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Best Scourgestone Farming Guide – V Rising

Best Scourgestone Farming Guide – V Rising

V Rising has cemented its place amongst the best of the best in the survival genre, from its combat to the survival elements all are top-notch and well thought out. And with any survival game, the real struggle is the grind of collecting the plethora of crafting items to upgrade yourself and in this game’s case your empire.

As you progress, your need for rarer items will be even more, so before you run into roadblocks that hinder your journey to complete dominance of the land. You have to come up with ways to keep the flow of these items steady for smooth progression. One such item is Scourgestone and we will teach you ways with which your pockets are always full of this item.

For Scourgestone you need to do the following things:

  • CraftingUsing the Furnace in your Castle to make the item.
  • FarmingUse Church of the Damned and Ancient Village locations for farming Scourgestone from enemy drops.
  • Servants – Send your servants out on expeditions that pay Scourgestone.

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Acquiring Scourgestone

Scourgestone is rather rare and is acquired in several ways so it’s advised that you create multiple streams of income/farming for this item. All the ways you can get Scourgestone are:


You are going to be using your Furnace in the Castle for crafting. To craft Scourgestone you need Glass, Whetstone, and Grave Dust. The best place where you can farm these items are marked on the map below and there is a ton of breakable item here that you can use to get many of the important items in the game including glass and whetstone just be careful of the level 60 enemies that patrol the area.

Whetstone & Glass Farm

Grave dust can be acquired by simply throwing bones in your grinder and if you happen to have the required floor for the grinder then it only takes 75 bones instead of 100 to make one grave dust. For a good bone farm, you would want to kill the boss that unlocks the ability to craft Tombs, the maximum number of tombs you can create is 12. Use these to spawn skeletons for bones, also the higher tiers of spawn you unlock you can get bones plus grave dust and potentially even scourge stone from these.

The other way for getting a good supply of bones is through cemeteries. Any cemetery located in the game is going to provide you with a pretty significant amount of bones and sometimes a decent amount of grave dust.

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Farming Spots

The primary location for farming Scourgestone should be the Church of the Damned. This is where you’re going to be getting more consistent drops of Scourgestone and also Grave Dust.

The other spots are going to be the Ancient Villages. These villages are hands down the best farming places in the game for both Grave Dust and Scourgestone, even though it doesn’t mention these items in the list when you hover over the location here.

The mobs in these camps are ancient undead priests and banshees that drop Scourgestone along with that you’ll find it pretty commonly in the boxes and the chests that are here. You have to frequently visit these villages and clear one out and then move to the other on your horse.

The village on the left side is way better than the right one so stay in the same camp kill everything in their loot and break all the boxes then just wait for the boxes to respawn, rinse and repeat this process for maximum yield.


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If you have amassed a collection of strong servants then utilizing your throne you can send out these servants to also hunt for or get a chance to acquire Scourgestone. In the mission select menu, you can view all the items your servants will bring back from their expedition.

If you are in a rush then you can lower the time it will take to finish the mission but that will increase the risk of failure and also increase the chances of getting injured. So plan accordingly whether the time is important or the life of the servant.

In this three-pronged approach to Scourgestone farming where you are crafting Scourgestone, you are collecting Scourgestone all the while your servants are roaming the lands getting even more Scourgestone for you. This approach will basically lock the Scourgestone farm in place and with this, you should never have to worry about running out of this item when you need it.

Use the farming location for all the other items that we have mentioned above and you will have a good supply of most items that are necessary for your progression. With these farming in place, your days of depravity will soon be over and you will be able to craft whatever you feel like without worry.