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Best 1v1 Maps In Fortnite Ranked

Best 1v1 Maps In Fortnite Ranked

Fortnite is the most popular Battle Royale video game right now, and is teaming with various game modes for you to enjoy. One of these game modes is the 1v1 Battle mode. In this mode, you can compete, in various maps and locations, with your friends, or strangers online, in an intense combat scenario that tests your competency with Fortnite’s gun-play and building mechanics. However, not all maps are made equal.

In order to identify the best maps to play 1v1 on, we’ve made this ranking. The objective was to scour through a large chunk of the available maps in Fortnite and provide you with the best, most unique, and most expansive maps for all your victory royale needs.

If you just wish to take a quick look at the best 1v1 Maps in Fortnite that we’ve listed in this article then refer to the list below:

  • Summer Tropical Map
  • Late Vibes Map
  • Red Neon Map
  • Custom 1v1 Build Fight Map
  • Water Island 1v1 Map

Nonetheless, we do recommend taking a more thorough look at the details of each of the maps we’ve listed above. If only to make sure that it’s aesthetics and features are those you wish to play with.

1. Summer Tropical Map

image 438

Code: 6809-7017-7857

The Summer Tropical Map is an absolutely gorgeous location to play some 1v1 in Fortnite. What is most spectacular about this map, other than the glorious view, is that you have over 50 weapons that you can choose from. On top of that, there are custom load-outs that you can construct to play in the 1v1 mode.

The addition of the option to nullify fall damage is also a welcome change. As it allows newer players to ease into the more intense versions of 1v1 build-making. While also allowing for a true test of gun-play and spacing advantage to be highlight the better player.

2. Late Vibes Map

image 449

Code: 3680-2287-5601

The Late Vibes map on top of being extremely aesthetically pleasing is perhaps one of the best maps for the 1v1 mode in Fortnite. This is largely because of how graphically impressive the map is on top of the various other features it provides. With inherent ray tracing even weaker PC-builds will look stunning whilst playing through this map.

Moreover, players are provided with a variety of resources and weapons that they can choose from in order to construct their specific load-out for battle. Furthermore, the simplistic ground design provides ample room for players to begin their building and expand it however they might choose.

3. Red Neon Map

image 450

Code: 6993-9503-4324

The Red Neon map is a spectacle to behold. Its design and features look absolutely breathtaking whilst playing on the map. However, its stylistic design isn’t the only thing that it has going for it. The Red neon map additionally is a low-delay map. This means that you will get the best ping whilst playing on this map.

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This will reduce lag between you entering a command and it being executed on screen, allowing for the players to truly demonstrated the entire scope of their reaction time and quick thinking without being held back by pesky Internet Service Providers.

This map also has unlimited ammunition and unlimited resources, so players can design their load-outs and construct buildings that to their own specifications without fear of hitting a resource wall.

4. Custom 1v1 Build Fight Map

image 451

Code: 2414-9568-2692

Perhaps the most unique feature out of any map belongs to the Custom Build Fight map. This is because you as a player have full control when you load into this map. You can change the size of the arena, how much health the players can have, which builds or load-outs they can do and how many resources do they have.

This allows players to finely tweak the environment for their 1v1 battle in a space that is entirely within their control, and opens up the systems of Fortnite for players to engage and have fun with.

5. Water Island 1v1 Map

image 452

Code: 2229-7458-4856

This is another clean and simple map for players to engage in some jolly 1v1 PvP. The best aspect of this map is how it reduces the burden on your CPU and GPU. Which essentially reduces the time it takes for your computer or even console to load the various aspects of the map itself. This map even on low-end PCs is thus able to clock in at a consistent 60 FPS. Giving you the most smooth game-play out of any of the maps we’ve mentioned thus far.

And that is our ranking for the best 1v1 maps in Fortnite. If there are any suggestions that you wish to give us, or have a map that you’re fond of that we haven’t mentioned then comment down below to let us know. Till next time! Ciao.