profile, and you should be fine.

How To Enter The The Bandit Camp?

You can identify the Bandit Camp through the vending machines on the map, and the way to get there is through the dirt roads that connect the camp. Upon reaching there, you will see that a safe zone surrounds the camp.

And the only way to enter there is to put your weapons away. You are not allowed to take them with you inside the camp, and you will be given time of 5 seconds to put them away. If you fail to do so, then you will be considered hostile for 30 seconds.

This time will keep on increasing if you will continue to violate the rules of the camp. There are no specific entrances, only the outposts that are guarded by the NPCs, and once you are cleared from them you can easily roam around at this monument.

What Enemies You Find At The Bandit Camp?

Bandit Camp monument is relatively safe when it comes to getting attacked by enemies. Still, if you show any kind of hostile behavior, it can turn out to be a nightmare, which means getting attacked by the NPCs in the area and even a helicopter making sure they get rid of your right away.

Bandit Camp NPCS

Also if you sleep in a safe zone for 10 minutes then you will be marked as an adversary, and then you will be attacked. So, all you have to do is to play according to the rules here to not get killed by the enemies.

What Loot You Can Find At The Bandit Camp?

Loot at Bandit Camp is somewhat decent, you get barrels and loot crates that offer Food, Clothes, and other useful resources.

Supply Drop

Furthermore, you get the opportunity to loot supply drops here which come with a variety of loot and gears for your character, they are full of supplies that you can utilize to survive in the game.

Additionally, as this monument is a hot zone so PVP happens, and when you kill an enemy you can loot their bodies for more loot and items they got.

Keep in mind you cannot loot the NPCs that you or other players might have killed. Another thing worth mentioning is Bandit camp has plenty of shops that you can look into and workstations for crafting or upgrading your equipment.

Is It Worth Exploring The Bandit Camp?

The Bandit Camp is absolutely a place worth exploring, and it has a lot to offer. The two most highlighted features of this camp are the casino and the helicopter. To ride the Helicopter, you will have to communicate with the Airwolf,

And you can find him near the Helipad. The excellent part is that you can purchase it and wander around the area. Secondly, there is a gambling feature that comes with a spinning wheel and slot machines.
The whole setup can be found in the houses.

There are also a bunch of valuable resources like the Research bench, Recycler, and Repair bench. If you fall short of anything, you can also go to the shops for trading and get the desired item.
And not only this, the other players can also trade with you.

You are also allowed to do harvesting here; although you can use weapons for it, you can use the rock for this purpose. So in short, Bandit Camp is a great place to reside And invest your time as it proves to be rewarding in the end.

There you have it, folks a complete guide on the Bandit camp monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope that you find this coverage beneficial, and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.