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How to Make a Spiral Staircase in Terraria (Ultimate Guide)

How to Make a Spiral Staircase in Terraria (Ultimate Guide)

You can build countless structures and whole worlds in Terraria. While it appears to be a Minecraft clone on the surface with a 2D world, it’s got lots under its sleeve. While it seems easy to pull off, it’s not, and this guide guides you on how to build a Spiral Staircase in Terraria.

You can make a spiral staircase in Terraria by crafting and placing wooden beams at a suitable height. Fill in the gaps with planked walls. Craft a backdrop wall to give the spiral staircase the look and feel of one. And you’re done.


If you’re looking for a creative trip up your home or tower, you can spruce things up instead of simply placing wooden platforms on each step. You run into problems when you realize no already crafted spiral stairways or structures exist.

Materials Needed For Building a Spiral Staircase in Terraria

First, you need to gather some materials, and it all comes down to the height of your staircase. To be fair, the material type doesn’t matter, as you can use any wall or platform to craft your own staircase. But first things first, you’ll need the following items:

  • Hammer
  • Walls
  • Platforms

Hammers allow you to turn any platform into stairs. If you’re worried about tier requirements, that doesn’t hinder your staircase construction. But if you’re looking to create a high-rise staircase, then a high-tier hammer will come in handy as it’ll help you build faster due to the longer range and the faster swing speed.

You can use any platform, but wood is the most convenient approach. And for spiral staircases, you’ll want to retexture the wall by your platforms to give it a better overall look.

How to Make a Spiral Staircase in Terraria

Spiral Staircases have a great look to them in your Terraria world, but one thing to note here is that you’ll have to hop across each successive platform as there’s no other way to walk up these stairs simply. But it all comes down to giving the illusion of a spiral staircase.

1. Wooden Beams

Terraria Spiral Staircase

You’ll have to start by constructing wooden beams at a sawmill. You’ll have to use each piece of wood to construct two wooden beams. The higher your staircase, the more wood you’ll need and the more wooden beams you’ll have to craft. 


First and foremost, wooden beams are a background item. They don’t occupy the same space as walls, but you can’t position items like furniture, tables, or chairs in front of them.

2. Set Platforms in your Terraria World

Terraria Spiral Staircase

Select your staircase position and start placing the wooden beams on top of each other as high as you want. Select the platforms you’re using and position the front of the stairs by slicing through the wooden beam. Use a decent starting position, preferably two or three files away from the wooden beam.

Make sure to think of the back of the staircase where it’s supposed to spiral up. You don’t need to break beams for this particular step. Continue to set the platforms around the wooden beams.

3. Fill in the Platform Gaps

Terraria Spiral Staircase

After everything is all said and done, your spiral staircase might start taking shape. But what about those annoying gaps? They break the illusion, so you must do something about them.

You’ll need to use planked walls. Planked walls can be crafted over at the sawmill. They require one wood and one stone. Place the wooden walls around the staircase to visualize it easily.

Now, the planked walls need to be placed wherever there’s a platform. Start from the top or the bottom. They’ll be placed right between the wooden beams too. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just set the planked walls wherever it makes sense to you.

4. Make a Wall Behind the Staircase in Terraria

Now, you only need to set a wall behind your spiral staircase. Complete the rest of your walls with a complimenting wall type, and delete any walls that don’t look nice. If you connect another wall to the planked wall, the spiral staircase will look all the more appealing.


And that’s pretty much how you can craft a simple Spiral Staircase in Terraria. You can get creative with crafting methods and materials to make incredible-looking staircases. So, boot up Terraria and create good-looking spiral staircases for your buildings and structures.


With all this said and done, you can now create spiral staircases in Terraria. A spiral staircase can make your world stand out from the rest, and of course, other players will start hitting you up on how to make them, so make sure to teach them if that’s a bit much for you.