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Is V Rising Cross-Platform / Cross-Play?

Is V Rising Cross-Platform / Cross-Play?

V Rising is the latest addition to the survival game genre and one that is making headlines with its unique take on the formula making it stand out from the crowd. With already a million players indulging in the game and the interest of the community on the rise this game is heading places and will surely cement its place in the category.

What makes it even more surprising is that this game is only available on PC right now and all that praise is coming from this platform only. With this newfound success, players are wondering whether this game will be making its way to the consoles and whether it will have cross-platform and cross-play support.

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As for now, V Rising is only on PC and that too is early access hence the cross-play and cross-platform features are not available. There is no direct news from the developers of its release on the console side of the spectrum, so we just have to wait and see.

V Rising

From the minds of the Stunlock Studios comes this open-world multiplayer survival crafting game in the same vein which follows the basic beats of a survival game where you initially collect resources to craft lower-tier items to eventually progress to higher-tiers to take on bigger baddies and build your blood-sucking empire.

The game heavily relies on RPG elements where your skills and gears matter to your overall build along with distinct gameplay features like a day-night cycle where the sunlight actually hurts you leading to decisions and situations that change up the flow of the game constantly, also setting it apart from other games in this overcrowded genre.

There are different PVP and PVE server choices from the start of the game with each having some distinct impact on the overall game and how brutal or cooperative the multiplayer aspect of the game is to be.

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The game is currently available on Steam only for $19.99/£15.49 and is an Early Access game meaning it’s undergoing constant development through the player feedback, though this game has already received much recognition for being one of the most polished products sporting the Early Access badge. The developers are aiming for 12 months to finalize the game and release it properly.

“We want the full version to reflect what our players expect from a Vampire survival game,” said Stunlock Studios. “New updates, primarily in the form of features and world content, will arrive throughout Early Access until launch.”

V Rising On Consoles & Cross-Play / Cross-Platform

The game for now is only available on PC and there is no news from the developers alluding to the console version of the game. With the game’s Early Access status and the fact that this game’s overall UI is designed very much with PC layout, there is no controller support for the game even on a computer, and the chance of it making it to console is slim as of yet.

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We can only speculate for now and hope that once the game leaves Early Access then the developers will focus on the console release. A proper port of the game with all its intricacies intact and perfectly translated to the consoles will be crucial to its success and the developer’s vision. Games like Diablo 3 have shown that this can work it’s just a matter of ironing out the game issues.

If V Rising’s success and the interest the gaming community has shown in this game is any indication then we are bound to get this game on consoles and with more and more games moving to cross-play / cross-platform then we will be playing without boundaries. Sadly all of this is optimistic dreaming and the ball is in Stunlock Studios court. Keep supporting this game and make your voice heard for them to take notice of the console fanbase.