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How To Beat The Dragon God in Demon’s Souls

How To Beat The Dragon God in Demon’s Souls

If there was an award for gimmicky bosses in Demon’s Souls then Dragon God is the only boss worthy of this title. You must have fought tons of bosses till now but nothing like this boss fight. Throughout the fight, you will be confused as if you are fighting or solving a puzzle.


Do not fret as we have gone to the trouble of explaining every single aspect of this fight in this Dragon God boss guide.

Fighting Dragon God

Dragon God in Attacking Stance

You might’ve already died at the hands of Dragon God if you defeated Vanguard during the tutorial for Demon’s Souls. If you did not, there is nothing to worry about because you haven’t missed out on much.

Dragon God is an enormous creature capable of wiping out entire nations with a single blow. You will find yourself facing this behemoth in Flame Lurker Archstone as the final boss.

You must be thinking how am I supposed to deal damage with a measly spell or a sword against this town-sized monster? Well, in terms of dealing damage, you will not be doing it directly.

Before we get down to business, here are a couple of tips to help you save time on your endeavor:

  • Stealth is the only way to win this battle because being spotted means certain death.
  • Bring ranged attacks such as Flame Toss, Soul Arrow, or Soul Ray to destroy obstacles in your way, all while staying hidden.


When you are going up against someone who is 100 times bigger than you, moveset is not something you are worried about the most. Lucky for you, there are not a whole lot of attacks, you will be dealing with. There is only a single attack which is as follows:

  • Punch: Dragon God will punch you as soon as you are out of cover and are spotted.
    • Reaction: Do not stay out of cover for too long and run back if you see him getting ready to punch.


There are not a whole lot of ways you can take down the Dragon God. As we said earlier, this is more of a puzzle than a boss fight so there is one right answer.

As soon as you are past the fog gate, run forward and hide behind the pillar on your right. While you are there, you can use any of your ranged spells to destroy the collapsed columns that are blocking your path.

Pan your camera in the direction of the boss and only run out of cover when he is not looking towards you. You are going to keep doing this, going from cover to cover, until you are at the end of the path, and after a slight drop, you will find a giant crossbow.

Character interacting with the giant crossbow

Interact with the button on the side to shoot the magic spear into the Dragon God’s body. After the cut scene, follow along the path and hide behind the first pillar as soon as possible.

From there, it’s the same process all over again. Destroy the rubble blocking your path and keep moving forward until you find another giant crossbow on the other end.

Shooting the second arrow will gravely injure the Dragon and his head will tip over on a ledge, close enough for you to hit him with your sword. Follow the path that leads to close to the Dragon God’s body.

Since he is a Dragon, he will be breathing hot air out of his mouth capable of dealing damage so make sure you maintain distance while he is breathing air out.

Hit him a couple of times with the attack of your choice and that should put an end to this fight.

Rewards For Defeating Dragon God

Dragon God with head on the ground

Here is what defeating the Dragon God in Demon’s Souls will get you:

  • 1 Dragon Demon’s Soul
  • 26,800 Souls
  • Return to Body Form
  • +45% White World Tendency