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Are There Multiple Strongholds in a Minecraft World?

Are There Multiple Strongholds in a Minecraft World?

The world of Minecraft features tons of naturally occurring phenomena that are present at the time of world creation. Such creations are located at random locations in a Minecraft world and provide brand-new opportunities for exploration. 

Strongholds are one such unique areas that can be found naturally underground. The importance of a stronghold is immense due to its characteristic of housing end-portals. However, you need to use the Eyes of Ender to locate them. 

A default Minecraft world generates a total of three strongholds. They are naturally located within a 1000-block radius of the center of your world. Each stronghold is located at a 120° angle compared to the other one. All strongholds have a portal to the End.


The exact number can change depending on the size of the world. It is generally better to understand the layout of a stronghold before you visit one, as it’ll make your life much easier.

Calculating Strongholds in Minecraft

Strongholds are located in a ring-based configuration from the center of the world. Each ring has a certain radius from the center, forming a perfect underground circle. The center is not the default spawn point and can be located using your Minecraft world’s X and Z coordinates.

Bedrock Edition

In Minecraft, strongholds are usually not generated near the ground level. They are present deep underground and can only be explored when dug down. However, strongholds may generate at a bedrock level while cutting the bedrock itself. 

Pocket Edition

The Pocket edition is a relatively smaller version of Minecraft and only features a total of 3 strongholds being generated between 640 and 1152 blocks from the center.


However, a world can contain more strongholds at random locations underground, around the world. 

Java Edition

The Minecraft Java edition presents more structured layering techniques than the bedrock and pocket variants. A total of 128 strongholds are created underground in a ring configuration. They follow a strict configuration and are much easier to dig out. 

Here is how the even spacing of Java Edition strongholds works:

RingsNumber of StrongholdsRange (From Origin)
1st31408 – 2688
2nd64480 – 5760
3rd107552 – 8832
4th1510624 – 11904
5th2113696 – 14976
6th2816768 – 18048
7th3619840 – 21120
8th922912 – 24192

What is the Size of a Stronghold in Minecraft?

Strongholds have a randomized size. However, their ratios are rather easy to track. Here is how a stronghold is formulated in Minecraft:

Block TypePercentage
Stone Brick45%
Mossy Stone Brick30%
Cracked Stone Brick20%
Monster Egg Block5%

Each stronghold generation begins with a spiral staircase room and expands from there. A Stronghold generally contains the following:

  • Rooms
    • Storage Rooms
    • Slab Altars
  • Libraries
  • Blocks

To find a stronghold, you should aim for the center of your given Minecraft world. Alternatively, an eye of the ender can also locate the nearest stronghold for you. These underground bases are great for looting and provide end portals. Therefore, it is recommended to explore them as much as possible.