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Is Battlefield V Worth It? 9 Reasons Why

Is Battlefield V Worth It? 9 Reasons Why

There has been a lot of controversy about Battlefield V since the first trailer came out. Many people are not huge fans of EA because of some major mistakes they have made with their games. Since the Battlefield series is made by EA, some people don’t even give it a chance.

Battlefield is probably one of the best series of FPS games out there. If you are looking for a game with tons of vehicles and weapons on a huge open map, then Battlefield V is definitely worth it.

Since EA changed some things about the game, it doesn’t mean it is a bad game. No, it isn’t historically accurate, but it’s a video game. You have to look at all of the aspects of the game to see what makes it good, and not be biased against the game while you examine it. Here are 9 things that make Battlefield V worth it:

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1. The Wide Weapon Variety

Battlefield V Screenshot 2019.08.06

The weapons in Battlefield V are one of the best parts of the game. They are very accurate, sound realistic, and fun to use. If you like a game with great gun mechanics, then Battlefield V is the game for you.

The textures of the weapons just make the game look ten times better than any other shooter, and the animations give life to the player. In my opinion, there’s something about guns that just makes them seem real.

As you progress into the game, your weapons can be upgraded in their individual skill trees, and you can upgrade things like your magazine size, the recoil of the gun, or even the range of the weapon. The game makes you feel like you are always progressing, and it gives you the sense of actually playing for a reason.

There are many weapon types that the player can use like LMGs, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, SMGs, and even pistols. If fun gunplay is what you’re after, this game definitely delivers.

2. The Compelling War stories

Battlefield V Screenshot 2019.08.06

There are a total of 4 war stories in Battlefield V, all very different from each other. In these war stories, you will enjoy playing as the French, Norwegians, British, and even Germans. The stories that each one told were filled with great dialogue and gameplay from stealthily taking out enemy camps in the cold of winter to running and gunning into a war zone in the bright, hot forest.

While these are all fun, there were some I enjoyed way more than others. My personal favorite war story was the one where you played as a German tank leader as you traverse enemy ground in your Tiger tank.

I would highly recommend that if you buy Battlefield V, you first play through all the war stories before doing anything. They really set the tone for everything else and give you a new look at the entire game.

3. The Amazing Graphics

Battlefield V Screenshot 2019.08.06

When it comes to graphics, EA never disappoints. Whether it is Battlefront 2 or any other EA game for that matter, the frostbite engine just amazes everyone with how well a game runs and looks. The graphics and effects of this game are worth the price of admission.

I really don’t know how EA managed to make the game look so good. Every time I play the game, I sometimes find myself just looking off into the distance, just amazed at the view. I know not everyone has a great PC to run it, but the game still looks really good on lower graphics settings.

EA really did a good job with textures because everything just looks so realistic. I have seen some games with terrible textures, and they completely break the immersion of the experience. I never had that issue in Battlefield V.

4. The Large Selection of Maps

There are a total of 21 maps in Battlefield V. All the maps were made to hold over 64 players on it at a time, and the detail put into each of them is absolutely incredible. For example, the map of Rotterdam has dozens of buildings to enter and streets to traverse.

Each map was made for a specific play style, whether you want to run around as infantry, fly a plane, or have tank battles, there is a map for every player. Whether you want to snipe from a distance or run into a building guns-a-blazing, everyone can play the way they want to.

5. There is Firestorm

Battlefield V Screenshot 2019.08.06

We never thought that a battle royale would be added to a Battlefield game, but it was added to the game in March of 2019. Even though it does not have the best looting system, Firestorm is still a really fun game mode. It is not the best battle royale out there, but it is different from the norm in many ways.

There is only first person in a firestorm and you get to choose between your four main classes. Any experience points you get contributes to your overall multiplayer stats and any guns you use will have their levels increased for regular multiplayer.

The circle is a huge firewall, and whatever structure or object it touches, just totally annihilates it. This game mode alone could be the reason you get Battlefield V if all you care about are battle royales. Not many people play it today so good luck trying to find matches in this game mode though.

6. Amazing Character customization

Battlefield V Screenshot 2019.08.06

The character customization is way better than any other Battlefield game. You can customize the character you are using, and the clothes they wear, and even add helmets, masks, and face paint. Also, the weapon skin customization is amazing in that you can customize individual parts of the gun and add different scopes to it.

Each class has its own set of gear that you can add to your character, and you can also buy special outfits from the shop if you really want to. Tanks, cars, planes, and guns all have their own skins and you can unlock all of them just by playing the game.

The possibilities are endless with all the customization you can do, and there are constantly new cosmetics being added to the game so if you are getting tired of a look, just change it.

7. A Ton of Vehicles

Battlefield V Screenshot 2019.08.06

All the vehicles in Battlefield V contribute to the amazing gameplay given to you. There are many vehicles ranging from huge tanks to powerful planes. If you want to, you can get into a turret on the top of a tank, or get on a motorcycle to get to the next objective quickly.

Vehicles are a much-needed part of the Battlefield series and without them, it would not be the same. Vehicles give the gameplay that tension people look for in a game. When you see a huge tank driving down a small alley towards you, your first thought is to go run and hide.

To actually take out a tank or a plane requires skill and tactics, and to take one out means points for you and your team. If you like playing games inside a vehicle, then Battlefield V is the right game for you.

8. A Wide Variety of Multiplayer Modes

There are many multiplayer modes in Battlefield V, but my favorite game mode is conquest. Conquest starts out by allowing a player to start in a variety of ways. You could get into a tank, car plane, or you could run on foot.

The objective is to drain the other team’s ticket down to zero by eliminating enemies, taking objectives, and helping your team. There are other game modes like team deathmatch, domination, and even fortress.

There is a lot of replayability when it comes to Battlefield V because if you get bored of one game mode, you can just go to another one. The more you level up, the more in-game currency you will receive, and you will be able to get more upgrades to help you win your matches.

9. No Premium DLC Content

One huge thing about Battlefield V is that there will be no paid DLC or premium pass at all. Everything like maps and guns coming out in the future will be given to every player completely free of charge, as long as you own the base game.

There is the deluxe edition, but that only comes with cosmetic items and nothing to help you win your matches. There are no pay-to-win items in the game, so anyone with good weapons worked really hard to get to where they are.


Even though people gave Battlefield V a lot of guff, that does not mean it is a bad game. To be honest, it is probably one of my favorite Battlefield games. If you are skeptical about getting it or you want to get it, I would highly recommend the buy, because of the amount of content that is in the game. If you are thinking about buying the game, here is an Amazon link for Battlefield V with all three platforms.

Before people stir up massive hate about a game, they should try to enjoy themselves with it rather than find every bad aspect. Battlefield V is a great game in my opinion, and I highly recommend any FPS fan to try this great game.