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Best Map Seeds in Anno 1800

Best Map Seeds in Anno 1800

Booting up Anno 1800 and starting off willy-nilly in a random seed doesn’t make for the best gameplay in the long run. Sure, you’ll just start fine with cities on a smaller scale but things get a bit rough around the edges when you need to expand your city and lack the necessary space and resources. So, your best bet is to find the best seeds early on.

Starting off Anno 1800, you’ll want to pick the biggest island possible. This accounts for the size of your city as well as the industrial area. Fortunately, you can cherry-pick from a multitude of seeds and that would still be an understatement. You can choose from 2147483647 Map Seeds.

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Types of Maps in Anno 1800

But before we take a look at seeds, you’d want to pick the right type of Map.

Archipelago Maps

Archipelago Best Map seeds Anno 1800

In the Archipelago setting, players start in the center of the map while AI players are grouped on Islands located towards the edges of the map. Other AI players are separated at the farther edges of the map.

Atoll Maps

Atoll Best Map seeds Anno 1800

In the Atoll Maps, pirates are located right in the middle of the map while players are configured towards the center of the opposing edges.

Island Arc Maps

Island Arc Best Map seeds Anno 1800

In the Island Arc Maps, the pirates are located in the far left corner of the map, while the players are arranged on islands that give the formation of an arc.

Corner Maps

Corner Map

In corner maps, pirates are again, located in the center of the map, with Ai players farther away from the center. The players are located in each of the four corners of the map.

Snowflake Maps

Snowflake map

Snowflake maps make a symmetrical pattern, with the pirates again, located smack dab in the center and the players located slightly off the corners of the map, forming a supposed, snowflake.

You’ll also need to tinker around with the map settings too. Here’s what worked best for us.

So, Let’s get into the best map seeds. Currently, all these seeds work with the latest updates.

Best Map Seeds in Anno 1800

Best Archipelago Seeds

  • 19391945
  • 9159
  • 9333
  • 9999
  • 3414
  • 1966
  • =196611
  • 30192905
  • 666666
  • 92953543
  • Seeds with an 8 score

Best Seeds for Atoll Maps

  • 9333
  • 50719910
  • 2021202
  • Seeds with an 8 score

Best Seeds for Island Arc Maps

  • 9333
  • 8601389
  • 660231495
  • 5226
  • 1966
  • 911
  • 2021202
  • 92953543
  • Seeds with an 8 score

Best Seeds for Corner Maps in Anno 1800

  • 9333
  • 99106633
  • 220781
  • 1248
  • Seeds with an 8 score

Best Seeds for Snowflake Maps

  • 660231495
  • 196611
  • 537408
  • 8105917
  • 6666666
  • Seeds with an 8 score


And to end it all. There are no best seeds for a beginner but any of these will do just fine. The Best Map Seeds for Anno 1800 have the best bang for the buck for players that are doing record builds for a population in the millions. Experienced players like to play on certain island configurations because of the resources but it’s only a minor benefit in the long run.