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8 Reasons Why Elden Ring is Good for Beginners

8 Reasons Why Elden Ring is Good for Beginners

Most gamers who have played any of the Dark Souls games know the pain they went through to finish them. They aren’t necessarily hard games, but they are games you need a lot of patience and perseverance to get through. These games aren’t for everyone, but with the recent release of Elden Ring, it definitely is more accessible for brand new players.

There are a bunch of reasons that make Elden Ring a great game to start with. Not only can it be easier than most of the other FromSoft titles, but it allows you to play at your own pace. It also has a pretty decent tutorial at the beginning of the game to show new players how the game works. If you are new to these types of games, Elden Ring is probably the best game to start with.

Some people even said that they didn’t like Dark Souls but they enjoyed Elden Ring. This is because it gives you a more fleshed-out open-world version of all that FromSoft has learned from the past 13 years since Demon’s Souls. It is by far the best game for new players in this series of games.

1. You can play it at your own pace

Pacing in souls-like games has always been an important aspect of people’s playthroughs. Most people didn’t enjoy the Dark Souls games because they always felt like they were forced to follow a specific path the entire time. That is entirely true and it does get quite frustrating when you are stuck on a boss or area.

Elden Ring is much different in this regard. Once you get outside after creating a new character, you are welcomed by a beautiful view. You are then free to go wherever you want and do whatever you want at your own pace. Even if the game just had Limgrave, it would still have a ton of content to play.

There is honestly soo much to explore and it doesn’t force you to defeat a boss or explore one specific area. It is extremely lenient and there is absolutely no time limit. There are areas that are called Legacy Dungeons which are similar to normal linear Dark Souls levels, but even those give you the freedom to come and go as you please.

When it comes to giving the player the freedom they want, Elden Ring doesn’t hold back. If you are new and you are worried about getting stuck somewhere, don’t worry, you can always leave and come back later. There is always something new to find and explore.

2. It teaches you how the game works

One big addition to these types of games that Dark Souls doesn’t have is the longer tutorial. In Dark Souls, the tutorial was just a bunch of signs on the ground that told you the basic moving mechanics. You then had to figure out how to do the more complicated stuff. In Elden Ring, they teach you pretty much everything you need to know.

From Guard Counters to Backstabs, Elden Ring will show you how to do it. They even added crouching and jumping as a normal mechanic in this game. We aren’t saying that Dark Souls is bad because we absolutely love those games, but there is just something about Elden Ring’s mechanics that just make the game extremely smooth.

If you are new to the game, make sure to jump down the hole and play the tutorial. It will teach you pretty much everything you need to know. We have seen Streamers and YouTubers new to these games skip the tutorial. It usually ended with them rage-quitting because they don’t know how the game works.

3. It can be the easiest FromSoft game

We worded this reason a specific way for a reason. We didn’t say this is the easiest FromSoft game. We said it can be the easiest FromSoft game. There is a big difference between these two statements. This game can either be the hardest FromSoft game you can play or the easiest. It totally depends on how you play the game.

If you are rushing through the game and don’t explore the optional areas, you will have a pretty difficult time with everything. The whole point of the game is to explore and level up. You need to find all the good gear and also the materials needed to upgrade said gear. If you play the game and you are having trouble, you are most likely not ready for that area.

The best advice we can give you is to not rush through your playthrough. You will not only get frustrated, but you will also get mad at other people saying the game is easy. Yes, it might be easy for some people, but those people have probably spent a ton of time exploring and leveling up. It is entirely your fault if you are having a lot of trouble with the game.

4. There are fewer consequences to dying

One of the arguments that people have about Dark Souls games is the fact that they did a lot. A lot of people look at this as a bad thing, but it is in fact a good thing. You should be looking at dying in these games as something you should learn from instead of something that is annoying. If you died, you probably messed up somewhere or you just weren’t ready for the enemy attacks.

The best part about Elden Ring is how there are fewer consequences for dying to an enemy or a boss than in other games. Not only are there a bunch more Sites of Grace that are this game’s version of Bonfires, but there is also a new type of respawning beacon. Outside the most important areas, there are the Stakes of Marika.

These serve as respawn beacons, but not like the Sites of Grace. You can’t rest on them, but they keep you from having to run all the way to your objective every time you fail. Not every place has these, but most do. They are by far one of the best additions to these types of games and it makes new players enjoy the game a lot more.

5. Enemies are easier to avoid

When we refer to how they are easier to avoid, we aren’t talking about their attacks. We are referring to how you don’t have to fight every enemy that you see. You can try to fight specific enemies, but if they are too difficult, you can just run past them and fight them later if you want to. There are a ton of optional areas with unique enemies, and they all can be avoided if you don’t want to do them.

There are obviously the main bosses that you have to fight, but pretty much everything else in the world is optional. You can literally only follow the story bosses and beat the game, but that will make the game extremely difficult. We would highly recommend making markers for the enemies that you run past so you can come back later.

There are actually a ton of optional bosses just out in the world. Place a marker on the ones you find and don’t defeat yet so you don’t forget where they are. If you didn’t know, bosses in the game don’t respawn so you don’t have to worry about them again once you defeat them. Just know that most are optional so you don’t have to fight them.

6. There is a build for everyone

One major thing you need t know is that there are soo many builds you can create in the game. There is literally a build for everyone who wants to play the game. From Mage builds with Dragon Incantations to Colossal Weapons with Heavy Armor, there is soo many variations that you can do. All you need to do is explore for a bit and find the items that work well with each other.

The thing about this game is how much of everything the game gives you. When we talk about other FromSoft titles, you probably could upgrade 3-4 weapons per playthrough and it didn’t really give much to you for experimentation. Elden Ring lets you upgrade over 25 weapons as we know of per playthrough. This allows you to experiment with a ton of new builds.

You can even go into NG+ which is called Journey 2. This allows you to play the game with all the gear and weapons you have collected, but it does make the game a bit harder. If you are new, try to choose a starting class that has good stats all-around so that you can try different weapons early on.

7. The mechanics are easy to learn

This might be a controversial reason, but the mechanics are actually pretty easy to learn. When you hear people say that the game is difficult because of the mechanics, they obviously didn’t spend more than an hour playing the game. There is a lock-on button, jump button, heavy attack, light attack, skill button, block, and roll. Those are really the only buttons you need to learn.

You only need to play the game to learn the controls and if people say that the game is clunky, they obviously haven’t put the small amount of time it takes to learn the controls. Don’t listen to the people that say this game is bad. They can have their own opinion, but it is up to you to determine if a game will be fun to play or not.

At the end of the day, the game is easy to learn but hard to master. The game’s mechanics are pretty simple, but it is the implementation in the game that makes it difficult. If you are new to these types of games, Elden Ring by far has the easiest mechanics out of all the other games by FromSoft.

8. Summons are more accessible

There are actually two types of Summons in the game. There is the co-op Summons that other people place down, but we are more focused on the other type of Summon. There is a new type added to these types of games called Spirit Ashes. These are NPC Spirits that you can Summon if you are near a Spirit Monument.

You can Summon them during boss fights and enemy encounters to take some of the aggro off of you. There are a ton of them in the game and they are by far the best addition to the game for new and veteran players. You can even get one called the Mimic Tear later on that summons an exact copy of you to help you fight.

If you are struggling, don’t overlook the Spirit Summons, they will absolutely change your life. They will not only help you through the game, but they will decrease the rage you will have and it will automatically make the game more fun for you. If you are new, make sure to get the Spirit calling Bell from Ranni the Witch.