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Everything You Need To Know About Green Cards In Rust

Everything You Need To Know About Green Cards In Rust

Rust is a video game that is dense with systems and mechanics for you to engage with. From its incredible base building system to its intense PvP combat, everything feels like it has a purpose and utility to make your experience with the game more enjoyable.

However, Rust isn’t the best at explaining these mechanics, rather lending that onus on the community itself to figure out its system to help each other out. It’s precisely that reason we’ve created this one-stop guide for everything you need to know about Green Cards in Rust.

Green Cards are an item that can be found in Rust that provide you with the ability to open Green Doors within the game. You can use the Green Cards by simply swiping them by a Green Doors’ access panel. This will open up the door and provide access. Each time a Green Card is used it loses its durability, and Green Cards can be sold to the Bandit Camp. There are fixed drop locations for the Green Cards and random drop chances in other locations.

It is through this guide that we hope to not only elaborate on the systems of Green Cards and how they function within the game, but also to highlight to new players trying to figure out the locations of the ones they need to find. To find these Green cards is important as they allow access to higher tiered weapons and items to progress faster.

What are Green Cards in Rust?

There are essentially three different kind of key-cards in Rust. The Green Key cards allow you to open up any green door with a access panel attached to it. These Green doors cannot be opened using any other method and require that you locate the necessary Green Key-cards that exist within the wipe in order to open them.

Green doors usually house valuable loot, weapons and other important items, so it’s usually a dash at the start of each session to try to obtain Green cards in fixed locations as soon as possible.

Green Cards have a total durability of 100% and lose 25% durability each time they are used to open a Green door. This effectively means that a single Green key-card can be used multiple times, however, you must still choose where to apply the Green Key-card wisely.

Moreover, in order for the Green key-cards to work they require that the access panel must be hooked up to a power box with an Electric Fuse within it.

Although, there are several fixed spawn locations, that we will mention later, where the Green Key cards can be obtained. It is still an important fact to remember that the Green key-cards can be sold through the Bandit Camp. The price for a Green Key-card in the Bandit camp is a measly 15 Radiation units.

All Green Cards Locations

Although Green cards are exceptionally useful, many players will miss out on obtaining them their first run through the game or might find it difficult because their color naturally blends into the environment. So here we’ve compiled all the major locations you can obtain a Green cards in gain.

The following locations are fixed spawn zones for the Green cards. They have a Green Card spawn in these locations every 30 minute. So you’re encouraged to keep a track on the timer regarding these:

The Lighthouse

The Green card in Lighthouse can be located as soon as you ascend the steps and enter through the doorway take the door on the right. Open it and go to the end of the room for a table, you can find the Green cards there.

Super Market

The Green cards can be obtained by ignoring the aisles in the Super Market themself. Travel all the way to the back, next to the cashiers. There will be a door-way space that is blocked off my wooden planks. Break through the wooden planks to reveal a small office with the cards on the table.

Oxums Gas Station

Similar to the Super Market the fastest way to reach the Green Key card is ignoring the various aisles and moving directly to the back. There will be a room to the right blocked by wooden-plank door. Break through the door to find the Green cards on the table right in front of you.


You can begin by navigating yourself to the second floor of the Junkyard. Once on the second floor make the attempt to locate a metal 2×1 container called D2. Once found simply enter the metal container and you will find the Green card on the table right in front of you.

Abandoned Cabins

You can find the Green cards at the Abandoned Cabins by heading to the second floor. The Green cards will be available on a table for you to loot.

image 415

Non-Fixed Drop Locations

Even if you’re unable to obtain a Green card from the fixed spawn locations mentioned above. There are a specific type of enemy that are susceptible to drop the Green cards when killed. These include the following:

  • Military Tunnel Scientist: Drop Chance 36%
  • Roaming Scientist: Drop Chance 24%
  • Cargo ship Scientist: Drop Chance 24%
image 416
Dead Roaming Scientist

Where to find Green Key-card puzzles?

The key card puzzles in themselves are quite easy and merely require that you have a single functional Green key-card and Electric Fuse. You can find these puzzles at the following locations:

  • Satellite Dish Array
  • Both Harbor locations
  • The Sewer
  • The Power Plant

That’s all the information you need regarding the Green Cards in Rust. If you have any queries or opinions, please share them in the comments down below. Till next time! Ciao.